I'm Sorry Carving is a Tool in Dark Souls 3.

I'm Sorry Carving


A strange head of unknown origin carved from archtree. It speaks when thrown on the ground.

This head says "I'm sorry". Have another look. Isn't it quite the expression of attonement?


I'm Sorry Carving Usage

  • When used, leaves an audible sound saying ''I'm sorry.'' has unlimited uses.




  • Obtained by dropping a Shriving stone in Picklepum the Crow's nest on top of the Firelink tower.




  • Player note 1




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    • Anonymous

      06 Jan 2018 02:39  

      Am I the only one who sees Artorias in that icon? Like, the top part of it being his helmet and the rest of the lighter bit his cowl? And the black part his.. Face? Just me? 'Aight.

      • Anonymous

        01 Jun 2017 17:19  

        I was fighting mobs and an invader runs up behind and backstabs me then uses the "I'm Sorry" Carving... I don't know what to feel now??

        • Anonymous

          Kek wills it12 Sep 2016 19:22  

          Get summoned as a friendly mad phantom on high wall of lothric.Gain the host of ember's trust.Help him get the cell key.Run first and kill the fire bomb thrower hollow.Wait for him to come.Throw a fire bomb."I'm Sorry"

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