Level 9

STR 12

VGR 12

DEX 11

ATN 10

7_int 8


FTH 13

VIT 12

 luck 11

Herald is a starting Class in Dark Souls 3. This is a good class for players who wish to give or take damage and also cast Miracles

A former herald who journeyed to finish a quest undertaken. Wields a sturdy spear and employs a gentle restorative miracle.



Herald Starting Equipment




  • Starts with Kite Shield, which has 100% physical block.
  • The benefit of the spear is it's length, keeping the Herald out of harm's reach. The spear can also attack while the shield is raised.
  • Considering the 100% shield, long reach of the weapon and the small healing miracle, the Herald is a very good starting class for both new and veteran players.
  • The Herald starts the game with fewer and less powerful miracles than the cleric.
  • The Herald's first miracle, Heal Aid, heals roughly 150 hp, which is about one third of their total HP. It is wise to acquire a stronger healing miracle as soon as possible.
  • Can immediately use Astora Straight Sword
  • A level 9 Herald can cast Heal Aid, Heal, Caressing Tears, Seek Guidance, and Force.
  • While wearing the Priestess Ring, a level 9 Herald can cast the miracles Med Heal, Replenishment, Tears of Denial, Blessed Weapon, Magic Barrier, Homeward, Emit Force, Atonement, Gnaw, and Way of White Corona.



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    • Anonymous

      If you equip a herald with its base vitality with anri's straight sword, ethereal oak shield, a talisman or chime like the canvas talisman or saint's bellvine, the base ring of favor, sun princess ring, chloranthy ring, and either the pontiff's left eye or Lloyd's shield ring; and keep the herald chest and helmet but replace the gauntlets and leggings with lothric knight ones; it'll have 70% medium equip load. I specify medium equip load because you can have 70% heavy equip load. I like to use this with regeneration miracles and way of white corona,, which can complement anri's straight sword well.

      • Anonymous

        A bad child of knight and cleric. Sadly the way the fth works its better to pick Knight for 95% fth builds as early fth just cast gentle prayer and replenishment really and mid late game u get gems, scaling and some spells. You can start with 100 fth but u wont get nothing out of it other than SSS after early dancer and some minor buffs

        • Anonymous

          In order for herald to be an optimized class you basically need to build into luck and vitality since those are the classes strong suits compared to the others. it could lend itself towards a luck build where you buff your weapon with lightning blade or something, but cleric instantly becomes better as soon as you put points into attunement. class is fine I guess, just really specific

          • Anonymous

            Neat class, but change the spear for the halberd whenever you can. The default spear is lackluster in terms of damage, and it's the second shortest spear in the game (the first being follower's javelin). Halberd has better stats overall, and shield pokes are more effective with it.

            As for the spells, this class would benefit more of utility and offensive spells rather than healing ones. Don't discard heal aid, but add force or caressing tears.

            • Anonymous

              This thread aged poorly given how Herald is a very underpowered starting class that lacks the stamina to consistently master it's very starting weapon. Nice shield, but poor stability which feeds back into the poor Endurance the class starts with. Its a struggle for me to really see the purpose of this starting class juxtaposed to Cleric at the end of the day. I know people get overly emotional when you're critical and negative of these things but short of starting off in "hard mode", this class really could've stopped at the cutting room floor.

              • considering Blocking and attacking with a spear uses the Spear's defenses, is kinda useless to note the 100% resist shield, Sure its ok to block with, but noobs think that the game uses the shield stats while blocking and attacking. It does not, it uses the weapon's stats, for some reason... And so the spear's defenses are trash, meaning you will most likely be shield broken by a mob or npc, and against pvp you will be strafed and backstabbed or shield broken and riposted with a hornet ring TLDR dont use the blocking r1s while using any weapon that allows it.

                • Anonymous

                  For optimization purposes, the herald class is not a good one. For a faith-based build, prefer the cleric. For a quality-FTH build, prefer the knight. The herald class is useful only for very specific builds. Ex if you want 12 STR and not the 13 from the knight for certain reasons, or not so much luck than the cleric. It could be a good class for a hybrid build, with a quality/FTH vibe.

                  • Difficult to start with. Spear cannot shieldbreak and you end up cycling every opponent for backstabs. Not so easy with multiple foes. Healing Aid SEEMS to be the big seller of this class. But it's not. It's the possibility to use Force right from the start. Nullifying some of the hardest NPC fights. So getting Force and another weapon should be your first two steps. Step 3 is to equip the Nameless Knight helm.

                    • Anonymous

                      In ds1 there's no starting class with spear. So i picked up a wanderer and lvlup his dex just enought to use winged spear (there's one close to catacombs), and his int to use soul arrow/fall control (sold in new londo ruins). In undead burg it's possible to buy a really light 100% physical shield (identical to knight starting equip in stats). That build carried me for most of the game, just changing spears as new ones shows up in the game (winged spear -> halberd -> silver knight spear -> etc). This herald class seems close to it, but with starting faith instead of int.

                      • Anonymous

                        I honestly prefer heal aid over heal because I typically only use miracles out of combat. Because heal aid heals less, you can more easily control your health so that you don't waste any healing above your maximum. When more healing doesn't go to waste, that means a single ashen estus can keep you running around a dungeon at full health for even longer before you need to touch your estus. Given all this + the far superior equipment the Herald starts with, I consider it the definitive cleric starting class.

                        • Anonymous

                          For those of you who don't know, not everyone is a patient player, and using spears in dark souls is underwhelming compared to the rifle spear in bloodborne. The biggest hurtle is killing Gundyr and everything else on your way to the sunlight straighsword, because the spears and halberds are for the patient, and other weapons (unless your being a troll and using sheilds) are for the aggressive and/or versatile. So unless you want to get bent over by everything on your path, forget anything you know about bloodborne's playstyle if you pick this class, and take it slow until you get the mail breaker, shortsword, or astora straightsword. Otherwise, you'll die a lot.

                          • Anonymous

                            If this class were to have a build, I believe the build would be a like a Paladin build because of its ability to cast miracles and wield a decent wepon early on in the game

                            • Anonymous

                              Get yourself the Halberd or Lucerne and a straightsword as 2nd weapon asap and this class will become instantly more fun.

                              • A minor tip for Herald class. they can immediately wield Astora Straight Sword without leveling requirement. Try making it into Raw +2 and you can pretty much dominate low level PvP fights and early areas.

                                • Anonymous

                                  just finished my 1st play through of dark souls 3 as warrior and went full vigor and strength build. i want to do another play through of the game but as a herald but am unsure on what to level up.

                                  • Quite an adaptable class, has healing, a nice shield, long range weapon, and I found the strong thrust of the spear to be quick and the go to attack when not poking from behind a shield at the end of an enemy's attack.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      2 Big reasons-Starting spear garbage, poor damage poor moves set -His heal is a self heal, and a weak one at that, so no jolly coop heal

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I am interested in running both Herald and Deprived, but I'm not sure which to play as first. Any suggestions?

                                        • Anonymous

                                          will def be my starting class. gonna pump that str to 16 and get a halberd - i loved the classic halberd moveset from ds1. im so excited for this!

                                          • Anonymous

                                            saw on video how the chimes have an audio que on when you are using abilities and the talisman does not. hell yeah go talisman all the way!

                                            • Anonymous

                                              I always favoured quicker weapons instead of greatclubs etc. and I love miracles to death. How viable will DEX/FTH be you think?

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Has moderate STR and SKL, and FTH has always been a favorite for me. Definitely making a Paladin build with this starting class.

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