Horace the Hushed

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
1774 (NG+) 2000 (NG) Road of Sacrifices Llewellyn Shield

Horace the Hushed is a NPC in Dark Souls 3. He is standing to the right of Anri of Astora and gives you the Blue Sentinels badge unlocking the Covenant.


Horace the Hushed Information



Combat Information 

  • Health: NG (1425), NG+ (1774), NG++ (??), NG+3 (??), NG+6 (??), NG+9 (??)


Horace's Questline

Horace is a companion to Anri of Astora, and will turn hostile after you progress into the Catacombs.

To locate Horace again, continue the game past the Abyss Watchers. Head into the Catacombs of Carthus and find Anri who will ask you about Horace's location. If you speak to Anri here and tell them "NO", She/He will move further into the Catacombs by an old bridge. You can speak to Anri again here, but it is not necessary. Horace is located in another area across the bridge. Once there cut the rope on the bridge by hitting it with your weapon, wait for it to collapse, and then climb down. Past the Fire Demon is a bonfire, and past the bonfire is Smouldering Lake. In Smouldering Lake hug the right wall until you see a small passageway with two Crystal Lizards. Horace will be at the back of this area and will be hostile. You can see a map here.

If you kill him here, he will give you the Llewellyn Shield. If you kill him, it won't matter if you tell Anri where he is. Anri's questline will continue and you will receive the Ring of the Evil Eye in the Catacombs or at Anri's next location. If you don't kill him and tell Anri, Anri will be killed and their questline will end. If you don't kill him, but don't tell Anri his location, Anri's questline will continue.

  • If you kill Horace before speaking to Anri in his/her first location in the Catacombs, she/he will only be found at the second location.



  • Souls: NG (2000), NG+ (6000), NG++ (??), NG+3 (??), NG+6 (??), NG+9 (??)
  • Weapons: Llewellyn Shield 
  • If killed in the Firelink Shrine, where he will be after the player defeat the Deacons of the Deep, he will drop 10000 souls, but this action will terminate Anri's questline, therefore it's not recommended.  



Horace the Hushed does not have specific dialogue lines. Instead, he only makes what sounds like a low growl or grunt when spoken to.



  • Horace would seem to be a member of the Blue Sentinels.
  • The shield Horace uses was made by Llewellyn The Smith, who also created the armor worn by the two Drang Knights protecting Aldrich.  The Drang Set is from Dark Souls II, where it was called the Llewellyn Set.
  • Horace might have ironically been named after the leading Roman lyric poet under the same name. Roman name (and link to Wikipedia): Quintus Horatius Flaccus
  • Miyazaki, a huge fan of the manga Berserk, may have been inspired by the character Basuzo's armor design in making the Executioner Set.
  •  Horace is one of two children to survive Aldrich's appetite
  • If you kill Horace and tell Anri where he is, then return to his location in the Smoldering Lake after Anri has left, there will be a small shrine with his broken halberd, shield, and a red prism stone on top, indicating that Anri found his body and laid him to rest (Anri says earlier that they leave prism stones for each other, to guide their way). Interestingly, if you meet Anri at the Yorshka bonfire, she/he will still say that they never found Horace.
  • The vocalizations Horace makes are like those made by individuals whose tongues have been cut out, indicating that Horace may be a survivor of an encounter with Rosaria's Fingers.



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    • Anonymous

      01 Jun 2020 23:29  

      fun fact, if you go through catacombs of carthus all the way to the point where it would stop you if you didnt do deacons yet, go back to kill deacons. Then when you return to firelink, Anri and Horace will be there. if you kill them both, Horace will be at the spot where he goes hollow in smoldering lake. Anri will not be in catacombs nor at the church of yorshka. This implies that you fail the quest not from them dying, but because you didnt talk to him/her during catacombs.

      • Anonymous

        07 May 2020 03:49  

        so he becomes hostile when I reach catacombs. does that mean when I light that bonfire? if that's the case, if I don't light that bonfire will he still be aggroed after cata?

