Lightning Blade is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Miracle you must use a Chime, Talisman or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.

Lightning Blade

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 50
Attunement Slots Slots 1
Requirements 30 Faith
Duration 60 seconds
Type Weapon Buff



Miracle allegedly wielded by a certain dragonslayer knight in the Age of Gods.

Reinforces right weapon with lightning.

Tales of dragonslayers are now a rare thing, told only in fragments and whispers in remote regions.


Acquired From

  • Irithyll Dungeon: Starting from the Irithyll Dungeon bonfire, go right down the shortcut elevator. Run past the rats and keep to the left side where there is a tunnel leading to a long ladder.
  • After climbing up, jump out the window and drop down directly to your right. You should see another ladder which leads to a crumbling walkway and a hole in the wall filled with more rats.
  • Follow this path until you see another hole in the wall and find a room with very large rats inside. Upon exiting this room, quickly head into the tunnel on your left which should lead you through an open balcony and an elevator.
  • Ride this elevator up, and ride it back down again. Jump off the elevator while it is descending, onto a platform with a window and a corpse holding this spell.



  • Adds lightning damage equal to (Spellbuff * 0.95).
    • Damage is applied each time the enemy is hit with the weapon, regardless of the damage of the attack performed.
    • This spell and Darkmoon Blade do the same damage in different elements, making them fully interchangeable.
  • Buff lasts 60 seconds (affected by Lingering Dragoncrest Ring)
  • This miracle is particularly powerful on weapons that already have innate lightning damage, such as the Dragonslayer's Axe and the Drakeblood Greatsword.
  • Lightning Clutch Ring increases the damage the buff deals by 15%.
  • A few weapons and weapon arts have hidden multipliers that slightly lower the buff's damage per hit.
    Namely, Daggers and Paired Weapons display this adjustment.
    Regardless, the buffs always remain efficient.
  • Since faith builds have access to four elements in unique weapon buff spells (Blessed Weapon, Lightning Blade, Darkmoon Blade, and Dark Blade), they're the ideal choice for a more physical-focused build investing into magic.


Visual Effect


Atonement  ♦  Blessed Weapon  ♦  Bountiful Light  ♦  Bountiful Sunlight  ♦  Caressing Tears  ♦  Dark Blade  ♦  Darkmoon Blade  ♦  Dead Again  ♦  Deep Protection  ♦  Divine Pillars of Light  ♦  Dorhy's Gnawing  ♦  Emit Force  ♦  Force  ♦  Gnaw  ♦  Great Heal  ♦  Great Lightning Spear  ♦  Great Magic Barrier  ♦  Heal  ♦  Heal Aid  ♦  Homeward  ♦  Lifehunt Scythe  ♦  Lightning Arrow  ♦  Lightning Spear  ♦  Lightning Stake  ♦  Lightning Storm  ♦  Magic Barrier  ♦  Med Heal  ♦  Projected Heal  ♦  Replenishment  ♦  Sacred Oath  ♦  Seek Guidance  ♦  Soothing Sunlight  ♦  Sunlight Spear  ♦  Tears of Denial  ♦  Vow of Silence  ♦  Way of White Corona  ♦  Wrath of the Gods


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    • Anonymous

      Kinda weird how magic weapon and carthus flame sword have really low requirements and this needs 30 faith

      • Anonymous

        Does this work like spells in DS2, where it adds a flat amount of elemental damage AND increases pre-existing elemental damage on the weapon? Or does it just add a flat amount based on spell buff? If it works like DS2, that would mean this would be extremely effective on weapons that already have innate lightning damage, but if not, then it would just add the same amount of elemental damage regardlessof weapon.

        • Use this on a heavy, sharp, or refined lothric knight greatsword, put on the lightning clutch ring, and experience the glory of lightning damage

          • Anonymous

            Why is this good on weapons that already have lightning damage?
            Is there some hidden modifier for those weapons?

            • Anonymous

              I wonder what would happen if you were to cast this one like A metal street pole/lamp, and you dared some kid to lick it, like they did in the winter

              • Anonymous

                As someone interested in playing around with weapon buffs who wasn't sure whether I'm supposed to use daggers or something else to get the best damage out of them (due to the somewhat clunkily-written note added to most of the buff spells about some weapons having multipliers), I decided to do a bit of science to figure out the numbers.

