Amnesiac, Lapp

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Amnesiac Lapp,  is an NPC in Dark Souls 3. He is part of second DLC, The Ringed City. A man with a plate-armor helm you can encounter at Dreg Heap. He states that he's an amnesiac hollow and calls himself "Lapp." Maybe he could be a reliable fellow.


Amnesiac, Lapp Information

  • Killable
  • Events with this NPC
  • Can be summoned for The Demon Prince fight on the ledge right before you drop down.
  • Can be summoned for The Spear of the Church fight behind the right door to the cathedral, given that you have completed his questline. 


Lapp's Questline

  1. You can find Lapp first at The Dreg Heap, then at The Ringed City (Location)
  2. Dreg Heap: After the tower falls down, destroying a portion of the church with 2 Lothric Knights in it, go back in and use it as a bridge to find him.
  3. Earthen Peak: Next to the first bonfire, he's just sitting there on a piece of elevated ground before the angels start appearing, in order for him to move to the next point, you need to grab the Titanite Slab. He will speak to you about treasure and if you don't retrieve it he'll have it for you later. (You can quickly obtain the slab by reloading the area with quitting or using homeward bones three times.) Lapp will have moved down to just below where he was sitting. Exhaust all dialog for the treasure.)
  4. He can then be summoned on the ledge right before the Demon Prince fight. A Siegbrau can be found where you met him in Earthen Peak after the fight.
  5. Ringed City Inner Wall: He's on a balcony, straight across from the locked shortcut door. Speak to him to get a Siegbrau and he will mention seeking the Purging Monument
  6. Swamp: As soon as you go down the steps, turn left and follow the wall to see a ladder (Mind the monks). Climb this ladder and go up the stairs, then turn left. You should spot a Ringed Spear Knight, he should have a regular Ringed Knight hidden further down. Lure them one by one. Past them is an entrance leading to a round area with a couple chairs. Lapp is there sitting on one.
  7. After you find the Purging Monument, come back and tell him how to get to it. You have until the final boss of the DLC to do this, after which he goes completely hollow and becomes hostile. (I found Lapp on the balcony after defeating Slave Knight Gael and I was still able to proceed with this questline without Lapp going hollow).
  8. Final Appearance: Crumbling staircase right after your first meeting with the dragon Midir. As soon as you're past the part where he breathes fire along the path, turn right and go down into the Shared Grave. There's a bit of rubble there that may look impassable, but it is not. He's in the room directly to your right. Just do what he says (familiar cutscene will play) and he should drop the Lapp's Set and Champion's Bones (if you don't own Ashes of Ariandel) in front of that same room. NOTE: He drops the items outside the room in shared graves. In other words, you have to get back up. You do not need to reload the area.
  9. He can be summoned, as his true identity, for the Halflight, Spear of the Church Boss fight. His sign is behind the door on the right, but you must have completed the above steps for it to appear.


Combat Information


First encounter dialogue

"Oh, look at you, you've got your head screwed on correct.
Fantastic, to meet a kindred spirit, on this godforsaken crag.

Call me Lapp. I can't remember my real name, so let's just go with that.
I have a feeling we're going to make a fabulous team. Oh, you'll see, you'll see!
ohh, in all honesty there's something I should tell you
I'm..a hollow. Yes, I try to play it off, but i haven't a clue about my past.
Who I was , or what I lived for. Not even my own blessed name.
That's why I've come here, searching - for the purging monument, said to be in the ringed city. Where the pygmies who found the dark souls at the dawn of fire reside.
All I can say is, those little stones aren't doing much to help me remember anymore.

Well, that's the long and short of it,
so if I completely forget who you are, don't be wrath with me
c'mon what else can I say, I'm a bloody hollow for heaven's sake!"

Second encounter dialogue

"Oh, I know who you are
Great to still see you in one piece
Cor, I can see why they call this the dreg heap at the world's end
Mangled remnants from every age and every land

It actually lends credence to the old rumours
that the ringed city rests below it all

Ah, don't mind me, you needn't worry yourself with this nonsense.

