Lift Chamber Key is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3.

Lift Chamber Key


Key to the room of the lift that descends to the deepest dungeon in Lothric.

A surviving Darkwraith from the land swallowed by darkness, is said to be there.


Lift Chamber Key Usage


Lift Chamber Key Locations

  • Leonhard gives you the key.
  • After obtaining 1 Pale Tongue, and lighting the Cliff Underside bonfire or defeating the Curse-Rotted Greatwood in the Undead Settlement, he will give you the Lift Chamber Key to the locked door below the Tower on the High Wall bonfire.



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    • Anonymous

      26 Sep 2018 12:46  

      for those still having trouble triggering the key, if you have the tongue and killed the greatwood or got the bonfire, simply teleport to any area then return. you dont have to quite the game or anything.

      • Anonymous

        21 Jul 2017 06:08  

        You do not need to kill the curse rotted greatwood to get the lift key. I'm not sure what co-requirements make this the case, but I have obtained the lift key from here later in the game (Irithyll Dungeon) by simply talking to him in the shrine.

        • Anonymous

          26 May 2017 01:45  

          Just git gud and kill Leon he carries like 3 flasks, and he'll even try to use a fourth if you get him low. Super easy enemy. I recommend straightsword.

          • Anonymous

            01 Mar 2017 02:22  

            If anyone is still having problems triggering his key dialogue, try attempting to open the door and talk to him again. The "it's locked" notification seems to do the trick.

            • Anonymous

              06 Jan 2017 16:51  

              I had to quit the game while standing in front of him, then load the save, that triggered the key dialogue immediately.... glitchy

              • Anonymous

                06 Jan 2017 16:49  

                I had met all the requirements several save and load cycles prior but talking to him still would not trigger the dialoge to give me the key. I quit the game, while standing in front of leonard, then loaded the save game (spawned me at the same spot) and it triggered the dialoque and him giving me the key....

                • Anonymous

                  10 Dec 2016 19:30  

                  You guys do understand that you need to bring him a pale tounge in order to get the lift chamber key. Once you do this you can go down the lift to fight the darkwraith.

                  • Anonymous

                    No key offered.04 Sep 2016 01:40  

                    I lit the appropriate bonfire and killed the rotted tree. Leon hard doesn't offer anything other than the Cracked Red Eye Orb any suggestions?

                    • Anonymous

                      Pale tongue23 Aug 2016 06:32  

                      I didnt have the key and was really far. It was the pale tongue that was missing. Without it Leonhard wont appear.

                      • Anonymous

                        Easy way to kill he darkwraith06 May 2016 16:02  

                        Agro him and lead him towards the lift. Then ride the lift up and watch as he falls in to the pit bellow

                        • Anonymous

                          Requirements.17 Apr 2016 07:29  

                          He gave me the key before I even encountered the Curse-Rotted Greatwood, so that's not a real requirement.

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