                All tests were performed against the Firekeeper, using the first one handed attacks of the categories (different parts of combos might have different modifiers, but I couldn't be bothered to test that out :P). Stats and talisman used were obviously kept the same between tests.

                The main test was performed with the Raw Dagger and the Raw Broken Straight Sword. Both have the same AR of 86, supposedly have the same motion values on their attacks, and each represent a different weapon class (Daggers and Straight Swords respectively).

                Single Light Attack Damage (unbuffed):
                Dagger - 38
                Broken Straight Sword - 37

                Then, Single Light Attack Damage (Lightning Blade buffed):
                Dagger - 91 (+53 from the buff)
                Broken Straight Sword - 120 (+83 from the buff)

                Depending on whether or not you're supposed to compare the ultimate damage or just the damage yielded from the buff, that means that daggers either only gain 75% (counting ultimate damage) or ~65% (counting only the buff damage) of a buff's bonus damage. Variation could be down to just small numbers +/ weird percentages in play.

                For heavy attacks (both charged and uncharged), the damages from both weapons were exactly the same (ignoring the tiny variation they have), suggesting that the buff strength isn't lowered for such attacks, just the light ones.

                Bonus Tests:
                Two-Handed Dagger - Lights still have the reduced buff damage.
                Caestus - Single light has full buff damage added to it. 2-Handing doesn't change that.
                Drang Hammer - Single light has full buff damage added to it. 2-Handing doesn't change that.

                TL;DR (with some assumptions):
                - Dagger light attacks only get ~65% or 75% (not sure which is right) of weapon buff damage. Heavy attacks get 100%.
                - Fists get 100% weapon buff damage.
                - Assuming some notes about 1H Caestus being only ~100ms slower than daggers, and daggers only get 75% weapon buff damage, then you get more DPS from the buff damage if you use the Caestus 1 handed over using a dagger.

                • Anonymous

                  - Damage is applied each time the enemy is hit with the weapon, regardless of the damage of the attack performed.
                  What does this mean?

                  • For anyone doing an SL60 build, co-op or invasion, the most efficient way to cast this is 30 Faith with the Cleric's Sacred Chime. Assuming you're at +6, your spellbuff is 140, which translates to a 133 damage bonus. Since 30 is your absolute minimum, the CSC is the best you can get for SL60.

                    • Anonymous

                      Anyone know which talisman is best for going to the base faith requirements for this buff? Looking to put this as well as force on a str build and trying to maximize damage as much as possible.

                      Basically which talisman has the best spellbuff at 30 faith.

                      • Anonymous

                        if you use this with sellswords i hate you, i'm not saying this miracle is bad, nor faith/dex builds are, i just hate you if you do

                        • Anonymous

                          I've heard that there is a hard cap at 60 fth. So if i'm using Yorshkas Chime + 10 with 99 Faith and apply the Lighting blade onto my weapon, does it still give me the same amout of dmg when i'm using it with 60 faith ?

                          • Anonymous

                            in DS1 to get this you had to kill the GOD of the dark moon in ANOR LONDO, CITY OF THE GODS, TO GET THIS, in this game however, "oh y'know, you just find it on a corpse in the a**hole of lothric, irithyll dungeon, y'know"

                            • Anonymous

                              I am running a faith and dex build and want to use this spell for bosses in PvE but I can’t seem to be able to use this spell even though I have 30 Faith and a Talisman.

                              • Anonymous

                                Rose of Ariandel Spell Buff - 189 x .95(buff damage) = 179.55 x (1.0 + 0.25 (weapon art boost) + 0.20 (ring of the suns first born) + 0.12 (mornes ring) + 0.08 (lightning or magic clutch ring PVP)) = 292.5 damage added on via Lightning/Dark Moon Blade. Lightning Infused Splitleaf +10 = 607 damage (40 str, 40 dex, 40 faith) vs Sharp Infused Splitleaf +10 = 515 damage + 293 = 808 damage.

                                • Anonymous

                                  basically the only used buff in invasion whether its in high wall of lothric or after sulyvahn’s boss fight , way too overused even if its the best buff , i personally prefer flaming cathus arc , 10int 10 faith with a flaming blade that looks cool

                                  • Anonymous

                                    903 two-handed damage when using this with Heavy Greatsword+10, 66 str, 30 faith.