I just wanted to tell someone, and I'm sick of old humpty

I should stay quiet. wait, I'll make it up to you and let you in on a secret
past here, you'll find the remains of a giant earthen tower,
not a very nice place to visit, only there's precious treasure in the thick of the swamp
I ddn't have any use for it you see, but I left the package behind
if I get the chance i could go fetch it for you, but maybe you'd rather go grab it yourself?
i know who you are, a righteous warrior, yes, with a solemn duty to boot?
well grab that treasure, that's as good a treasure as any.

Ohh, look at you, you found the treasure
dashing, just dashing, you'll make good use of it I'm sure
now this is a little toast from me to you
not much to speak of, but bottoms up - to the greatest warrior there is.

If you don't find the treasure

Oh, there you are - perfect timing
you remember that treasure?
well, I fetched it for you, as promised.
oh, it was only a hop and a skip - I needed a rest from old nan over there
here, go ahead, its yours - maybe it'll help you with that solemn duty of yours
this really is a dreg heap at the worlds end
mangled remnants from every age......."

Third encounter

Oh, well, fancy meeting you here.
A true blessing, that we should seek the same place, and find ourselves standing here, together.
I've got the last of my brew. Let's have our own little toast with it.
To my search, and to your duty. And to the joy that lies before us.
All right, then. Bottoms up! Now, I'm off in search of the Purging Monument.
Once I find it, everything will come back to me.
Who I was, what I lived for, what my name was.
What terrible grudges I held.

...I dunno, I just have this feeling. That that's the kind of man I was.
Oh, don't hold it against me, I only think I was! Now, I'm off in search of the Purging Monument.
Once I find it, everything will come back to me.

When you find him after opening the Show Your Humanity shortcut

Oh, and here we are again.
How goes things? I'm rather running in circles, I'm afraid.
I can't find the Purging Monument. And I've searched high and low.
What if it was never here in the first place?
Ah, bloody hell, what do I know.
Sorry, I know it doesn't concern you.
Seeing you all good and well, I...
I just sort of spilled my guts to you.
Just forget it all. Like a good Hollow would!

...What did I come here in search of?

Damn, stop it, I'm unbreakable, unbreakable.

...Ahh, please, someone tell me...

If you tell him where the Purging Monument is:

Who am I? Why am I here?
Are you certain of that?
No, sorry, I know you'd never lie to me.
Thank you, thank you kindly. I'll speed right on over.
It won't be long now, before I know everything.
Who I was, what I lived for, and what my name was.
And I'll have you to thank for it all.

Ahh, thank you, most sincerely.
I swear upon my birth name.
That I am your friend. No matter what might come out, no matter what I was.
If you would do me the honour, allow me to be a true friend, always.

It won't be long now, before I know everything.
Who I was, what I lived for, and what my name was.
And I'll have you to thank for it all.

Final encounter:

Oh, finally, you've come.
Now I know exactly who I was. And for that, I've a little thanks to be giving.
Go this way, and peep past the broken staircase. Some awfully fine treasure's just sitting there all alone.
It'll change your life.

I've much to thank you for, so I'll say it again and again.
Go this way, and peep past the broken staircase. Some awfully fine treasure's just sitting there all alone.
What, don't you believe me?

Every age, it seems, is tainted by the greed of men.
Rubbish, to one such as I, devoid of all worldly wants! Hmmm, I dunno, maybe it's just the way we are.
I'll stick you in my prayers. A fine dark soul, to you.


What's wrong, friend?
Stop it! Oh, please!
...Bloody hell! Lost your mind, have you?
Then I have no choice! Forgive me!
...I deserved this.

Forgive me, friend.
I cannot die just yet.
What in bloody hell?
Stop that! Enough of that!
...Bloody hell, you've lost your head, have you?
Then, let's have a go, shall we.
I'm unbreakable! You can't crack me! I'll rot yer flesh!
...Curses, of all the luck.

Everything always goes to pot, doesn't it.

True friends, eh?
Everything always goes to pot, doesn't it.


  • Lapp in Swedish and Norwegian translates to Patch.
  • You can gain the Patches Squat Gesture (if you don't already have it) from Lapp when you meet him by shared grave after you tell him about the purging monument.
  • Strangely, if his true self is killed in Lothric, Lapp still appears in The Ringed City DLC.
  • See Unbreakable Patches for the NPC of the same face
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    • Anonymous

      24 Oct 2019 21:27  

      I killed the Patches *****er the moment I had the opportunity, but he still appeared in the ringed city. This crap-faced imbecile surely knows how to be annoying.

