Karla's Ashes is an Ash in Dark Souls 3.

Karla's Ashes

Umbral ash of Karla. With this, the shrine handmaid will prepare new items.

The spurned child of the Abyss never dies, but phases in and out of its fringes. Only, there is no one to search for her any longer.


Karla's Ashes Usage



Karla's Locations

  • Obtained from killing Karla




  • Ashes from dead NPCs give the Shrine Handmaid only the items they had to sell at the time, not their total stock(if Karla dies before you bring her any tomes, her ashes won't have extra spells for the handmaiden).




  • The statement that there is no longer anyone to search for her may link her as the witch whom Alva the Seeker of the spurned found comfort  and purpose in.


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    • Anonymous

      It's very likely she's the daughter of Zullie. Dark Edge's description says it's passed from mother to daughter, and the Zullie phantom in the ringed city uses Dark Edge. It also says she's spurned like Zullie (Alva Seeker of the "Spurned"). Dark Edge's description says that it is swung for either protection or suicide, considering "The spurned child of the Abyss never dies" it's likely that Karla took her life, but couldn't die. It could be possible that Zullie was a shard of manus, tempting Alva like how the other shards seduce Vendrick and the dlc king's, but child of the abyss could mean something different.

      • Anonymous

        decided to rush to her and spam her dialogue. and ignore the jailers except for the one in front of her cell. One followed me in and the dumbass refused to talk so I had to fight the jailer and ended up killing the **** because I was using an Ultra Greatsword with large horizontal attacked and locked me out of getting those ****ing spells. Immediately turning the game off didn’t help. So head my advice and be sure your not followed.

        • Anonymous

          There is speculation that she may be a child of the abyss in spirit, but a child of Alva and Zullie in body. After all,the description of Dark Edge makes this a possibility, as well as Alva's precense on the dlc, guarding Zullie's corpse...

          • Anonymous

            yo holy ***** this girl is so full of lore .."spurned " "child of the abyss" WTF? is alva related to her?

            • Anonymous

              The "spurned" child of the Abyss "never dies", but phases in and out of its fringes. "Only, there is no one to search for her any longer."Alva. "Seeker of the Spurned"

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