Link to Character Builder: LION KNIGHT ARTORIAS

Mix of FARAAM (Lion Knight) ARMOR with the
for cool aesthetics and solid quality build gameplay.

35 VIG, 14 ATT, 35 END, 25 VIT, 40 STR, 40 DEX
+5 VIG, +5 END, and +5 VIT from PRISONER'S CHAIN ring.
Requires HAVEL'S RING, RING OF FAVOR and PRISONER'S CHAIN for enough equip load.
14 ATT plus FARRON RING is for more weapon skill usage (BADASS SOMERSAULT SMASH FTW!!)

No parrying with this build so learning to dodge and time your attacks is necessary.
This build leans more towards PVE fun than PVP effectiveness but I've gotten quite a few wins with the weapon skill.
Hope you enjoy the build as much as I did. PRAISE THE SUN!

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