      • Anonymous

        03 Oct 2019 21:58  

        You know? you can give him the dark souls 1 pendant and he will give you the key to gwynevere boss fight which can give you "soul of solaire" upon defeating her. And unlocking the lord Gwyn set in the handmaiden shop.

        • Anonymous

          21 Aug 2019 00:10  

          I immediately recognised his voice. Lapp was really well handled until the last cutscene where it just flops like "ha ha it me". Especially since this***** happens twice in the same game. If anything, this should've been the only Patches appearance in 3.

          • Anonymous

            15 Aug 2019 12:45  

            Sorry, but to all those saying he helps you and he's a good guy, he never explicitly states that he knows where he kicks you. He could just be an unlucky, selfish bad guy whose traps never work, he COULD be the good guy leading you to the right direction, but From leaves it ambiguous like almost everything is in the games. Pretty sure, like a lot of quests, it's up to the player's interpretation.

            • Anonymous

              11 Aug 2019 08:51  

              SPOILERS FOR LAPP'S IDENTITY AHEAD! DO NOT READ BEFORE YOU FINISH HIS QUEST! To everyone talking about how you go through all this effort just for him to betray you in the end, consider the following: 1. Patches' "betrayal" was not only harmless, it puts you on the right path. 2. He leaves his armor behind for you - I guess it's not confirmed "for you," but he could've chucked it into the pit. 3. Most convincing, he leaves his summon sign down by Halflight. Does risking life and limb for a stranger sound like the Patches we know? I think it's much like his relationship with Greirat. Patches clearly cares for the old thief - or for you in this case - but he has this persona as a heartless psychopath and he's not about to let that drop. To me, this raises questions about Patches' past - it seems he wasn't just a bad seed, so what made him so cynical? Does it have something to do with his hatred for clerics? However, that's neither here or there in this comment.

              • Anonymous

                24 Jul 2019 06:10  

                You betrayed me Lapp, er.. patches.. after everything I did for you.. I cared.. I saw the twist coming right from the beginning but it still hurt? I lied to myself, saying.. Well.. maybe this time it'll be different.. and it wasn't. Emotionally this questline hurt a lot.

                • Anonymous

                  24 Apr 2019 00:26  

                  He is hostile to me in 2nd meet after I shots he with archers, how to I turn him not to hostile to me, because I want him to help with my boss fights. Any clues ?

                  • 09 Mar 2019 02:45  

                    Patches, a metaphore for the "Director" of DkS1/3. I dunno who remembers the "pendant" scandal or him saying no "DkS" game is being worked on then Remastered got announced. Too much hype makes people blind and the groud harder once you smack into it.

                    • Anonymous

                      05 Feb 2019 21:17  

                      i just killed him in the last part of the questline, knowing that he's going to kick me down ;) there's no better feeling

                      • Anonymous

                        03 Feb 2019 12:51  

                        why does he appear in the ringed city if I killed him in the main game? could it be that the ringed city is in a different timeline? *conspiracy intensifies*

                        • Anonymous

                          20 Jan 2019 06:32  

                          There is no point in which you cannot complete this quest series, even if you kill Patches. You can kill all bosses in the entire game including all DLC bosses and this quest will remain available to complete.

                          • Anonymous

                            20 Jan 2019 05:44  

                            He can't be patches, I killed patches in my current playthrough and Lapp is alive and well, unless this is in another dimension

                            • Anonymous

                              18 Jan 2019 23:43  

                              I dont know how to edit the article but to make him fully hostile and hollow, you speak to him 3 times after either dying or leaving and returning to the arera, he will lose his mind slowly and on the 4th time he will be hollow and attack

                              • Anonymous

                                13 Jan 2019 22:00  

                                Actually, it would make more sense that Lapp would appear in ringed city if you killed him in Lothric. Patches/Lapp is an undead like most npcs so by killing him we would make him go hollow and you guessed it forget who he is. So it isn’t strange at all now is it.

                                • Anonymous

                                  10 Jan 2019 06:29  

                                  "I swear upon my birth name. That I am your friend. No matter what might come out, no matter what I was. If you would do me the honor, allow me to be a true friend, always." *kicks*

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