Livid Pyromancer Dunnel

livid pyromancer dunnel
General Info
icon hp souls Location Drops
???? 5,000 Painted World of Ariandel Floating Chaos

Livid Pyromancer Dunnel is a NPC in Dark Souls 3.

Livid Pyromancer Dunnel Information

  • Killable.
  • Invades in the colosseum above the Champion's Gravetender bonfire.
  • List of items that refer to this NPC: Pyromancer's Parting Flame





  • Souls: NG (5,000), NG+ (??), NG++ (11,000), NG+3 (??), NG+6 (??), NG+9 (??)
  • Other: Floating Chaos

Combat Information



No dialogue.



  • The identity of Dunnel's "hideous spouse" mentioned in the lore of his item the Parting Flame could possibly reference Crossbreed Priscilla, an NPC from Dark Souls I from the Painted World of Ariamis. Considering she was feared by the Gods, and Dunnel's location is in the same arena, it would seem to be the case.
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    • Anonymous

      Dorhy's Gnaw works WAY better than fire damage, for comparison I'm 40/40 int/faith and Fire Orb does 188 damage, Dorhy's did something like 105 while exploding for 474 damage every 2 hits. using +5 Crystal Chime/+5 Pyro Flame.

      • Anonymous

        looking at his chaos witch drip and where he lived and how there's no mention of him having a kid and how the painting girl bares no resemblance to him and looks more like her dad was from the abyss (she has primordial serpent eyes and abyss like scales) chances are his hideous wife was one of the witches daughters and his parting flames are from him trying to save the flame of chaos

        • As with a good number of NPC Phantom fights in this game, Soul Stream absolutely trivializes the fight as long as you can get the first cast to connect, knocking him down. Afterwards just spam the spell to give him no opportunity to retaliate. He'll either be killed by the spell outright, or he'll be pushed off the arena.

          • Anonymous

            The weapon he uses (Chaos Blades) description fits the painted world, stating that the sword was never welcome in this world. It also took the soul of Quelaag to make it in DS1. I think it fits him well.

            Priscilla would be the most likely canidate. Hideous could translate more to deformed or irregular rather than physically ugly. Would this mean that the painter could be an offspring of the two? And if so, maybe his parting flame was a failed offering to give the painter what she needed. Overall it's a shaky foundation no matter where you put it.

            • Anonymous

              "Interestingly, the pyromancer robe and tome is found at roughly the halfway point between the entrance to the Painted World where Livid Pyromancer Dunnel is found, and the Smouldering Lake, where he is said to have been, possibly indicating that they were orignially his."

              what does this mean? our entrance to the painted world is a scrap Gael is carrying around, and the pyromancer chestpiece is only found sold by Cornyx. am I missing something? and which tome are they talking about? Great Swamp? I guess that's with the pyromancy ring--maybe they meant that? regardless, the idea that this dude entered the Painted World the same way we did is bonkers nuts

              • Anonymous

                If the "hideous spouse" this guy lost was really Priscilla then it's no wonder he's livid. To have her fluffy tail and feet all to yourself and just lose it would drive any man mad.

                • Anonymous

                  I fully believe that Dunnel’s “hideous wife” is Crossbreed Priscilla because remember, the whole reason why Priscilla was in the painted world was because she was a hated individual and would be considered “hideous” by the people behind the stories of the Dark Souls 3 items.

                  Dunnel be getting what all the Dark Souls fans have been wanting for years, lucky bast*rd.

                  • Anonymous

                    1. equip Astora Greatsword two-handed
                    2. run at him as he spawns and use charged R2 to knock him back
                    3. run forward a few steps and use another charged R2 as he stands up
                    4. see ya later

