With the japanese version of Dark Souls III releasing 21 days before the rest of the world, many players are importing the game, even with none or very little knowledge of japanese.

This mini-guide will help you navigate the game menus and interact with NPCs. For detailed guides, use our Japanese wiki, which will be linking to English counterversions as available.

If you never played the japanese version of a game before, then you will find out that on Playstation systems the "X" and "O" buttons are switched. For some players this is a non-issue, for others this is a total nightmare. Ususally there is no option to switch them in Japanese games, we will confirm this when the game releases, if this is an issue for you, then you always have the option to switch the buttons in the PS4 settings, inside the Accessibility menu.

Start menu and New Game

Character creation

System/Settings menu

Inventory & Equip Menus

NPC interactions

Translation resources

Common gaming words

Help me!!!

To change the key mapping on PS4

  1. Setting Menu
  2. Accesibility
  3. Button Assignments
  4. Enable Custome Button Assignments (Checkmark)
  5. Once you put the checkmark there will be a new option called: Customize Button Assignments
  6. You are now able to make all changes needed. Don't forget to confirm changes.

Keep in mind these changes will apply to all games.

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    • Anonymous

      i just got to the firelink shrine and when i try to click travel, i get some error but i cant read it and i havent seen it pop up in anyones videos or anything. i cant go to the high wall of lothric -__-

      • Anonymous

        I will be getting the Japanese version. I will use this page religiously, I am sure. Thank you very much for all of your help. By the way, which do you think would be a better purchase, Dark Souls 3 on PC or Playstation 4? I've got a great gaming PC, but I'm worried about 3 things. 1) Being invaded by people using cheats and hacks. 2) The technical quality of the game. The original Dark Souls has been heavily criticized for being a poor port. On the other hand, Bloodborne's load screens were unbearable until From patched them. 3) The longevity and strength of the online community. I want to be able to summon and be summoned fairly quickly. Bloodbourne on PC was great for this. Dark Souls on the PC. Not so much.

        • This is a blessing from the Shrine of Amana, I already planned on breaking out pen&paper for my first day of DS3 to create a memory of options so I wouldn't have much trouble remembering inv spots and options in the Japanese version, but all that is gone. This is the only page you'll need if you are looking for a step by step image guide of the English menu's.

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