Longfinger Kirk

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
???? 7,196 Cathedral of the Deep

Barbed Straight Sword

Spiked Shield

Longfinger Kirk is a NPC in Dark Souls 3.

Longfinger Kirk Information

  • Killable.
  • Invades in Cathedral of the Deep, right as you reach the lower area with water and the giants.
  • Cannot be summoned.



  • You can find Longfinger Kirk at Cathedral of the Deep as an Invader on the ground floor, between the two giants, if the player is in ember form. The Deacons of the Deep must still be alive for him to invade.
  • Corpse can be found in Rosarias Bedchamber, where you can recieve the Set of Thorns, after he is killed.


Combat Information

  • It's best to not underestimate him for he does hit very hard.
  • Rarely heals himself.
  • Wields: Barbed Straight Sword (RH) and Spiked Shield (LH).
  • He will use his sword's skill, Stance, at times to try to break your guard so it's best to back away when he does this and strike at the end when he's open.
  • His sword has a bleed effect so enough successive strikes will cause the player to bleed and take additional damage.
  • His armor set causes damage, ableit a small amount, when coming into direct contact with him as he's rolling.
  • He can be lured into the previous room (where you encountered a Cathedral Knight wielding a Great Mace). This causes him to leash near the doorway. Using spells or bows makes this encounter trivial.






  • Longfinger Kirk is very similar to Knight Kirk from Dark Souls 1. They are both part of an invasion covenant, and share the same armor and name. (His name "Longfinger" might be referring to him being the Middle finger of Rosaria, which is the longest finger. Ringfinger Leonhard is the Ringfinger, so the short finger and index finger are not named. Possibly could be the player.)
  • Longfinger (or middle finger) can also be a metaphor for a popular insulting gesture. In some parts of the world, the expression "long fingered" has the same meaning as having sticky fingers.
  • It is quite possible that he takes here the same role as in DS I where he was invading others to collect Humanity for The Fair Lady, only here he collects embers or pale tongues for Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth. Even his armour set appears in room where his mistress dwells as in the first game.



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    • Anonymous

      17 Oct 2020 00:14  

      This prickly prick is mad cause how many times I partied him in ds1, but I’ll still parry his ass even more.

      • Anonymous

        21 Aug 2020 15:39  

        One, was a adept warrior of lacerating weaponry. He invaded the worlds of many, but they always succeed him. He dealt with the abyss and managed to become one of them, but he moved on to steal their tongues. Fear not the dark my friend, and let the feast begin.
        (This is a fan made sermon for the locust guy)

        • 24 May 2020 11:02  

          His armor set wont spawn at rosaria's bed room. I defeated him before slaughtering the deacons of the deep. I checked in rosaria's bedroom before and after the deacons boss fight. Help?

          • Anonymous

            14 Apr 2020 00:23  

            All NPC Phantoms that invade as Red/Purple Phantoms WILL invade in both Online and Offline mode, as long as you A: Are embered B: Have NOT killed the area boss. And C: WALK into their trigger zone and wait for a period (usually a couple to fifteen seconds).

            • Anonymous

              12 Dec 2019 13:28  

              Taking this guy on but forgetting to clear out the thralls is a big mistake. Kirk made sure to give me the long finger after I got smacked by 7 hatchets and a flamberge

              • Anonymous

                09 Mar 2019 01:53  

                "Ringfinger Leonhard is the Ringfinger, so the short finger and index finger are not named. Possibly could be the player.)", "Possibly could be the player" What about Creighton and Archdeacon Klimt, they could be the Short and Index Fingers, not in their name sure but what stops them from being those fingers?

                • Anonymous

                  19 Jan 2019 01:44  

                  I don‘t know if that’s of any relevance, but in German „Langfinger“ (=literally „Longfinger“, obviously) means something like „petty thief“.

                  • Anonymous

                    28 Dec 2018 04:57  

                    Something funny with Kirk. We had a dual invasion. We killed him and then not even a second later he invaded a second time. Really surprised us

                    • Anonymous

                      22 Oct 2018 19:04  

                      Why is he not spawning for me? I am kindled and i didn't even kill the boss. Do i have to play online or something?

                      • Anonymous

                        23 Jun 2018 04:49  

                        So I have the sword and shield Kirk drops and I'm in Rosario's bed but there is no armor, and no I haven't beat the deacons. Any help on what I'm doing wrong please.

                        • Anonymous

                          14 Mar 2018 16:37  

                          Sometimes Kirk decides he doesn't want to show up offline or online, when you got to NG+. Heysel is of the same mindset. Neither of them seem to have a particular reason behind it, though often times will happen if you re-start the game with Rosaria's covenant equipped after reaching max rank. At least that's the only similarily I've managed to point out in my attempts. Awfully nice of them, very inconvenient if you missed on their first appearance however.

                          • Anonymous

                            01 Mar 2018 11:29  

                            Kirk has a bit of a spiky personality but, if you get past his tough exterior, inside... inside is just more spikes. Okay, there's there's just tons of spikes. He hates you.

                            • Anonymous

                              19 Feb 2018 18:01  

                              Fun fact: if you have the "Ashes of Ariandel" DLC you can talk to Gael and enter the Painted World, this will cause Kirk to return home. This works as a fail-safe in case he either overwhelms you or if you feel that you aren't strong enough to take him on. He will invade again after re-entering the area. I do not think this works on players, as it didn't work with the Giant Trees in DS2.

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