Locust Preacher

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops

~500 (small)

~2000 (regular)

400 (small)

2200 (regular)

The Ringed City Pale Resin, One of the specific souls




Frostbite, Fire, Lightning

Dark, Poison/Toxic


Locust Preacher (also called White-Faced Locust) is a type of enemy met only in The Ringed City. Three of them act as NPCs, telling stories of figures from throughout the games and attempting to convince the player to permit dark/Abyss to overcome fire.


Locust Preacher Information


Locust Preacher Location

  • You can find Locust Preacher only at The Ringed City (Location).
  • The NPC versions will start talking without the need to interact with them, for each NG game cycle. There are only 3, which are located outside of the Abyssal Swamp. If they are attacked by the player, they will become hostile, however, if you reload the area, the preachers will revert to their non-hostile state. 
  • The hostile version is located only in the abyssal swamp near Ringed City Streets bonfire.


Locust Preacher Drops


Locust Preacher Combat Information

  • The hostile version appears in 2 variants - regular and small.
  • Regular one can jump out of mud, however after that moment they can't hide in it. Also swipe at the player with their arms, attack with a white projectile that slows the player, or perform a critical strike on him. 
  • Small may engage player, but most of the time they escape. They can also hide under mud.
  • Deals Magic Damage (large only) and Standard Damage.
  • Weak to Frostbite, Fire Damage and Lightning Damage.
  • Resistant to Dark Damage, Poison, Toxic.
  • Can't be backstabbed or parried.
  • While not in the mud, they can be staggered, send in air or pinned.
  • Can be lured.
  • Affected by Rapport


Locust Preacher Dialogue

Many of us are by the fire forsaken.
I speak of thine kind, and mine.
Behold this city! We are kindred, belike two eyes which gaze upon the other.
Fear not, the dark, my friend.
And let the feast begin.

One was a wayfaring knight, on an endless, forbidden search.
Only the Abyss granted closure, if not reunion with his beloved.
Fear not, the dark, my friend.
And let the feast begin.

One met the dark with learning. But in the end, learned his knowledge was wanting.
The world began without knowledge, and without knowledge will it end.
Dost not this ring clear and true?
Fear not, the dark, my friend.
And let the feast begin.

One poor girl slew her own kin, but even so, was embraced, enveloped by the Abyss.
Twas a comfort that neither moon nor sunless sky afforded her before.
Fear not, the dark, my friend.
And let the feast begin.

And so, she lived in fear. Of the dark, of the things that gnawed at her flesh.
And yet! The Abyss hath yet to produce any such creature!
Fear not, the dark, my friend.
And let the feast begin.

And so, despite his weighty armour, he lived in fear. Of a delicate thing, little more than a girl.
Where fire resideth, shadows twist and shrivel. But in the Abyss, there are shadows none.
Fear not, the dark, my friend.
And let the feast begin.

Of all the Fingers, he alone was embraced by the Abyss.
For he was human, and ne'er a grub.
Fear not, the dark, my friend.
And let the feast begin.

When Attacked:

Ahh, yes, yes, I remember now! Let the feast begin.
Let the feast begin.

I shall partake!
...Search thine own self. Fear not the dark.
And let the feast begin.