        • Anonymous

          06 Feb 2020 04:40  

          So, is his hollowing not at the Halfway Fortress? I randomly get like 40-80 souls every time I reload the area with him there

          • Anonymous

            26 Nov 2019 11:26  

            maybe the real reason horace went hollow is because hes mute think about it anri and horace do get separated from time to time, evident by the prism stone she lays down so that they may find each other horace, this time is at the bottom of the bridge, and if you cross the bridge chances are you can't see down below and looking under a bridge is most likely a place many would not think about looking since horace is assumed to be mute, it's possible he can't yell very loudly and so he starts to lose his mind, stuck under a bridge, fearing that he may never get out or meet up with anri again, and alone in the dark

            • Anonymous

              22 Nov 2019 22:04  

              I killed Horace in firelink shrine and he still appeared in smouldering lake. The only difference was that he didn’t drop the shield as it was already dropped in the shrine

              • Anonymous

                30 Oct 2019 01:18  

                Sorry but what the hell does this guy have to do with bazuso? Like maybe not everything in this series is a berzerk reference??? This guy who wrote the berzerk "lore theory" page is self promoting harder than an instagram rapper

                • Anonymous

                  18 Oct 2019 17:09  

                  I don't personally wanna believe that Horace got hollowed by accident although it's possible along with falling from the bridge with that heavy Armour too I've seen some theories but there are a few that have more chance to be true Clearly Yuria was chasing after Anri right after the death of abyss watchers and the start of catacombs of carthus and probably even before that at some point, it was easier for her to catch Anri alone and disparate when she's already going hollow too so I have two theories I'll start big and make it more detailed The first one that he has never gone hollow and it wasn't actually Horace in that Armour, maybe that's what Yuria wanted us to think that they're both going hollow and she succeeds by letting Anri think Horace has abandoned her or just dead and letting her going hollow for their progress, I read a few comments reporting of a bug that they've killed Horace in firelink shrine and he still appeared in smouldering lake The second one that she separated them by the traps and letting us think it was caused by the environment and natural causes of the place, and Yuria knowing he would go to the end of smouldering lake to find Anri by the door where she knows he would fall off the bridge with his heavy Armour and the skeletons following him and then getting him hollow or cursed as she's connected with pilgrims and dark magic it wouldn't be a problem which makes sense or maybe just telling him what they're gonna do with Anri and getting him mad and hollow or maybe he's not actually gone hollow thinking that we're doing this on purpose with Yuria to kill and marry Anri and so he starts attacking us

                  • Anonymous

                    14 Sep 2019 15:43  

                    "Horace might have ironically been named after the leading Roman lyric poet under the same name" Based on what? Does the moron who wrote this know that lots and lots of people are named Horace all over the world? "Miyazaki, a huge fan of the manga Berserk, may have been inspired by the character Basuzo's armor design in making the Executioner Set" When did he say he's a "huge fan"? And since when he's a character designer?

                    • Anonymous

                      16 Aug 2019 00:27  

                      i killed the abyss watchers then proceed to the catacombs, but didn't killed the crystal sage so horace/anri didn't appear in the catacombs at all, so how do i get horace set?

                      • Anonymous

                        05 May 2019 08:36  

                        Some dialogue from Yuria after killing Horace: "Our Order and Liege. Knowest thou of a maid named Anri? She is Hollow, and will join thee in wedlock. A fellow of mine guides her at this moment. When the time is ripe, thou mayst make thy salutations. For what Lord taketh no spouse?" implying that Horace was working for Yuria.

                        • 27 Jan 2019 21:51  

                          By the way, I never spoke to Anria In the first location(In Catacombs) then found Horace but ran away(because I wanted to see if he wsa at the bonfire). I then searched up this page and looked for Anri to find her at her second location, even though I haven't killed Horace(and can see him below while talking to Anri) and I haven't spoken to Anrio from her first Catacombs location

                          • Anonymous

                            13 Jan 2019 15:18  

                            so i just did cathedral of the deep and i got Anri as a summon, not Horace. now when im in the Carthus ruins i cant find her anywhere... i want to go to the smoldering lake but if i need to kill him down there i doubt he'll be there either.

                            • Anonymous

                              05 Jan 2019 05:58  

                              Something I just discovered: if you kill Horace, reload the area, then tell anri, and then go to where Horace died without reloading the area, a prism stone is already on the grave. Deepest lore?

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