Knight's Ring

Ring engraved with a portrait of a knight. Increases strength.

In Lothric, the Knight has long been considered one of the Three Pillars of the king's rule, and were thus allowed to rear dragons.

Knight's Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Knight's Ring Effect

  • Increases Strength by 5 points (Two-handing a weapon does not affect it).
  • Weight: 0.8



Where to Find Knight's Ring




  • Player note 1





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    • Anonymous

      Two-Handing does affect the strength gain? The 50% strength gain from two-handing is applied at the very end after other buffs.

      • Anonymous

        Weird aspect of wearing this ring that I have noticed. When using a bonfire to fast travel to a destination, briefly after arrival the resistance bars pop up on your screen.

        • Anonymous

          I wish this ring wasn't as lategame as it is. By the time the player can pick it up they'll have leveled STR up enough to barely get any value out of this

          • Anonymous

            Knights Ring represents Gwynevere and The Way of The White, Hunters Ring represents Rosaria and her covenant which is the same as the Black hand, Scholar Ring represents Gwyndolin/Yorshka and the Blades of the Darkmoon, and the Priestess ring represents Fillianore and the spears of the church. This is just a theory I am working on.

            • Anonymous

              Forget what anyone told you! The rings adds before the multiplication, when two-handing for example : You are two-handing a bastard sword with 21 strength + 5 from ring = 26 strength, by two-handing you will get damage equivalent to 26*1.5= 39 strength.

              • Anonymous

                For anyone wondering : When two-handing a weapon, the ring's buff does not count during the multiplication. So let's say if you have 10 strength, when two handing you strength will become 10*1.5= 15 and then the ring's bonus will be added on top : so you will deal damage equivalent to someone with 20 strength. (Not 15*1.5=22.5, as some may have hoped)

                • Anonymous

                  Please Give +3 version Fromsoft; I need a ring that gives +12-15 Strength Points so that I can go from 104 to 114

                  • Anonymous

                    Why on earth are the videolinks alsways garbage? can you stop linking to those just because its a playthrough by one of you wiki admins, it sucks srsly

                    • Anonymous

                      Does the 2h strength bonus also take into account the added strength of this ring?So, is it (22 + 5) * 1.5 = 40 or is it (22 * 1.5) + 5 = 36 ?

                      • This might be a good ring for people who want to stay soul level 1 without leveling anything and still using 100% physical resist shields.

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