Lothric Knight Set

Physical Resitance 30.1 Bleed Resistance 175
Strike Defense 23.8 Poison Resistance 100
Slash Defense 34.7 Frost Resistance 131
Thrust Defense 28.9 Curse Resistance 80
Magic Defense 24.6 Poise 37.7
Fire Defense 26.6  
Lightning Defense 19.5 icon-durabilitiy.png -
Dark Defense 22.9 icon_weight.png 34.5

Lothric Knight Set is an Armor in Dark Souls 3.

Armor of a celebrated Lothric knight. A strong steel armor, if a little worn.

The Knight has served as one of the Three Pillars since ancient times, and shares place alongside the wyverns as a symbol of Lothric.

Only those possessing a knight's resolve are fit to wear this garment.

Location/Where to Find

Notes and Tips

  • The helmet strongly resembles the Pursuer's from Dark Souls 2.
  • One of the best places to farm this set is Tower on the Wall - there is a knight just below the fire place and you can isolate him by hitting the air when you run down. You may also lure the dragon to kill him for you by firing an arrow at the dragon while you are outside the door, just remember to roll back in to avoid the dragon breath. Another place to farm is outside the Dancer of the Boreal Valley or Vordt boss arenas. Head out and there will be three normal and one red-eyed knight waiting. Using halberds will make this farm easier as you can poke from a range and not get hit.

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Piece Information


Lothric Knight Helm

Physical Resitance 5.2 Bleed Resistance 31
Strike Defense 4.0 Poison Resistance 18
Slash Defense 6.3 Frost Resistance 22
Thrust Defense 5.0 Curse Resistance 14
Magic Defense 4.2 Poise 6.3
Fire Defense 4.7  
Lightning Defense 3.1 icon-durabilitiy.png 410
Dark Defense 3.8 icon_weight.png 5.8
Armor Type Helms
Lothric Knight Armor

Lothric Knight Armor

Physical Resitance 16.0 Bleed Resistance 75
Strike Defense 12.4 Poison Resistance 43
Slash Defense 18.4 Frost Resistance 58
Thrust Defense 15.3 Curse Resistance 34
Magic Defense 12.6 Poise 20.8
Fire Defense 13.8  
Lightning Defense 10.2 icon-durabilitiy.png 430
Dark Defense 11.9 icon_weight.png 15.0
Armor Type Chest Armor

Lothric Knight Gauntlets

Physical Resitance 3.8 Bleed Resistance 25
Strike Defense 2.9 Poison Resistance 15
Slash Defense 4.6 Frost Resistance 19
Thrust Defense 3.6 Curse Resistance 12
Magic Defense 3.1 Poise 4.5
Fire Defense 3.3  
Lightning Defense 2.3 icon-durabilitiy.png 420
Dark Defense 2.8 icon_weight.png 4.8
Armor Type Gauntlets
Lothric Knight Leggings

Lothric Knight Leggings

Physical Resitance 8.8 Bleed Resistance 44
Strike Defense 6.8 Poison Resistance 24
Slash Defense 10.6 Frost Resistance 32
Thrust Defense 8.4 Curse Resistance 20
Magic Defense 7.1 Poise 12.1
Fire Defense 7.7  
Lightning Defense 5.4 icon-durabilitiy.png 420
Dark Defense 6.5 icon_weight.png 8.9
Armor Type Leggings




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    • Anonymous

      21 Jun 2018 03:28  

      This set has low drop rates. After farming for 45 mins i got helm, chest, two shields, sword, two crossbows, and gloves (I didnt get pants but I didnt need the armor). Its seemed like after 10-15 kills of the lothric knights gets you one of the peices of the set.

      • Anonymous

        22 Apr 2018 09:56  

        I've farmed this set in 10 minutes max when playing the only thing I couldn't get to drop was the great shield . Does it have a low drop rate?

        • Anonymous

          14 Apr 2018 20:52  

          not worth farming at the start because weight and drop chance. Take the sword or spear if it drops and move on.

          • Anonymous

            08 Feb 2018 02:53  

            The developers of the game were huge Berserk fans, so this armor set and the sword were based on the gear worn by Casca.

            • Anonymous

              09 Jan 2018 16:44  

              Alternately, it is exceedingly easy to spawn at the Dancer/Vordt bonfire, and then run the circuit (which is inhabited by four Knights; two Sword & Shield, one Tower & Spear, and the latter a Blue Knight (Sword & Shield, about twice as tough as their baseline counterparts)
              To up your discovery rate, pop a Rusted Coin / Rusted Gold Coin, and wear a Crystal Rapier on your off-hand. Coins can be bought from Patches, after advancing his questline up to his Merchant phase.

              • Anonymous

                05 Jan 2018 13:15  

                i've been farming these knights for over an hour and all i need is the helmet but all i keep getting are crossbows pants and everything that isn't the helmet am i just unlucky or is there something different you need to get the helmet?

                • Anonymous

                  10 Oct 2017 15:38  

                  In the current version, I needed 16:37 minutes to find the armour set, the shield, the sword, and even the crossbow. I have Luck at 7, so Item Discovery is 107.
                  I know the time, because the wife messaged me she was coming home from work, so I had another 30 minutes of DS xD

                  • Anonymous

                    28 Sep 2017 22:20  

                    Just noticed something kind of interesting: the Lothric Knight set is actually somewhat similar in silhouette to the Drakeblood set, which would match the lore incredibly well. While not quite as decorative, it shares both the red cape decorated with a gold dragon, as well as the reptilian crest atop the helmet, something not seen in any other armor in the game. The red dye, according to the Drakeblood set, represents the pursuit of the blood of dragons. Like the Drakeblood knights, the Lothric knights were once dragonslayers that have since tamed the Wyverns (or so they think), and even their former king, Oceiros, eventually became a dragon himself.

                    • Anonymous

                      04 Sep 2017 11:31  

                      im a dark souls noob and i have never played dark souls before, and i farmed the knights near vordt for souls, i got the whole knight set 2 times (the helmet and leggings i got 3 times) 2 lothric swords, the shilde and the crossbow in 10 minutes, i have never leveled up luck (i started as a warrior) i must have been really lucky or you guys have been really unlucky

                      • Anonymous

                        22 Jul 2017 09:03  

                        Hmm, I've seen players with a blue cape version of the chest, the red eyed knight outside of the Dancer wears it. But where is it found?

                        • Anonymous

                          29 May 2017 21:57  

                          I cleared the knights outside Vordt/Dancer like 7 or 8 times and popped 2 rusted coins and 1 gold one (I was trying to farm something else and am stupid), anyway - I was able to get the entire set with 4-5 pieces of some of them. This set is not hard to farm if you just run through that area. It's accessible from Vordt, but faster from dancer.

                          • Anonymous

                            09 May 2017 18:29  

                            i'm seeing allot of complaints about drop rates, if its really an issue and you don't feel like investing points into luck, try coming back with the crystal sage's rapier or the covetous gold serpent ring which both increase item discovery.

                            • Anonymous

                              23 Apr 2017 20:02  

                              yeah its cool but heavy as f***. maybe one if not THE reason so many complain about the difficulty. All running around in the complete set...fatroling...constantly dying...

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