Lloyd's Shield Ring

Ring given to knights of the Way of White. Depicts Allfather Lloyd's Shield of Caste.

Boosts damage absorption when HP is full.

Much time has passed since the worship of Lloyd was common in the Way of White. The clerics of Carim had always strongly asserted that Lloyd was a derivative fraud, and that the Allfather title was self-proclaimed."


Lloyd's Shield Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3


Lloyd's Shield Ring Effect

  • Reduces damage taken by 20% when HP is full (over 99%)



Where to Find Lloyd's Shield Ring




  • New absorption value will be (100 - ((100 - currentAbsorption) * 0.8))
  • Has the exact same effect as the Blue Tearstone Ring, except at full health.



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    • Anonymous

      Ironically, this is infinitely better than the Blue Tearstone Ring for the simple reason that it's not only actually POSSIBLE for it to do something, it's GUARANTEED to do something. 20% damage off the first hit you receive in every encounter, resetting every time you heal up to full, is actually a pretty sweet deal, and will save you a lot of life in the long term.

      • Anonymous

        I love this ring with my caestus character, the damage reduction on top of perseverance with heavy armor to tank the first big hit from an enemy and keep on swinging really is fun.

        I would recommend using a regen miracle as it helps activate multiple times in a fight and stops tick damage from deactivating it.

        Or go nutty and use a weapon that automatically regens health and use Aldrich ruby and evil eye to back stab squishy enemies to full health.

        Really is up to you.

        • Anonymous

          A very underrated ring. If you often find yourself taking one large hit and then immediately healing with estus, most of the damage you take will have to go through this mitigation.

          • Anonymous

            so lets say i play at sl 1 so my vigor is very low, if i wear loyds and blue tearstone can i actually get them to both proc for the same attack?

            • Anonymous

              This ring can be accessed rather early and will help out a lot with SL1 builds, bosses like the Dancer will one shot you with most attacks, but with this, you can persevere and not die more often than not.

              • Anonymous

                So which would be better on a regen build... this or ROSP +3? This ring offers a few point physical defense more than ROSP but also high magic defense. But ROSP has more consistency since you don’t need full hp...

                • Anonymous

                  This ring works well with Sun Princess Ring and Perseverance. I know healing is annoying in PVP, but might as well get health back if the other guy is going to be passive. It would be better if you use a mace since you can buff it with Blessed Weapon, and most important is its WA procs in a snap, unlike Great Hammer or even Mad King's Crucifix Perseverance which has a big wind up animation. You can use the BKS too but you won't be healing as much since it can't be buffed. Still the greater damage of the BKS is a good enough trade off for Blessed Weapon buff.

                  • Anonymous

                    handy against bosses or minibosses that hit really hard like the dragonslayer armor or sullyvahn's beasts. It's a pretty situational item, but it's really cheap and it helps a lot. Definitely worth the small price if you need it.

                    • This is broken on such builds that focus on healing effects (Sun Princess Ring, Blessed Weapon(s)) simply because you're gaining so much health back that you're going to be full health when you get hit next anyway.

                      • Its good in early PVP when hit trading on the first hits. Youll br glad you had this on when you trade into a huge weapon. Though once you move into the game there are better rings which is 100% fine, as they can't all be amazing.

                        • Anonymous

                          for deprived runs. It's almost necessary to progress through the game since you'll be at low health and defenses. With proper equipment and along with this it allows you to survive all but the strongest moves from bosses.

                          • Anonymous

                            While I agree that this isn't a terribly useful ring overall, I've found two good uses for it so far.The first is instakills. My character has good health, but a few of the more powerful enemies can one-shot me if they get a critical attack (backstab, parry, whatever). This ring can significantly reduce the damage of that one hit, and while the dragonscale ring would be better for backstabs, it's later in the game and doesn't protect from other critical attacks.The next use is against a few bosses (or really strong enemies). Some of them use big combos where you may just be hit by one attack but that may leave you too weak to survive the next onslaught. This ring makes that one hit do a bit less so you'll still have plenty of health left incase the next attack goes horribly wrong.So those are both pretty rare cases (I've only used the ring for two enemies so far), but they do exist, so there's a ring for that :3

                            • Anonymous

                              I actually fail to see any reason to use this weapon. It's basically a ring to get only 75% of the damage the first time you get hit, and after that it's useless and wont help anymore.If you want a defensive type ring, *any* of the Stoneplate rings or the Steel Protection ring offers better overall defense - even if they only block 13% and 10% respectively (or even Speckled Stoneplate Ring, which offers only +5%), they offer protection *over the entire healthbar*, whereas this ring only helps you if you're at full health.Sun Princess ring offers a 2hp/s liferegen, Estus ring offers a +20% extra heal on estus uses, Life Ring and Ring of Favor increases life (tho marginally, +7% and +3% respectively), Ring of the Evil Eye offers +30hp/kill, Dragonscale Ring offers a whooping -30%damage from backstabs, Carthus Milkring makes you invisible while rolling, Pontiffs Left Eye gives you +60hp/hit after a certain amount of hits (~5-10 hits), Silvercat Ring which negates falling damage, Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring which makes you silent and less noticed, Obscuring Ring which makes your aggro range smaller... all of these are, across the board, vastly more effective than Lloyd's Shield Ring, regardless of playstyle.There's hardly ever the case where you will be full hp in PvE OR PvP, where you would have use of the -25% damage reduction of the Lloyd's Ring. Most of the time, where you take one hit, you're bound to be consecutively hit anyway, and a ring designed solely to make you take less damage on *one* hit?I mean, even if you have three of the rings I counted and still thinking about using Lloyd's Shield, there's still the fact that *any* of the other rings I mentioned outclass Lloyd's Shield Ring in one way or another as a fourth ring.Can someone tell me *any* scenario, where this ring would be preferred over any of the other defensive-type rings I mentioned?

                              • Anonymous

                                Could be good for a great shield build as this flatly places your dmg absorption with most armors even crappy ones to 40% so with a steel protection and or resistance ring it could be a good Havel build.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Assuming the damage absorption is fairly high, I feel like this ring would only be useful for squishy builds on NG+ runs or alternatively for any builds on NG+7.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    So the 1st time a player blocks w a non-100% shield this ring becomes useless?? Hopefully that dmg absorption increase rate was designed to compensate for shields with less than 100% block.

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