                                    I was playing sorcerer build, but couldn't beat magic bosses on NG+2, so I went to Rosaria, put everything in Str and 30 in Faith just to be able to use this buff, and it was worth it! Every two-handed hit, 903!

                                    • Anonymous

                                      There needs to be further addition to the above information. As of 1.15, it will gain the benefit of your Intelligence stat if you are using catalysts such as Catha's Chime or Sunless Talisman, even though this is not a Dark Miracle.

                                      Also, to answer an earlier question, it will gain extra damage from a Lightning Clutch ring. It does not gain any benefit from Miracle-boosting rings, or other magic or miracle-boosting items like the Crown of Dusk.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Notes say that LB cannot be used on weapons that are already infused with Crystal, Simple, and Blessed.

                                        I suppose they should add that it can't be used on Lightning weapons either, because it is not applying to my Lightning Saint Bident unless I'm severely missing something.

                                        • if the damage is fixed regardless of the weapon, than am i righ in assuming that this(and pretty much all the other buffs, ut these ones specifically more) are better to be used with fast but very low damage weapons?

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Does Lightning Clutch Ring (Increases lightning attack by 15% and
                                            Increases incoming physical damage by 10%) Ring

                                            increase Lightning Blade ?

                                            Because in the notes of Darkmoon Blade it said that Darkmoon Blade Increased by magic clutch ring.

                                            If yes, can we add it to the notes of Lightning Blade?

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Needs a better, less wordy and confusing, description of its location. Just say, its halfway up the shortcut elevator that's after the broken dragon statue, must jump off. Detailed walkthroughs that explain where something is by walking you through the entire area are best left to videos, derp derp.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                I'm at a loss here. As a 40 40 int fth pyro using carthus flame arc with a 207 spell buff matches the wikis formula of adding 188 AR. But using the sunless talisman with a 222 spell buff only adds 155 AR to the same weapon which is slightly less than .70 of the spell buff. Am I missing something? Is the lightning damage not shown well in the window? Why is this supposed to have a larger multiplier base AND Im using a higher spell buff so whats the deal?

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  How does it scale with FAI? It says "Adds 0.96 * (Spell Buff) lightning damage", but it does not include faith scaling anywhere!

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Looks like ass compared to the holy sunlight blade from dks1. Look it up right now. It was glorious compared to this weak *****.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      lol youtuber Sunlight Blade becomes Lightning Blade or Lightning Rod
                                                      still the best buff tho. it's grossly incandescent.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Which of these affect this spell?1. Rings that enhance offensive fth spells2. FTH level3. Spell buff mod of catalyst

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          I am doing a paladin build using this one handed with a shield. Would a Lighttning infusion with 40 strength, 10 dex (Just thought I should add this in) And 40 faith be good?

                                                          • Apparently, the buff is "equivalent" to darkmoon blade by it's operation, but if darkmoon blade is affected by the magic clutch ring, how about this buff and the lightning clutch one?

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              Imo I think it would've been better to name this sunlight blade and use lightning blade as a lightning version of the sacred flame xD (Kakashi is best bring the h8 of there is any)

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                If this works for anyone please tell me which gear ur using because i cant use it and ive tried everything.Thank You

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  Im not able to use this miracle even when I have a talisman equipped. (Att 10 Faith 40) . Using a lightning dark sword +10 . What am I doing wrong?

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    cannot confirm: the added AR is 96 * (SpellBuff / 100) Testet with : Cleric's Sacred Chime +10 SB+142 (S skaling) calculation seems right. +135 weapon dmgand with : Crystal Chime +1 SB+173 (D skaling) calculation is off. it gives +129 i thought it skales with the faith skalingbut than i tried: Crystal Chime +1 SB+124 (A skaling) it gives +117 dmgand with Sunlight Talisman +1 SB+123 (B skaling) it gives +117 dmg it seems it doesnt skale with faith, i have made similiar tests with crystal magic weapon and different staffs too,for now it seems it skales with the upgrade like try which staff or chime has the highest dmg buff at +1 and upgrade it to +10 regardless of the scaling. Would test some more but titan slabs ran out for +10 tests^^All test were made with +30 int/faith. additional info: the Carthus Flame Arc seems always the way to go on a +10 pyro flame, but still needs some testing at higher (50-60?) int/faith.

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