Enemy Type ???
Weakness Thrust, Lightning, Frost
Resistant Magic
Immune Rapport

Jailers are an Enemy in Dark Souls 3


Jailer Information

  • Holds a lantern, when lantern emits red light the player's max health slowly decreases while within line of sight. Max health remains lowered for a short time, lasting roughly 20 seconds. Health will not be restored when max health returns to normal.
  • Wields a Soldering Iron as a melee weapon.


Jailer Location


Jailer Drops


Jailer Combat Information

  • Health - 720 (NG)
  • Their irons inflict an additional curse that prevents you from drinking estus and increases your equip load.
  • Their stabs are quickly followed by a kind of grab that will knock you on the ground and do a lot of damage to you.
  • Weak to Lightning Damage, Thrust and Frost.
  • Affected by Bleed.
  • Jailers are very easy to knock down. You can either use big weapons, charged attacks or strong spells to easily stun them and kill them.
  • Resistant to Magic damage.
  • Rolling towards Jailers when they are close baits their thrust attack and positions yourself behind them, giving you the perfect opportunity for a counter attack.
  • The lantern's life drain effect slows down once a certain health threshold is reached, and slows down even further as your HP drops closer to 1.
  • Rolling with the Carthus Milkring stops the health drain for a duration of invisiblity.
  • Black Firebombs and Great Chaos Fire Orb will knock them down, allowing you to quickly close distance on them, or get away.
  • Immune to Rapport.
  • Can be lured.
  • When not in aggro, the Jailer can be distracted by throwing an object (throwing knife etc.) A good strategy for easy backstabs.
  • Jailers in the last part of Dungeon can be ignored and run through at first encounter and then safely killed one by one using bow after resting at Profaned Capital bonfire.


 Jailer Gallery



Jailer Trivia

  • The Jailer design is based off of the Mind Flayer from Demon's Souls who ring a bell rather than hold a lantern, the Dungeon is also heavily based on The Tower of Latria.



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    • Anonymous

      18 Jun 2021 02:00  

      If you struggle against them, here are some tips:

      1) Replenishment miracle (requires only 15 Faith, costs 30 FP) + offhand Gentle Prayer from any Chime (requires 10 Faith, costs 13 FP) = 11 HP/sec for a minute resulting in 660 HP for 43 FP in total.
      Throw in a Blue Tearstone Ring and Sun Priestess Ring for good measure

      2) Hidden Body (requires 15 Intelligence, costs 25 FP) + ranged attacks (my favorite are Greatbows) = cheese

      3) Shield's wont work since there's no shield that protects for 100% of fire damage, and their weapons deal fire damage, which at 1 HP means you will die, so ditch the shield altogether and equip something more useful in the offhand, or just dual wield.

      4) Hidden Body + (Spook | Slumbering Draconcrest Ring)

      5) Roll to their side and not into/away from them.

      6) Rapiers are very good against them, and also in cramped spaces such as Iriythyll Dungeon.

      7) Black firebombs knock them down

      8) You can walk behind and backstab most of them if you are patient enough.

      9) You don't have to engage them, just walk behind them to places you want to visit.

      10) Try not to engage several at the same time, if you do make sure you hit all of them with the attack (e.g. position them in a line towards you with thrusting weapons and in a sector in front of you with sweeping weapons). They are pretty slow so it shouldn't be much of a problem.

      11) In the lower level of the Irithyll Dungeon where there are a bunch of Jailers, you can release the Lycantrope locked in the cell opposite of 2 Giant Rats and he will be hostile towards the Jailers.

      Overall not a bad enemy, you can think of it as a temporary one-hit-kill mode. Playing DS3 for the first time with 10 Vigor and 10 Vitality I didn't even feel these guys as special since half the enemies oneshotted me anyway, even on NG+. My second pyro character felt the same on both normal and NG+. I finally saw where the hate was coming from on my third, shields-only character.

      My problems are that the range of the drain and what triggers it is not clear. Also it would be nice if you had all the health returned if you managed to not get hit during the debuff, but I understand he current decision.

