Item Discovery

Type Base Power

Item Discovery is a derived stat that measures how likely your character is to receive items from foes. Increasing Item Discovery increases the chance to receive weapons and armor that the enemy is wearing, as well as upgrade materials or tools.

Item Discovery is a multiplier for each enemy’s loot table. Examples:

  • An enemy has a base 10% chance to drop an item. With 100 Discovery, the enemy has 10% chance to drop the item (10% × 1.00).
  • An enemy has a base 10% chance to drop an item. With 200 Discovery, the enemy has 20% chance to drop the item (10% × 2.00).
  • An enemy has a base 10% chance to drop an item. With 400 Discovery, the enemy has 40% chance to drop the item (10% × 4.00).

Increasing Item Discovery

  • Leveling up Luck permanently increases Item Discovery, 1 point of Discovery per point of Luck.
  • You can temporarily increase Item Discovery by 50 with Rusted Coin or 100 with Rusted Gold Coin.
  • Crystal Sage's Rapier increases Item Discovery by 50. It does not need to be held to function, but must be equipped (i.e. you can equip it in left hand, while two-handing your right hand weapon, and it will still provide the discovery bonus).
  • Holding a +10 Hollow weapon with more than 15 hollowing give +5 luck, increasing the item discovery (Can be done twice if both weapon and shield have +10)
  • Symbol of Avarice increases Item Discovery by 100 (but it also continually drains your health, so care should be taken when using it).
  • Covetous Gold Serpent Ring increases Item Discovery by 50 at base, while the +1 and +2 and +3 versions increases by 75 and 100 and 115 respectively.



  • You can also equip a Crystal Sage's Rapier in each hand for a total boost of 100 Item Discovery when both are equipped.
  • The highest possible Item Discovery is 614, when equipped with two Crystal Sage's Rapiers, the Symbol of Avarice, the Gold Serpent Ring +3, using a Rusted Gold Coin and having 99 Luck.
  • Item Discovery is calculated upon an enemy's death. Changing your Item Discovery after you have killed an enemy, but before looting their corpse (assuming they have dropped something), will not change what they have dropped.


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    • Anonymous

      10 Mar 2021 02:14  

      item drop chance when you arent farming for it: +1000 item discovery.
      when you are farming for it, its -99999999

      • Anonymous

        20 May 2020 16:05  

        I just checked. It looks like you do need to have the Crystal Sage's Rapier equipped to receive the item discovery bonus

        • Anonymous

          18 Mar 2020 09:44  

          so how does item discovery work when enemies kill each other?, does it work like souls where using rapport to get enemies to fight each other gives you the same amount of souls as if you had killed them, or does drop chance reduce to base when enemies kill each other?

          • Anonymous

            29 Feb 2020 09:06  

            What happens when phantoms in party are wearing higher item discovery? Does this stat have any party functionality at all? What happens when enemies die when phantom kills enemies versus does nothing but has item discovery items on? Etc.

            • Anonymous

              10 Sep 2019 13:52  

              Too many people are impatient farmers/grinders. They expect quick, easy results. It takes some time and effort, sure, but farming is not some terrible, morale destroying thing in this game. Here's a list of rare drops I successfully farmed in three different character playthroughs, early-game, with only 310 Item discovery: - 30 Swordgrass - Iron Round Shield - full Cathedral Knight item set (armor and weapons) - thrall axe and flamberge (hollow slave drops) - falchion - full Darkwraith item set (armor and weapon) - Evangelist mask and weapon (also her other crap, but who uses that*****e) This is all before killing Abyss Watchers, so this is before I could even use the gold serpent ring. Tips to make farming sessions more interesting: - have a covenant mutliplayer item equipped while you do it (Farron/Sentinel/Darkmoon/Aldrich, depending on your SL), so that you'll be periodically summoned for some PvP. Obviously it'll make the farming itself take longer, but the overall gaming session will be more entertaining while you're 'working' for the items - use the farming session to practice a skill (e.g. parrying) or to become more familiar with an unfamiliar weapon's move-set spacing and combos

              • Anonymous

                10 Jan 2019 12:11  

                Will this help me to farm titanite scales from the ring knights? I will be using mimic head, ss +3 and cs sword. How often will i get them?

                • Anonymous

                  23 Nov 2017 01:14  

                  I respec'd and put 70 odd into luck. Combined with gsr+3, 2 CS rapiers, SoAverice and coins: my luck was in the 500s but drops still far to infrequent to warrant the time and effort invested.

                  • Anonymous

                    09 Sep 2017 11:12  

                    Its pretty clearly listed on the page,but i wonder if does it directly increase drop chance say: 250 item discovery affect 10%drop chance making it 25% OR it gives 2x 10%rolls with 50% chance for 3th roll?
                    Im not sure which parts of wikia are datamined or are only speculations.

                    • Anonymous

                      03 Aug 2017 16:42  

                      I did this in 45 minutes with 11 luck, normal Gold Serpent Ring and about 35 Rusted Coins. Seems i got super lucky with my drops but it didnt seem too bad in general.

                      • Anonymous

                        29 Jan 2017 15:39  

                        What if YOU equip all the items then are summoned into another players world, does YOUR item drop rate work for enemy's YOU KILL in their world and allow you to help another player get items?

                        • Anonymous

                          25 Jan 2017 17:49  

                          Luck 99, item discovery 399, and still not dropping after u killed 30 or 25 enemy and after 3hr only One item drop i west all my gold coins for one item .

                          • Anonymous

                            16 Jan 2017 19:53  

                            if i kill an enemy, but change my item discovery before the item "orb" shows up, does that still increase the chance of a rare drop?

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