Items with special effects in Dark Souls 3 are listed on this page. You can also find the effects on the individual pages, but this list is for easy access. Click the table header to sort.


Farming Equipment

Item Name
Item Ability
Additional Notes
symbol of avarice icon Symbol of Avarice Absorb 50% more Souls, adds 100 Item Discovery, lose 10 HP/s.  
Crystal Sage's Rapier Increases Item Discovery by 50. Wielding two grants a total bonus of 100 item discovery.
Shield Of Want Increases souls gained by 20%.  
Mendicant's Staff Increases souls gained by 20%.  

Magic boosting armor and special catalysts

Icon Item Name Item Ability Additional Notes
Crown of Dusk Boosts magic damage damage by 10% and reduces magic absorption by 30.  
Blindfold Mask Boosts dark damage by 5% and reduces dark absorption by 30.  
Scholar's Candlestick Boosts sorceries damage by 12.5%.  
Witchtree Branch Faster casting speed. Same bonus as the Sage Ring.
Saint-tree Bellvine Faster casting speed. Same bonus as the Sage Ring.
Sage's Crystal Staff With Steady Chant activated, it increases Sorcery damage by 40%.  
White Hair Talisman Can cast both Pyromancies and Miracles.  
Crystal Chime Can cast both Sorceries and Miracles.  
Demon's Scar Curved Sword / Pyromancy catalyst. Pyromancies cast with this weapon will scale with Dexterity in addition to Intelligence and Faith.
Cleric's Candlestick Straight Sword / Sorcery catalyst.  
Heysel Pick Hammer / Sorcery catalyst.  
Immolation Tinder Halberd / Sorcery catalyst.  
Golden Ritual Spear Spear / Sorcery catalyst.  
Rose of Ariandel Small Whip / Miracle catalyst.  

Weapon and Armor with Special Effects

Icon Item Name Item Ability
Additional Notes
Dragon Tooth Grants +10% absorption for both Magic and Fire damage.  
Lothric Knight Long Spear Increases Poise by 15 while equipped.  
Yhorm's Greatshield Increases Poise by 15 while equipped.  
Wolf Knight's Greatshield Gives 50 to all status effect resistances while equiped.  
Armor of Thorns Set Rolling and quickstepping into enemies does a small amount of damage and bleed.  
Soldering Iron Enemy struck with this weapon suffers reduced estus recovery and increased equip load.  
Old Wolf Curved Sword Increases attack by 5% then 10% and restores HP with consecutive attacks.  
Morion Blade While on critical HP (below 20%) damage from all sources is increased by 20% multiplicatively.  
Black Knight weapons Deals +20% bonus damage vs. Demons.  

Wolf Knight's Greatsword 

and Farron Greatsword

Deals +20% bonus damage vs. Abyssal enemies.  
Hollowslayer Greatsword Deals +20% bonus damage vs. Hollows.  
Anri's Straight Sword Deals +10% bonus damage vs. Reanimated. Infused with Hollow and Blessed.  
Ethereal Oak Shield  Infused with Blessed infusion.   
Ancient Dragon Greatshield Restores HP over time at the rate of 2 HP/s.  
Grass Crest Shield Improves stamina regeneration rate by 4 points/s.  
Greatshield of Glory Decreases stamina regeneration rate by 20%.  
Butcher Knife Restores HP on hit. 2 HP per hit, or 31 HP per hit with Sharpen active.  
Smough's Great Hammer Restores 2 HP per hit.  
Chaos Blade Inflicts self-damage on hit.  
Handmaid's Dagger Restores 1 FP per hit.  
Arstor's Spear Restores 30 HP upon any enemy death.  
Executioner's Greatsword Restores 6 FP upon any enemy death.  


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