Harald Set


Physical Resitance 28.7 Bleed Resistance 118
Strike Defense 26.7 Poison Resistance 118
Slash Defense 29.2 Frost Resistance 112
Thrust Defense 28.8 Curse Resistance 114
Magic Defense 20.6 Poise 31.3
Fire Defense 20.8  
Lightning Defense 20.3 icon-durabilitiy.png -
Dark Defense 22.5 icon_weight.png 29.9

Harald Set is an Armor in Dark Souls 3. It was added in The Ringed City DLC.

Armor worn by the Harald Legion, who sought the dark soul.

The armor sank into the dark with the legion, where their cavities bloated in grotesque displays, never again to fit any ordinarily-shaped body.

Location/Where to Find

Notes and Tips

  • The set has no helm, however, it was previously planned to be obtainable for the helm is still in the game's code.
  • The armor can be sold to Shrine Handmaid  for 600 souls.

Youtube Location Videos:

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Piece Information


Harald Legion Armor

Physical Resitance 18.3 Bleed Resistance 68
Strike Defense 16.7 Poison Resistance 62
Slash Defense 18.6 Frost Resistance 61
Thrust Defense 18.3 Curse Resistance 60
Magic Defense 12.6 Poise 20.7
Fire Defense 12.7  
Lightning Defense 12.2 icon-durabilitiy.png 470
Dark Defense 13.6 icon_weight.png 17.2
Armor Type Chest Armor

Harald Legion Gauntlets

Physical Resitance 1.9 Bleed Resistance 10
Strike Defense 2.2 Poison Resistance 19
Slash Defense 2.1 Frost Resistance 15
Thrust Defense 2.1 Curse Resistance 19
Magic Defense 1.7 Poise 0.5
Fire Defense 1.7  
Lightning Defense 2.1 icon-durabilitiy.png 260
Dark Defense 2.4 icon_weight.png 1.9
Armor Type Gauntlets

Harald Legion Leggings

Physical Resitance 11.0 Bleed Resistance 40
Strike Defense 10.0 Poison Resistance 37
Slash Defense 11.1 Frost Resistance 36
Thrust Defense 11.0 Curse Resistance 35
Magic Defense 7.6 Poise 12.9
Fire Defense 7.7  
Lightning Defense 7.3 icon-durabilitiy.png 470
Dark Defense 8.1 icon_weight.png 10.8
Armor Type Leggings




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    • Anonymous

      27 Aug 2021 03:26  

      Hey you, Ashen One! Yeah you! Do YOU want to look like a giant bird's nest? Do YOU like incomplete armor sets with no helm? NO? TOO BAD, cause we already added THE HARALD LEGION SET to the game!! Order yours today for only 10.99 (hours spent farming the chest piece only to get leggings again).

      • Anonymous

        23 Apr 2021 19:12  

        Farming Strat:

        1. Warp into Dreg Heap
        2. Descend
        3. Run to the left. Ignore mobs
        4. Aggro fattie from the stairs so it jumps down
        5. Follow it with a plunging attack to the face. Get visceral attack. Hitbox is roughly the front-facing 270deg
        5. R1 spam on wake-up
        6. Profit

        - Use all of the platforms to your advantage for the plunging attack including the upper corner of the roof. That gives you an option to plunge from a perpendicular angle
        - The timing on the plunge can be tricky. Waiting a moment for the knight to recover after it drops down helps. Keep moving
        - I'm getting 3000 dmg at lvl 120 on the visceral. Two R1's to finish
        - Use projectile from the roof in case it de-aggros. It's dumb
        - Listen to a podcast or something you little complainers <3
        - Enjoy Tangela cosplay

        • Anonymous

          16 Mar 2021 17:42  

          I have an extra chest piece of this set if anyone is willing to trade the leggings or gauntlets for it. PSN: AcerbusSanctum

          • Anonymous

            10 Jan 2021 23:09  

            I emptied out my souls before starting the farm, ended up with 1911395 souls. This was approximately 162 harald kills (and the odd small locust that got too close for their own good). Ended up with 6 body pieces, 6 gauntlets and 1 leg piece (the last drop). This is a stupidly low drop rate (one piece for 12 kills) for how much of a damage sponge these guys are. Dunno what they were thinking. Had 406 item discovery (pre rusted coin)

            The strart to farm is to start at the Ringed City Streets. Rush towards the stairs, until the first one spawns (dont get too close to the base of the stairs or more will come). Fight this one and when it's weak, pop the rusted coin and finish it off. Then run a bit up the right end of the stairs to where the crystals are growing, immediately turn around and slap the Harald that is coming off the abyss to gain aggro. Then keep running to right behind the tower top in the middle of the swamp. This will ensure that the Harald you attacked will keep coming after you, but the third one that starts spawning a few seconds after will stop following and go back to their idle position at the bottom of the stairs. Kill the 2nd one, then go deal with the 3rd. I was running a luck build with Anri's SS (using Carthus Flame Arc for some extra dmg) and was managing to kill the three within the coin duration. Then just use the Coiled Sword Frament and repeat. Boring AF, **** off FromSoftware

            • Anonymous

              18 Dec 2020 20:43  

              i have a ng+5 character, haven't got the armor from all of that playthroughs, decided to farm just for the armor coz i wanna complete all armor sets in the game, got tired to farm but still haven't got it. 2 days ago i made a new fresh ng character, went to ringed city dlc, killed the first harald legion knight i met, he dropped the armor piece. fck this game.

              • 04 Sep 2020 12:15  

                Given the description, I can't help but think of Gael, and the way his own armor looked when he hulked out. It was like, where there should have been a peak at the skin beneath the chipped armor, there was a blackness, an abyssal pit with a few thorns. I am aware he was tapping into the dark soul.

                • Anonymous

                  08 Aug 2020 14:49  

                  The drop rate for this armor is farrrrr too low. I'm like 50-75 runs deep on the city strees of the ringed city, with like 750k extra souls and like 30 dark gems, but I have only gotten the chest piece twice, and the gloves once.

                  I don't even want to wear the armor, I just want every armor piece in the game. Why am I this way?

                  • Anonymous

                    10 Jun 2020 17:03  

                    i have gotten the helmet for them before its just extremely rare it has like 30 dark defence and 0 to everything else if i remember correctly

                    • Anonymous

                      05 Apr 2020 21:10  

                      Just dropped in sequence by three Harald warriors, 1 gloves, 1 armor and 2 leggings, without wearing any specific equipment for farming. If anyone need, I have 2 armor and 2 leggings for trade. I'm looking for: Harpe (Dagger), Great Wooden Hammer (Great Hammers), Heavy Crossbow (Crossbows).

                      • Anonymous

                        25 Mar 2020 17:20  

                        I used a trainer to both boost my ability to find items AND to fast forward (The cheat boosted my ability to find items to around 20000 meaning that the chances are 200 times greater) and then I farmed for a straight up 30 mins before I even got something other than Dark Gem and Titanite out of the Harald Knights. I wondered if it even actually existed.

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