Ringfinger Leonhard

Leonhard -npc- dks3
General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
666 1000 Firelink Shrine Silver Mask
Soul of Rosaria
Crescent Moon Sword

Ringfinger Leonhard is a NPC in Dark Souls 3.


Leonhard Information


Leonhard's Questline


  1. Start: You will first meet Leonhard after reaching the second bonfire at the High Wall of Lothric. Return to Firelink Shrine to find Leonhard leaning against Holy King Lothric's throne. Speaking to him will grant you five Cracked Red Eye Orbs.
  2. After obtaining 1 Pale Tongue, and lighting the Cliff Underside bonfire or defeating the Curse-Rotted Greatwood in the Undead Settlement, Leonhard will give you the Lift Chamber Key to the locked door below the Tower on the Wall bonfire. (Note: Pale Tongue must still be in the inventory at this encounter, if you use it, he will not appear)
  3. At the Tower on the Wall bonfire head down two levels and open the locked gate. Take the lift down and defeat the Darkwraith to obtain the Red Eye Orb. Then return to Firelink Shrine and speak to Leonhard again.
  4. Once you reach the Cathedral of the Deep, find Rosaria´s Fingers in Rosaria's Chamber at the second floor of the Cathedral of the Deep and offer at least 1 Pale Tongue to Rosaria (Do NOT rank up in Rosaria's Fingers until the next event happens)
  5. Speak to Leonhard at Rosaria's Chamber (over by the entrance to the chamber) and exhaust his dialogue.
  6. After reaching the Profaned Capital bonfire, return to Rosaria's Chamber and pick up the Black Eye Orb in front of Rosaria's corpse.
  7. Go to Gwynevere's bed chamber, above the Aldrich, Devourer of Gods bonfire.  Here you will receive a prompt to use the Black Eye Orb to invade Leonhard.
  8. End: Kill him here to obtain his hat (Silver Mask), Soul of Rosaria (use to revive her or to purchase Bountiful Sunlight miracle from Ludleth at Firelink Shrine), and the Crescent Moon Sword.


  1. This quest can be easily and quickly completed at the end of the game if the player chooses to complete Sirris' questline first. If the initial stages of receiving his Cracked Red Eye Orbs and the Lift Chamber Key have not been completed, perform these by talking to Leonhard in Firelink Shrine. Once he tells you to join Rosaria's Fingers, go to Rosaria's Bed Chamber and offer Rosaria a Pale Tongue. Leonhard will then appear at the entrance and you must talk to him and exhaust his dialogue. Then use a Homeward Bone or Coiled Sword Fragment to return to the last bonfire rested at (Bringing you to same place). At this point, Rosaria will be dead and you can loot the Black Eye Orb from her corpse. Now travel to the "Aldrich, Devourer of Gods" bonfire and use the elevator to go up to Gwynevere's bed chamber. Here you can use the Black Eye Orb to invade Leonhard and kill him. By this process you will get the Silver Mask, Crescent Moon Sword and Rosaria's Soul immediately.
  2. Equipping the Rosaria's Fingers covenant item or turning in any number of Pale Tongues will halt you from progressing Sirris' questline, although you can finish his questline at any point after you do Sirris' questline. Simply asking to join and obtaining the Rosaria's Fingers will not halt the progress of Sirris' questline, nor will reallocating attributes or changing appearance.
  3. If you kill Leonhard before you have killed the Darkwraith locked in the Undead Settlement, the Red Eye Orb will be replaced wih a Pale Tongue. It is recomended to wait until after you have defeated the Darkwraith before you attempt to kill him.
  4. You can still use every one of Rosaria's services without returning her Soul, so it is recommended not to return it.







First encounter dialogue

Mm, Unkindled, are we...
And fast on the trail of the Lords absconded?
Then these red eyes are for you."
(Gives Cracked Red Eye Orb x5)

"Use them to pillage embers, and briefly heighten your strength, for your duty.
What else are unkindled ashes good for?"