      • Anonymous

        14 Jun 2021 19:56  

        Yeah these are stupid. They make me just afk with the sun princess ring after they nuke my health. They aren’t even hard to kill; a decent bow makes short work of them. The stupid health drain is just dumb and unnecessary

        • Anonymous

          23 May 2021 13:47  

          Ladies and Gentlemen the most annoying enemy in DS3.
          To mention a comment below me that summed it up perfectly:

          "Stupid enemy. Makes no sense. Overtuned. Teaches nothing. Designed to artificially extend your time in the Dungeon"

          • Anonymous

            23 Apr 2021 01:54  

            A lot of people seem to be trying to rush these dudes and kill them aggressively. If you're finding that strategy too difficult, you can actually sneak up on all but 2 of these dudes for a backstab. Of those 2, one of them is encountered alone within about 6 feet, so he can be rushed and killed swiftly.

            Slumbering dragoncrest ring makes it way easier, but it can be done without it too.

            It takes patience, but you can easily clear the whole jail bit like that. Doesn't really require any skill or anything, just patience. I'm pretty sure that's how it's intended to be done. Trying to fight 2-3 at once is clearly not incentivized.

            • 22 Mar 2021 14:17  

              go ahead and yell at me all ya want, these enemies are fun, i enjoy jumping and running around the room trying to stay out of sight while occasionally throwing bombs at them, go ahead, get mad, its not my fault these things exist and if i enjoy fighting them i will do so. not like ya can stop me anyway-

              • Anonymous

                10 Jan 2021 08:33  

                If you can get close and hit them first, they're ridiculously easy to bring down. It's just that, from a distance, draining your max health can be quite dangerous and their soldering iron burns your health really fast if you let them hit you with it. Seems like an enemy that encourages you to hide behind corners.

                • Anonymous

                  23 Nov 2020 23:53  

                  Stupid enemy. Makes no sense. Overtuned. Teaches nothing. Designed to artificially extend your time in the Dungeon. Waste of a zone.

                  • Anonymous

                    20 Nov 2020 04:01  

                    Not difficult, just tedious due to extra strategy/different loadouts required to deal with them - most of which require patience. The laziest way to kill them by far is with Storyteller's Staff WA or Toxic Mist.

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Oct 2020 19:17  

                      If you use the crow quills, do a running L1 on these guys the second you see them, it knocks them down so they can't drain hp.

                      • Anonymous

                        10 Sep 2020 06:32  

                        I can't confirm this yet, but It seems duel charms might stop them from draining your hp, at least for a short amount of time.

                        • Anonymous

                          07 Sep 2020 06:16  

                          This is the worst designed enemy in the game, what were they thinking!? It's almost bull**** and unfair at times

                          • Anonymous

                            21 Aug 2020 04:53  

                            go ahead and tell us to stop complaining about these enemies because of this being a "hard game" these enemies take it too far on hard. even spam won't work sometimes on these pieces of ****

                            • Anonymous

                              21 Aug 2020 04:51  

                              yeah...they are ****.
                              i just walk up and 3 hit killed them no prob....
                              I came her to find out what the yellow cloud is.. but its not on the wiki.....

                              • Anonymous

                                17 Aug 2020 00:02  

                                Players hate the jailers and I totally get why, but I think they're some of the coolest enemies in the DS games. Those freaky giggles emanating from blank masked faces as they gleefully rush up on you to snatch away your life. So scary. Plus, jailers have the coolest death sound of any enemy in the DS games. 10/10 would allow to haunt my nightmares again.

                                • Anonymous

                                  27 Jul 2020 22:00  

                                  Players sure love to complain about any mechanic in a Souls game that isn't "big boss uses big move, dodge it, attack and repeat to win."

                                  You signed for a difficult game, not every mechanic is going to be exactly the same or "fair." The use of "fair" in these comments sections is entirely subjective. I suck at Dark Souls, but I love the games because they have a huge variety of challenges, not just flat out combat. I have a feeling people, just like with complaining on other games, are just looking for things whine about without actually taking the time to see the developer's point of creating the content nor removing their own subjective thinking from the equation. Criticism is great, complaining without reason nor factual argument on the other hand makes you look like Gamespot journa...I mean...content mill writers.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    22 Jul 2020 15:07  

                                    The easiest method to kill all the jailers at the last part of dungeon was to spawn from Profaned Capital, open the cell with a red-eyed Lycanthrope inside and bait him to jailers. Watch him wreak havoc on them.

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