Londor Braille Divine Tome is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3.

Londor Braille Divine Tome


A braille tome of Londor, first spoken by Liliane of the Sable Church.

Give this to a storyteller to learn miracles of Londor.

This is a forbidden tome, as it offers salvation to all Hollows, and conversely curses all things living.


Londor Braille Divine Tome Usage



Londor Braille Divine Tome Locations




  • The miracles in this tome count as dark. Giving it to Irina and buying one of the dark miracles fails her quest line. Giving it to her but not purchasing any of the miracles does not, and the tome will be beside her if you finish her quest line.
  • Can be given to Karla to avoid failing Irina's questline




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    • Anonymous

      lol ****... ****ed up yoels questline due to killing abyss watchers too fast. now i have to go to ng+ to get all miracles.

      • Anonymous

        "Dude just have all this preconceived knowledge before even playing the game! You can totally play any build you want!"
        Lol, my ass. This is some of the worst game design I've ever seen - nothing but tedium and trial and error. Quests give 0 context of consequence.
        Super frustrating, and frankly, not fun at all.

        • Anonymous

          Is this droppable? Sped through the first two areas with a new faith character, killed Yoel because I had no intention of doing the questline, then immediately remembered Dark Blade is in this book. If I can, I'll just transfer it from another one of my characters.

          • Anonymous

            I need to kill myself 10 times in firelink after starting yoels quest, otherwise i always forget and just get the hollow appearence, without any of the levels of items from yuria

            • There's no secondary way to obtain it? That's rather unfortunate; Yoel died ages ago in my current run, and I avoided the true strength thing because free levels sounded super suspicious, let alone in a Souls game. Guess I'll need another run to dedicate to that questline, then.

              • Anonymous

                >didn't talk to yoel at all when i got to foot of the high wall
                >make it all the way to anor londo
                >realise i need vow of silence to solo aldrich effectively
                >go back to fohw
                >yoel is ****ing dead.

                >22 hours of playtime in one sitting

                should i just kill myself right now?

                • Anonymous

                  Really wish things like this didn't require you to level up to get it. Can't get it NG+ because I want to stay sl55. Would be nice if Rosaria could eat souls too. Would let her chew on my first playthrough character a bit. Why I bothered to level it up to sl335, I don't know, but it's a waste.

                  • Anonymous

                    Is there a way to get this tome using hacks/cheats/editor or whatnot? I want to get darkblade but unfortunately I forgot to buy the tome from Yuria when I attacked Anri and Horace for their armor. Don't worry I won't cheat the entire game I just want the tome.

                    • Anonymous

                      idk how to edit, but mention that Karla AND Irina can take it. Giving it to Irina is something many players will want to avoid, so I think Karla's ability to read it should be included

                      • Anonymous

                        Is there a way to unfair her quest? I bought the dark blade from her and now I'm notified that it failed her quest..

                        • Anonymous

                          So frustrating that you're essentially locked out from ever getting these miracles if you haven't bought them before reaching SL125 or so, and don't want to overlevel. Fromsoft did a great job at streamlining a lot of parts of the game, but the fact that you NEED to level up to even start this questline is pretty bad.

                          • Anonymous

                            This page doesnt mention it but make sure you get Yuria to spawn by drawing out your true strength 5 times before you cross the hanging bridge in the catacombs otherwise Yoel will die early and Yuria wont spawn

                            • Anonymous

                              The wiki doesn't list the miracles given by this tome as dark, but if you give it to Irina it'll ruin her questline and Eygon will become hostile at the Gundyr bonfire.

                              • Anonymous

                                Londor Braille Divine Tome (Missable!) - Sold by Yuria of Londor in Firelink Shrine. She will only appear once you get 5 levels off Yoel. You must buy the tome off her and give it to karla later on for 3 miracles. The tome won't carry over to New Game+

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