HP or Hit Points in Dark Souls 3 is the amount of damage a player or enemy can take before being defeated. It is represented by a red bar on the top left of the HUD, and can be replenished via using consumables such as the Estus Flask or Divine Blessing. Some spells and equipment also have regenerative properties.


Vigor 10 15 20 27 39 50 99
HP 403  550  764 1000 1200 1300 1400
  • See Vigor for details on all HP values.
  • Vigor has a
    soft cap at 27.


Items that Increase max HP


Items that Decrease max HP


Items that Replenishes HP


Items that Drains HP


  • It is possible to skip the healing tick timer of Anri's Straight Sword by re-equipping the sword repeatedly.
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    • Anonymous

      15 Mar 2019 14:29  

      Survivability for me is about 15 vigor (mostly offline play) embered leaves 730 odd HP which is reasonable. Then you can just go from there putting into your build stats

      • Anonymous

        23 Sep 2018 19:34  

        I just met a full Havel, I did around 2000 DMG to him and that reduced him to about half his HP. Is this possible or is he cheating? (No healing factors were involved)

        • Anonymous

          05 Jul 2018 18:20  

          05 Jul 2018 12:19
          i am worried about something, i leveled up my vigor to probably 17 and my health bar expanded(which were good news) but after i died maybe 2 times the health bar shrink pretty small , like when you start a new game, so. anyone knows what should i do to expand it again? and if so, how? and does this mean i wasted my souls leveling up the vigor? i would be so thankful if you could help me

          • Anonymous

            Max HP30 Jun 2016 15:30  

            Max hp ive managed to get with life ring plus 2, favor plus 2 is 2048HPWith prisoners chain it may go up a few points but the trade off isn't worth it if you are tryin to be tank. With 2048 HP you can get more out of armor and rings of steel protection. Tearstones and morion blade work well with 2048. Downside is that your damage will be significantly weaker and it's debateable whether the 49 extra point investment into life to reach 99, is worth it. Up to you.

            • Anonymous

              LOW HP14 Jun 2016 05:40  

              I swear I've had the same HP since i started the game.. I'm at the part where i fight the abyss watchers. i figured out going back to the fire shrine and talking to the lady and increasing your strength will raise HP but is that the only way? i feel like everyone has a fat bar of HP and here i am with super low HP?

              • Anonymous

                Simple build for everything27 Apr 2016 05:22  

                Take the Knight, dump all points into vigor and upgrade the long sword to max using raw, then you are good to go.

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