Knight Slayer's Ring

Ring of the savage Tsorig, more commonly known as the Knight Slayer.

Long ago, Tsorig engaged the guardians of an ancient city in a bloody confrontation, and returned with their rings as his prize, still frozen on their dismembered fingers.

Knight Slayer's Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3


Knight Slayer's Ring Effect


  • Enemies lose 20% more Stamina when guarding attacks.
  • Weight: 0.9



Where to Find Knight Slayer's Ring




  • The ring shares the same icon as the Ivory Warrior Ring in the Dark Souls II DLC "Crown of the Ivory King". The mention of ice in the description also gives hint that this is the same ring.



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    • Anonymous

      05 Mar 2021 19:40  

      this dude is badass as **** in the lore. he went to Eleum Loyce and single handedly killed every knight and took their rings.

      • Anonymous

        10 Apr 2020 07:54  

        I feel like the wiki's +10% number is wrong. There's a night and day difference between who I stagger and who I don't when I throw this on.

        • Anonymous

          03 Apr 2020 15:09  

          or as i called it "the little b*tch who likes to hide behind a greatshield instead of fight me slayer's ring"

          • Anonymous

            30 Mar 2020 17:10  

            *Kills a knight* - "Ohhhh shiny" - *Has a problem with removing them rings* *Cuts off the fingers* , *Puts fingers into a small black sachet* *Sees another knight* - Oh boy here i go again!"

            • Anonymous

              25 Mar 2020 18:43  

              Good for pvp but better to switch to that from another ring when you encounter a turtle as opposed to vice versa. I'll switch out my chloranthy and make sure I eat a blossom so I'm never wasting a ring. Turtles almost always give you time to switch n buff, but its not a garuntee when encountering other builds to swap from KSR to something else. I'm sure anyone would draw that conclusion eventually but better to keep in mind from the start for those just trying it out now.

              • Anonymous

                12 Apr 2019 23:30  

                Damn, no testing with spells yet? Looks like I need to do some myself. If this works with spells I'm going to be SO HAPPY!

                • Anonymous

                  17 May 2018 16:45  

                  Does anyone know if this ring works with spells, or just melee attacks? I want to guard-break people with farron hail.

                  • 09 Dec 2017 01:56  

                    so there's this voice around saying the ring actually works for staggering bosses(with or without shields... although i don't remember bosses with shields) too, anybody know if it's true?

                    • Anonymous

                      20 May 2017 00:31  

                      It seems this ring has been buffed. It now increases stamina attack by 20%. I looked it through the data.

                      • Anonymous

                        09 Apr 2017 13:04  

                        i found this ring to be very useful against that new door shield thing. Was able to break a player's guard in 3 2hR1s with my vordts great mace. Might have been he was low on stamina, but regardless, I had tried without the ring and had no success.

                        • Anonymous

                          27 Oct 2016 16:11  

                          Does he always invade in catacombs? went to where I saw him invade in a video but never showed in my game.

                          • Anonymous

                            28 Sep 2016 22:00  

                            Literally why did this guy go all the way to eleum loyce for a *****ing ring Tsorig is an absolute madman

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