                    • Anonymous

                      He is the husband of Pricilla. The story goes like this: Dunnel, a lonely pyromancer, happen to find himself wander into the cold and sad painted world. There he meet the gorgeous Pricilla, who immediatelly try to drive him away, for undead (like our character) are infamous for seeking large and powerful souls like her to kill and get stronger, just to feed the acursed flame of the outside world. But Dunnel was different: he didn't see her as a power up that he can absorb, but as a lonely girl on her bare feet in the ever snowing world. So he casted a spell, 'Warmth', and sat there with her. The girl, who rarely ever see flame as it does not exist in her world, was suprised that a flame can be so tender and gentle. In the end, she fell in love and had a lovely daughter with Dunnel. Once she held her daughter on her laps and told her this: 'My dear child, one day, you must paint a world for the forlon to call a home. But it must be a different world than this, for this world is still lacking. You must see flame for that world to be able to create life. Those who aren't ken to fire, cannnot paint a world. Those absorbed by fire, must not paint a world.' (The absorbed by fire part refers to all that are, were or will feed the fire, including the undead, the entire humanity who was cursed, the ashen ones, lords of cinder etc.)
                      As for Dunnel, he did not show his daughter his flame. It was originated from the chaos flame of the first witch so it can create life, but it is far from perfect and inferior to the First flame (Unless you want to create a world filled with demons then :v).
                      They had a rather happy life even after the painted world decayed and reborned. More undead arrived to seek a place that they can belong to, including a slave knight called Gael and a preacher Friede. Gael was especially fond of Pricilla's daughter and spent a lot of time collecting and bringing her books to tell her about the worlds, and he finds it to be a much happier life compared to the life of a slave knight who was thrown into countless war for the gods just because he cannot die. As for Friede, she was a fonder of the Sable church, a group who gain influence through offering salavation to the weary undeads. She fond herself placed right in the world filled with forlons, such a place is perfect for her and gained considerable infuence within the world. But it was never comparable to the admiration of the undead for Pricilla for she was the one who's truly kind to everyone no matter how hideous they are, as she was a crossbreed and was considered the worst of all things heretic. (Well a god who was into furry, the gods must've fear of losing their dignity so very much!) As such Friede hated Pricilla's very existence but never dared to openly opose her. Luckily she just have to wait till Pricilla's lifespan to run out to gain the dominance of the painted word. But even after Pricilla has passed away, the painted world residents still respected her and built a small church to preserve her body and continued to worship her. It makes Friede burn inside with anger. Oneday she secretly throw Pricilla's body off the cliff and replaced it with a wooden figure, then moved into the church, had her painting placed all over and forbid anyone from entering the crypt below, in an attepmt to erase Priccilla's image and replace it with her own. Little did she know that just like in ds1, things that dropped down below can be throw into the outside world, though the magic that link the worlds soon disapper after Priclla's death, as she was the one that casted it and the magic can only liger on for that much.
                      In the outside world, a certain crossdress god found Pricilla's body. He has never in his life saw something so pure and beautiful, some thing he never can be. He took the body back with him and took some of its essence and poured his magic into it to create Yorshka. Yorshka was then not just an illusion, but something more. He told her that she was also a daughter of Gwyn, which was a lie but the naieve newly born Yorshka believe it anyway. This way he finally have a sibling by his side again, a little sister who adores him and won't ever abandon him, unlike the rest.
                      When Aldrich the devourer came to Anor Londor to seek vengance upon the gods, Gywndolin quickly hid Yorshka into a nearby tower and used his illusion magic to permanently hide the bridge that lead to the tower, then proceed to fight Aldrich. The devourer ate him anyways and also consumed the dead body of Pricilla, thus againing a spell unique to her, lifehunt.
                      Shortly after that the story of ds3 unfold and we adready know that story.
                      THE END
                      Lol sorry for my bad English I must have made plenty of mistake but please forgive if it was a good read.

                      • I've tried to personally see, from atop the tower, the view of the tree woman. It days in the notes she is "partially visible" i see no proof of this but would love to have a link to something that shows this.

                        • Anonymous

                          I am almost assuredly wrong, but I kind of think He and Xanthous King Jeremiah are the same person, and the "hideous spouse" is Priscilla.

                          • Anonymous

                            Hidden Body+Slumbering Dragon Ring before he spawns in, then use the storyteller staff's Posion Spores to poison him... he won't agro so run away to the edge of the broken path where you initially landed and wait for the posion to fini*****s damage. Repeat. PURE CHEESE.

                            • I wasted so much embers on this Dude, geez.. He and Zoey remind me a bit (but just A LITTLE BIT) of all those pyro tryhards in pvp. Always spamming pyromancies all over the place. And it's shockingly effective. And you feel like the *****ing king of everything, when you finally beat them both.

                              • Anonymous

                                In the Witcher, a Ciri's parents are Dunny and Priscilla. The former is a cursed lyanthrope and the latter has magical power due to genetics. Maybe it's a reference to that?

                                • Anonymous

                                  When I got a notification saying I was being invaded by a livid pyromancer I thought he'd start by hurling insults, not fireballs

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Lightning Arrow and cycling kills him easily.. just staggering him and circling arround waiting for him to feed his remaining estus. He wont dodgeroll

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I actually had some problems with this guy until I switched from ranged pyro to my chaos longsword and turned his flaming little butt to cinders. Began with a really nice backstab :D

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Considering the dialogue in DS1 always trash talked Priscilla, is it possible that his "hideous spouse" might have been her?

                                        • Anonymous

                                          He's the representation of Dark souls 1 tryhards,I guess (Y'know,that funny guys with katanas and pyromancies,back when it was useful)

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Does nyone know if you can be invaded by a player while standing in his area? Or does it count as a boss arena because you're on top of where ou fight the Champion?

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