Locust Preacher Trivia & Lore

  • Locust White Preacher is one of the few vocal enemies.
  • With the utmost vaguery, the Locust Preachers address the lives of various NPC's as their quests and the player's own, nears the end.  The dialogue is sufficently vague that it could refer to many individuals within the series as a whole, but clues in what they say most strongly indicate they are speaking of characters within Dark Souls III, all of whom are non-undead who would have died at this point.  What implication this has regarding the connection between Death and The Dark is unknown.
    • The "wayfaring Knight" referenced in passing would appear to be the likeness of Alva, Seeker of the Spurned, and his quest for redemption with the Black Witch Zullie after the death of Saint Seretta. 
    • One can infer from the dialogue about the man seeking learning, that it is connected to Orbeck of Vinheim. As his questline finishes, the player stumbles across the slumped over the corpse of Orbeck in the Grand Archives, drained of life after learning all he could from the scrolled collected by the Champion of Ash. The reason for his death could be that after he left, he went to the regal library to seek more knowledge, only to find nothing new for him or to be overcome by the forces within. Thus his ashes ran cold.  
      • In the same manner it could refer to Big Hat Logan, who more directly opposed the Dark and was overcome, going mad through unknown means.
    • The poor girl who slew her own kin likely refers to one Siris of the Sunless Realms, as her questline ends after she slays the mad spirit Holy Knight Hodrick in the depths of the Pit of Hollows. It's important to know that when the player finds her body outside firelink shrine, that she is holding the Sunset shield, her grandfather's shield.  Siris is also a Blade of the Darkmoon, which was played on in "neither moon nor Sunless sky".
    • The girl frightened by the gnawing is indirectly Irina of Carim, which appears to reference her constantly being set upon by biting creatures, her fear of falling into the abyss, and in the fall of her character to dark if the player makes her read Dark Miracle tomes. This, along with the Invader "Moaning Knight" suggests that perhaps Irina fell to the darkness either eventually, or by the decisions of the Champion of Ash. The Locust's claim that the Abyss has not produced any such creature is an odd one as it could refer to either the girl or the things that gnawed on her.  Given the beliefs of the Deep, that the things that gnaw on flesh came from things that fell to the Abyss, not that were produced by it, this claim can also be a deliberate deception.
    • The weighty armored knight referenced can be construed to be Eygon of Carim, whose only true fear would have been losing his maiden to the Abyss.  However, the lines seem to indicate that the man was afraid of the girl herself, interesting given Eygon of Carim's passive agressive relationship with Irina, being spiteful yet protective of her. 
    • Lastly, the cut dialogue that reference a "lone finger" would appear to be popularly associated with Ringfinger Leonard, who unlike other pale tongue enthusiasts never used rebirth to change his scarred visage, and never being threatened by the chance of becoming a man-grub. This may also be because he chose to steal away Rosaria's soul to keep it from the reach of the player.  Leonhard is found past Aldrich, saint of the Deep, who appears to have attempted to sheperd man into an age of Dark protected from the creatures of the Deep.
  • The Locust Preachers always finish their sentences with "Fear not, the dark, my friend. And let the feast begin." Considering that the Weapon Art of the Preacher's Right Arm is called the Feasting Branch and the Locust Preacher's use them to hold the player still while they eat their face, and that the White Preacher Mask references the preachers thinking of their stomachs, it is quite likely that they are waiting for the Dark to overcome the world so that they may devour all within to appease their hunger.  This could also suggest that the Locust Preachers are trying to persuade the player to commit cannibalism, which neatly parallels the nature of Dark-Wraiths, humans that devour the humanity of other men.  In this way, the preachers could be conjoling the player to take from others and therefore gain a seat at the table, so to speak.
  • The white substance the Locust shoot from their backsides have identical appearance and properties when hitting the player to the wax used by the candle scholars, seeming to imply that the scholars wax is obtained by harvesting it from The White Faced Locust, which have innate magic.  This would explain the magic boosting abilities of the scholar candlestick and the ability of the wax to reduce the effects of the magically tied knowledge of the books of the archive.
  • The origins of the Pale Faced Locust are difficult to determine, as little is stated or known about them besides that they see humans as kindred, arose from the Abyssal Swamp, were intended to beckon man to the dark with sermons, and possess a tremendous hunger, apparently for man.  Three strong theories emerge based on this and other context clues.
    • The pale faces resemble those of the 4 Kings, and the Crag Spiders of Dark Souls I as well as the Flymen in Ariandel were once men that were warped into insect like shapes by living in close contact with the firey Great Swamp and Rot, as the flame of chaos warps flesh, and the dark has been shown to do so as well.  The Locust, which emerged from a Abyss Swamp, may be a dark equivelent, and therefore be the decendants of Man that chose to enter the Abyss, warped into a new form and carrying its intent to devour.  Interestingly, the hair, face, and chest of the Locust do resemble the armor of the Dark Wraiths, whose armor was bound to their flesh, effectively becoming like chitin. 
    • The religion of The Deep speaks of monsterous things that fell into the Deep (apparently another term for the Abyss, or perhaps the midpoint between the world and the Abyss) and transformed it from a safe place into a place dangerous for Man.  Many of the Deep miracles and the weapons of Sulyvahn's pontiff knights reference abysal insects that gnaw with endless hunger on anything they find.  These Preachers might be an evolution of these creatures to be more like man, either obtained by ingesting countless humanity, or through some sort of mimicry based evolution (several forms of which are seen throughout the series, such as the Mimics)
    • Lastly, they could be the remnants of another race from another world that also discovered Fire and had similar things happen regarding the fall into Dark, reaching the world of man through a shared Abyss.