After obtaining Pale Tongue

Well, hasn't it been some time.
I'm Leonhard, the Ringfinger.
Remember me?  I slipped you those red eyes some time ago.
You're making quite an effort of it. So I thought you might like to know.
If you yearn for a proper red eye orb, one that is uncracked...
Then kill the Darkwraith, survivor of the land swallowed by darkness.
He has been a prisoner, for many ages. In the deepest cell in all Lothric..."

(Gives Lift Chamber Key)

"I can see it in your eyes.  If you didn't invade, didn't pillage, whatever would you do?"


After obtaining Red Eye Orb

Ah-hah, you've found a proper red eye...
Brilliant. I knew you were no ordinary man/woman."

(Gives Applause gesture)

"Now invade and pillage all you like.
And if you grow weary of your duty, you, too, may become a Finger.
Come on, give yourself to Rosaria, of the Cathedral of the Deep."


In Rosiaria's Bed Chamber after joining covenant

"Ahh, so you've chosen to serve Rosaria after all.
She will be pleased with me for finding her another Finger...
But be warned, my friend.
Rosaria's Fingers need only fetch tongues for their mistress.
Otherwise, we are free, unchained.
Like Yellowfinger, you can choose to believe that all Fingers share camoradarie.
But do not force your romance on the rest of us."

When attacked

"What's wrong with you?"

"Can you even hear me? If you can, cease this at once.
Before it's too late."

"I see, I see, as clear as day.
You are a vile, starved beast.
Much too dangerous for her!"


Killing player

"You beast. You've trifled with the wrong knight."


On Death

"Curses, I can't... die here...
My dear Goddess..."


When invaded in Anor Londo

"Well, well, never expected to see you here.
Felt sorry for the poor thing, in all her festering glory?
And now you want to ravage her soul, as well.
I sowed the seeds. I'll prune the mess.
I, Leonhard, swear so upon my vows to the goddess."

"No one will despoil her soul.
Certainly no beast wrapped in human skin!"

"What do you want with her soul?
Isn't flesh enough for a sick beast?!" 


Killing the player's invading phantom

"Enough with you, my friend.
A knight of the goddess does not die."


Invading after being defeated

"Well, well, back for more, are you?
Vicious one, aren't you? I knew it all along.
And now you want to ravage her soul, as well."

"You are no longer of use. You'll run free no more.
I, Leonhard, swear so upon my vows to the goddess."


Death during invasion

"Blessed Rosaria..."



  • In the same vein as the Patches line of characters, Leonhard's name is a reference to Leonhardt from Armored Core 4. Ironically, Leonhard is a scoundrel, whereas Leonhardt is virtuous and noble.
  • Very similar to Knight Lautrec of Carim from Dark Souls, with a shady personality, weapon set and even a quest with a Black Eye Orb.
  • Voiced by Edward Bennett.
  • Lore Theory By Hodor: Served Rosaria out of love, until he met the Lady Gwyn at the Prison Tower. Also, after seeing the Player Character take to murder and the way of a finger, he becomes disillusioned with his blood-lust and serves the Dark Moon Knights. -"Leonhard set out on a journey of rebirth, but decided instead to serve the goddess as a knight, and inherited this weapon." Possibly the intended spouse of Yorshka as he was a noble, after thinking her dead served Rosaria. Until finding her in the Prison Tower.
  • Fact: Changes Covenant's during quest line. Doesn't have Crescent Moon Sword in Firelink Shrine.
  • Leonhard's attire appears to be a reference to The Hunters of Bloodborne.
  • Warning! If you offer a Pale Tongue to Rosaria, triggering the start of Leonhard's line; It can lockout Sirris content. Depending on what point you're at in the Sirris quest; You can miss the Silvercat Ring, a free Blessed Mail Breaker, Sunless Talisman and some of Sunset gear. Dragonslayer Axe and Mirrah Chain set as well, via trigger that stems from helping her. It's best to complete helping Sirris before triggering Leonhard's content.



