Human Dregs is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls 3.

Human Dregs

Proof of a duty fulfilled by the Aldrich Faithful, who patiently await the Devourer of Gods' return.

Dregs are the heaviest things within the human body, and will sink to the lowest depths imaginable 


Human Dregs Usage



Human Dregs Locations




  • These are easiest to obtain via drops by taking the elevator up from the Pontiff Sulyvhan bonfire, as there are nine Devout of the Deep along the courtyard overlook.
  • Alternate route: From Aldrich, Devourer of Gods bonfire, after defeating him you can backtrack to the entrance of room where three Devout of the Deep are facing backwards. 



  • Human Dregs are speculated to be the same thing as Humanity in previous parts of the game series.
  • May be related to Blood Dregs.
  • May be related to Dreglings.


    • 09 Mar 2019 10:00  

      To farm those I recommend starting from water reserve bonfire. The ladder climbing is a bit long (though from Pontiff waiting for the elevator to go down then up is long too), but then the enemies will have their back turn to you. Therefore with a ring that hide your steps, you could hit them before they see you, and therefore not bother rolling to avoid their fireball. As a faith build, I farm those dregs with "wrath of the gods" spell, it kills them all at once when I'm in the middle of them. Then when I killed them all, I use the homeward spell to go back to the bonfire. With the two serpent rings and symbol of avarice only (I missed the crystal sage rapier), they drop quite often (like 1 in two or three runs), and I earn a lot of souls. (Someone please delete the anonymous post below, with the same comment, I forgot to log in ^^)

      • Anonymous

        03 Feb 2019 01:58  

        For whoever is interested: With an item discovery of 375 (Ring +3 + Symbol of avarice + Rusted coin) I got 8 drops in 160 enemies aprox, so its one human dreg every 20 enemies.

        • Anonymous

          23 Jan 2018 11:46  

          NG + with avarice, +3 ring, one sage rapier and no point in luck it drops once every 20 - 30 enemies for me.. best place is the aldrich room i think and when i get bored i go to the pontiff area for a change of scenery, then back to aldrich again... i also kill them all, not just the first 3.

          • Anonymous

            16 Oct 2017 00:29  

            Just got 10 dregs going backwards from aldrich bonfire with only covetous ring, mimic helm and coins. Took about 50 min. Killed all the deeps every run.

            • 01 Oct 2017 01:42  

              Item discovery lvl 322 did like 6/7 runs of deacons and no dregs, but am frequently getting them from being summoned and then the player dying of natural cause, always handy =)

              • Anonymous

                28 Jun 2017 21:36  

                If you equip the Aldrich Faithful covenant status thingy you can farm the dregs much easier. From the pontiff bonfire, up that lil elavator, and out the door I got one evey run them real quick

                • Anonymous

                  24 May 2017 05:02  

                  It's easy to get the number you need, don't let anyone fool you just for being bitter about being ganked, Ganks will happen, you'll probably lose most of them, but you'll get the dregs. The covenant rewards Sorcery Builds more so than Clerics. The mobs that drop them don't have as bad of a drop rate as everyone says (that's just my experience, I got my last ten Dregs in about a thirty minute sitting from Water Reserve to the Elevator at Pontiff with full grind gear.)

                  • Anonymous

                    30 Apr 2017 20:43  

                    Sat by the Water Reserve bonfire, with the Aldrich Faithful Covenant item equipped, got summoned in to a bunch of invasions back to back, got the ten Human Dregs need for Great Deep Soul in about twenty minutes.

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Feb 2017 09:50  

                      There are 8 Devout in total outside aldrich and doesn't require you to take an elevator and go down a long line of them. While there is 1 less Devout, it's so much faster and easier than the Pontiff one

                      • Anonymous

                        09 Jan 2017 22:50  

                        These are very easy to farm on ng from Aldritch's bonfire,but you should defeat all the Devouts nearby,not just the first three.

                        • Do Hosts Get Dregs When They Kill Faithful?28 Jul 2016 07:50  

                          Because that's all I can think of to explain the behavior of some people who seem to be going to great lengths to gank or cheese Aldritch Faithful invaders. Almost like farming? I literally saw a guy hermiting out in the McDonnel basement and he had employed both friendly summons and enemy red phantoms to 5v1 people. So I ask, why?

                          • Anonymous

                            Dregs inside the Cathedral of the Deep21 Jul 2016 03:53  

                            You can find 4 Devout outside the Deacons Boss gate, 3 on the upper floor near were you first enter the Cathedral, and a few more scattered around the Cathedral.

                            • Anonymous

                              Farming devout of the deep24 May 2016 02:18  

                              For whoever's interested, here are some stats from my farming experience with devout of the deep right before aldrich's bonfire:Over 150 kills (50 times back to bonfire x 3 devout per run) I got the final 11 human dregs I needed for aldrich faithful rank 2;My drop rate should have been x4.4 normal - 440 item discovery (40 luck, dual-wield crystal sage's rapier, symbol of avarice, and covetous gold serpent ring +2);This means the drop rate for me was 11/4.4 = 2.5 drops at "normal" rate, so 2.5/150 = 1.666....%

                              • Aldrich, Devourer of Gods Bonfire16 May 2016 15:49  

                                It says slower way to farm Dregs from Aldrich's bonfire than taking elevator in Pontiff, NOT TRUE AT ALL, i spent 2 hours with covetous gold serpent ring +2, symbol of avarice and crystal sage rapier +5 killing all 9 Devout of the Deep just got only 1 Dreg. From Aldrich's bonfire in just 20 minutes (with same equipment) got my missing 8 Dregs.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Human Dregs drop13 May 2016 17:32  

                                  After farming the Devout of the Deep for an hour whilst in the Blue Sentinels covenant I noticed that I wasn't getting any drops but after unequipping it I started getting them again. I would assume that being a Blade of the Darkmoon would also negate them from dropping.

                                  • Farming13 May 2016 00:34  

                                    Symbol of avarice, Gold covetous ring, hollow infused +10 shield, and rusty coin resulted in 316 item discovery for me (Assassin class, not a single point spent in luck).It took 52 times to make run for 3 enemies near Aldrich bonfire to get 9 dregs (no time estimation though). Should be enough for trophy hunters (10 dregs for sorcery).

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