Jailbreaker's Key is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3.

Jailbreaker's Key



Key to the barred window in the Irithyll dungeon.
But the window only leads to a bottomless black pit below, and above, a paltry view of the ruined Profaned Capital.
The very architecture appears to be a cruel joke the jailers played on would-be escapees.


Jailbreaker's Key Usage



Jailbreaker's Key Locations

  • Irithyll Dungeon, in a cell in the hallway that is accessed by traveling through the holes in adjacent cells.




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    • Anonymous

      Some guy09 May 2016 22:30  

      The key is actually in the cell left of the one with that passive wide eyed alien guy. Across the path leading downstairs, in a single room with a gate that can be opened without any key, not in the three cells that are connected.

      • Anonymous

        Use of key27 Apr 2016 17:33  

        This key is used to unlock a window that you can drop down from and acquire the bellowing dragoncrest ring.

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