Translation Resources

The best way to translate text from a TV screen is to use Google Translate app on a smartphone or tablet. Set it to JP -> EN and pick the camera option and point the camera to the text on the screen.

If you cannot get a clear image with your phone/table camera, you will need to type in the text in the Google Translate website.

To input Japanese text, you can use these websites:

If you want to translate from screenshots on your PC, you need to get the image through OCR and then copy-paste the text in Google Translate. A good OCR site for this is: 

OCR isn't perfect, so always compare the results with the image to delete any extra Kanji/Kana that might have been generated or to check for wrong characters. If you need to input a Kanji, try Lexilogo Kanji charts. Count the number of lines in the Kanji and input that number in the "Strokes" dropbox, then find the Kanji in the list it shows.

There is also the Japanese Dark Souls 3 Wiki, you can use Google Chrome with the translate plugin to navigate the japanese wiki in english.



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