Jailbreaker's Key is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3.

Jailbreaker's Key



Key to the barred window in the Irithyll dungeon.
But the window only leads to a bottomless black pit below, and above, a paltry view of the ruined Profaned Capital.
The very architecture appears to be a cruel joke the jailers played on would-be escapees.


Jailbreaker's Key Usage



Jailbreaker's Key Locations

  • From the Irithyll Dungeon bonfire, cross the bridge, enter the first cell you can, and travel through the holes. Once you exit, turn left into the hallway, then turn right. The key is in the first cell on your right.




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    • Anonymous

      "Unlocks door dividing a hallway in Irithyll Dungeon" No, it doesn't. I imagine that whoever created this page, saw that they couldn't unlock that door dividing the hallway, then later on, when they had the key, they could unlock the door, and figured the key must've been what did it, and not the fact that they were now on the other side of the doorway. And it has remained uncorrected for 4 years now, probably because not many people are coming to this page to figure out what this key does. Still, you'd think Fextralife would not want incorrect info on their pages.

      • Anonymous

        The key is actually in the cell left of the one with that passive wide eyed alien guy. Across the path leading downstairs, in a single room with a gate that can be opened without any key, not in the three cells that are connected.

        • Anonymous

          This key is used to unlock a window that you can drop down from and acquire the bellowing dragoncrest ring.

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