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    • Anonymous

      21 May 2019 19:14  

      If you progress his quest as normal but never speak to Leonhard in rosaria's bed chamber, you can rank up as much as you want without consequences. I finished the game, then came back to the chamber and spoke to him. Then i teleported away and when i came back i could pick up the black eye orb. I could also invade him like normal.

      • Anonymous

        24 Mar 2019 00:22  

        He cherishes her soul and kind of still loves her. Bringing her soul to gwynevere's chamber with, maybe, good intentions? Finding her a better home? Making anor londo great again? But crescent moon sword makes it all complicated.

        • Anonymous

          12 Mar 2019 03:05  

          Apparently if you kill Rosaria while he is in the bedchamber, he does and says nothing. The quest continues, and the Orb is where it needs to be as well as works in Anor Londo

          • Anonymous

            08 Mar 2019 02:54  

            Does anyone one how to get this quest after beating the game ghe first time and having already the red eye ball? Because Leonard shows up only the first time then disappear so I can't get the miracle.

            • Anonymous

              22 Jan 2019 15:16  

              This is "Quest" is probably put together via left over assets. Gywnevere got married and left prior to her image in DkS1. No reincarnation excuses needed. Second; Leon kills Rosaria to save her, take her soul to sworn enemies homeland wielding a weapon aligned with them in name, damage, shape and skill but it came from Rosaria prior? None of that makes sense even if you gave killing her a pass. Lores a mess on this one. Similar to Velka whos all over DkS but never made it into the first game like she was suppose too

              • Anonymous

                22 Jan 2019 15:11  

                So Fextra life censors comments that might conflict with Notes or at least points out Lore flaws? I'm seeing tons of "Daddy/Thirsty" comments, guess those are fine. Guess I shouldn't be shocked about these standards

                • Anonymous

                  03 Jan 2019 16:54  

                  Can I offer a pale tongue to Rosaria, for Leonhards questline, without messing up my ranking for Sunlight bros?

                  • Anonymous

                    30 Dec 2018 00:16  

                    Not sure if this is a glitch or maybe this page is wrong, but I killed Leonhard as soon as he showed up, to get his mask for a build, and I got the key. Went and used the key on the door, killed the Darkwraith before I had even killed Vordt or freed Greirat, and still got the Red Eye Orb.

                    • Anonymous

                      28 Nov 2018 23:29  

                      I think Rosaria could be the daughter of Gwynevere and Seath based on the description on the bountiful sunlight.

                      • Anonymous

                        12 Oct 2018 10:06  

                        Bloodborne:"A hunter needs only bunt beast" Leonhard: "But be warned, my friend. Rosaria's Fingers need only fetch tongues for their mistress." Then all the best comments is a huge reference to bloodborne. He became a blood addled hunter in the end.

                        • Anonymous

                          20 Sep 2018 21:13  

                          Welp thanks to this quest line I just discovered that I'm the biggest idiot who just effd up everything in this playthough xD. So you know Ludleth right. Well see I never gave him the transposing kiln after the CRGW fight... and his ashes are already up there with the rest of the 4 Lord of cinders (already in end game mode). No transposing kiln, no ludleth services, even after he dies. Now I'm *****ed in terms of getting this spell or anything else he has until next playthrough :/ I skipped past the CRGW fight early in cause I was rushing to get to the road of sacrifices and only JUST NOW realized the damn thing was still there :/ in conclusion I just played myself lmao, and if you are reading this, do NOT do what I just did.xD

                          • Anonymous

                            15 Sep 2018 20:24  

                            Wait a second. Does that mean when we kill him in Anor Londo he is in the Darkmoon Blade covenant in that moment and no longer a "finger"? Is that correct?

                            • Anonymous

                              07 Sep 2018 20:12  

                              lol I just got the silver serpent ring and i dropped down and somehow landed on leonhard thrice, GG questline, GG

                              • Anonymous

                                09 Jul 2018 11:32  

                                i was hopping off the top layer of firelink to get on the chair - accidentally landed on his head and had to kill him. feelsbadman

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