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    • Anonymous

      12 Apr 2019 04:27  

      Wouldn't the first quote discussed be referring to Artorias, since you reunite his soul with his loved one?

      • Anonymous

        04 Feb 2019 01:36  

        I'm probably wrong but since all the others seem to refer to DS3 characters I wondered if maybe the "wayfaring knight" could be Hawkwood with the forbidden search referencing him looking for the dragon stones. Not sure who his beloved would be though unless maybe it's whoever the grave he visits belongs to.

        • Anonymous

          20 Jan 2019 02:32  

          Look at its name it says PREACHER meaning its creature sent from abyss to send message to us or anyone who is trying to survive or fight to GIVE UP , resistance is futile no one can stop abyss , that's why it always say fear not dark n let feast begin

          • Anonymous

            04 Sep 2018 06:09  

            I am the dark soul. And the one that was man that went into the abyss was artorias. Js. I live breathe eat and***** darksouls. I am... The dark soul

            • Anonymous

              25 Aug 2018 15:46  

              By far the most confusing encounters I ever had in the game. I was always left scratching my head whenever he said "and let the feast begin".

              • Anonymous

                07 Mar 2018 18:55  

                By the way, the non-hostile preachers are not the same one who's moving around the Ringed City. It's many different preachers, all located on different places. But other than the hostile preachers, the non-hostiles don't respawn. There are 3 in total, I believe. One at the start, one at the bridge over the 3 harald soldiers at the swamp, and one where you pick up the ring knight straight sword

                • Anonymous

                  14 Jan 2018 17:04  

                  Did you guys notice that when locust is attacking you with his grab attack he is mumbling something? But i can´t hear what exactly...

                  • Anonymous

                    28 Nov 2017 16:29  

                    This has misleading information. Rapport works on the locusts just fine. Their weaknesses are frost, lightning, and fire. And it is not any of the souls they drop. It's a soul of an unknown traveler, soul of a lost undead, and soul of a crestfallen knight. Ng+ they drop soul of an intrepid hero, soul of a seasoned warrior, and soul of a champion.

                    • 18 Nov 2017 05:16  

                      Who the hell wrote the trivia section? There's flowery, and then there's whatever the heck happened here.

                      There's a point where trying to sound too smart just makes it look worse.

                      • Anonymous

                        08 Oct 2017 06:38  

                        "this could suggest that the Locust Preachers are trying to persuade the player to commit cannibalism for whatever reason"

                        Taking in consideration that:

                        1) The Ringeg City is directly linked to the Dark Soul.
                        2) Gael, presumably, kills everyone in the world in order to consume the Dark Soul.
                        3) The Dark is, lorewise, the Abyss and
                        4) The Abyss in directly linked to humanity.

                        Seems pretty likely that the cannibalism would be in order to obtain the Dark Soul itself and thus lead the Champion of Ash to the dark. The descrption of the White Preacher Head further solidifies this possibility: The white-faced locusts were meant to beckon men to the dark with sermons (...).

                        • Anonymous

                          25 Sep 2017 00:18  

                          There appears to be a typo in the info section, it lists both variants as small in the health section but then as small and regular in the soul section. Also I must take issue with the trivia portion, neither Sullyvahn nor Ariandel wear armor, their apparel is more alike to robes. If anyone other than Eygon were to fit the bill IMO it would be Gundyr, he's a heavily armored warrior who loathed to lose his firekeeper.

                          • Anonymous

                            26 Aug 2017 17:56  

                            Mob Enemy Ahead, Therefore try Eliminating One At a Time.

                            Their biggest, genuine, weakness, is backpeddling. Lock on, backpaddle away from their attacks, then get your limited two stunlocks, rinse repeat.

                            • Anonymous

                              10 Aug 2017 04:16  

                              If you aggro a big one, the aggroed little ones nearby will get aggressive. Therefore let the feast begin.

                              • Anonymous

                                15 Jul 2017 09:58  

                                Wow. Their jump attacks have some of the most dumbest hyper armor ever.
                                I did a full Ledos R2 and they didn't stagger. Also did a Falling Bolt and they didn't stagger.

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