Homing Crystal Soulmass is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Sorcery you must use a Staff or Special Weapons that can cast Sorceries.

Homing Crystal Soulmass

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 43
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 30 Intelligence
Type Ranged Attack



Sharpens Homing Soulmass via crystallization.

Releases a homing crystal soulmass. Crystal soulmass has piercing qualities.

According to the Crystal Sage, old Big Hat achieved enlightenment within the Regal Archives, where he came to find the quintessence of sorcery in the facets of a certain crystal.


Acquired From




  • Each crystal soulmass inflicts (Spell Buff x 0.65) magic damage before resistances.
  • The number of soulmasses depend on the user's Intelligence stat:
    • 30 INT: 4 soulmasses
    • 31-99 INT: 5 soulmasses
  • Throwing an Alluring Skull and casting Hidden Body will cause the Soulmasses not to fire. However, they will still damage you if you touch them. The same goes for Homing Soulmass and Affinity.
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    • Anonymous

      19 May 2021 05:50  

      After encountering these atleast a hundred times, I still don't get how tf they work? What decides when they fire? What decides how many fire? It just feels completely random.

      • Anonymous

        18 Aug 2019 18:35  

        Not at all fp efficient compared to regular soulmass, of course trading some fp for damage is fine, but 20% more damage in exchange for twice the cost as well as increased cast time makes this not good

        • Anonymous

          19 Jun 2019 12:53  

          So i dont get how they work. Sometimes i see a single soulmass fire, sometimes all of them. Are they proximity based? Do you press any buttons to fire?

          • Anonymous

            25 Jul 2017 00:52  

            So! To any experienced players still looking through the wikis- on a hybrid(ish) melee pyromancer who values defensive gimmicks, should I go with Homing Crystal Soulmass or Affinity? Just looking for subjective feedback, but data helps too. 45 Faith 32 INT for the moment. I also care less about PVP and more about utility. I could see HCSM being slightly more useful for its piercing qualities (as I don't have a heck of a lot of anti turtle options in my kit right now other than running behind for the backstab) but if Affinity grossly out damages or is more reliable than HCSM I might stick with it. Would anyone like to argue for one or the other for me?

            • Anonymous

              Intelligence effects Quantity!29 Sep 2016 06:38  

              The higher your intelligence, the higher amount of inidividual crystals surrounding the player.

              • Anonymous

                Regular vs Crystal16 Jun 2016 02:45  

                so regular's FP cost is 20 and Crystal one's FP cost is 43. Is it worth it to use the Crystal one? Im doing a sorcery pvp build

                • Anonymous

                  Half the damage23 Apr 2016 13:31  

                  Twice the cost, TWICE THE FUN*.*: Warning, fun may not be apparent during the preceding events; getting murdered, you dying, using this spell, being in the vicinity of this spell, seeing the damage of the spell, trying to spell, and other various spelling incidents. Contact a doctor if usage of this spell turns you impotent and/or a cow for more than five minutes. Consult your doctor before use. CHS may not be for everyone, especially for those that need to gitgud.

                  • Anonymous

                    underwhelming18 Apr 2016 08:35  

                    at 60 int, +10 court sorc staff, young dragon ring, bellowing dragon ring, dusk crown. Only does half damage to anyone in PVP when all 5 souls connect. Compared to DS1 & 2, feels extremely weak

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