Lightning Gem is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Lightning Gem

A gem of infused titanite. Found in the aftermath of dragon hunts.

Used in infusion to create lightning weapons.

Lightning weapons inflict lightning damage, and scale with faith.


Lightning Gem Usage


Lightning Gem Locations



  • Lightning infused weapons cannot be buffed by spells/miracles.
  • Requires the Giant's Coal in order to start infusing weapons.




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    • Anonymous

      07 Apr 2021 07:11  

      These are supposedly "Found in the aftermath of dragon hunts" which means you use the dragons to destroy the dragons. Interesting

      • Anonymous

        29 Jul 2019 16:56  

        I’m doing a sl50 pure faith build (ChaseTheBro’s top 3 invasion builds). I have the exact same stats as him yet his stats says he has 15 more faith (I have 25 he has 40). Is there any explanation for this? He also doesn’t have the faith ring

        • Anonymous

          19 May 2018 22:25  

          i have so many lightning gems from waiting around the Ringed Inner Wall Bonfire for the spears of church summon. just killing the lightning thief dudes all the way to the ringed city knight and repeating.

          • Anonymous

            19 Mar 2018 14:16  

            I surprisingly found one in ringed city dlc. When you go down in the Tower from the Shared Grave Bonfire and you break through the Floor it's is right in the next room on a corpse. At least in NG+. Never saw this before.

            • Anonymous

              18 Aug 2017 06:16  

              How in the ***** do i fuse to katana, i have the *****ing gem and the giants coal, what stat needs to be at what number -_- ***** ass game

              • Anonymous

                27 Apr 2017 16:14  

                It's not half bad. When you have low strength and dexterity but 60 faith this infusion is better than buffing weapons with Lightning Blade in few cases like Lothric Knight's Sword for example. I get around 270 pure lightning damage accompanied with around 180 physical damage which is more lightning damage and higher AR than what the spell buff coupled with a regular LKS gives.

                • Anonymous

                  03 Apr 2017 21:55  

                  You can get these from the weak mobs around the ringed inner wall bonfire. Dunno the chance, prob rare, just got one. (DLC)

                  • Anonymous

                    24 Jun 2016 05:17  

                    Does the split damage when you infuse affect the overall damage much? I'm considering infusing my Dark Sword with lightning on my Str/Faith but don't want to be weakened due to split damage.

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