Ludleth of Courland

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Health Souls Location Drops
250 0 Firelink Shrine Skull Ring

Ludleth of Courland is a Lord of Cinder and an NPC in Dark Souls 3.


Ludleth of Courland Information

  • Can be killed but will revive after you reload the area.
  • If you give him the Transposing Kiln, he will be able to transpose boss souls into weapons and items. Ensure you give him the Kiln before placing all the lord souls as you will not be able to transpose any souls until the next playthrough otherwise.
  • He permanently dies after you place the 4 Cinders of the Lords, but you can still transpose great souls if you've given him the kiln beforehand. Interacting with his empty throne will prompt you to begin transposition.



  • You can find Ludleth of Courland at Firelink Shrine, sitting on the second throne starting from the left side. 





First encounter dialogue


Oh, thou'rt unkindled, and a seeker of Lords. I am Ludleth of Courland. Look not in bewilderment as I say… I linked the fire long ago, becoming a Lord of Cinder. If substantiation be thy want, set thine eyes upon my charred corse. This sad cadav'r. No need to be coy, have a closer look."

Following encounters dialogue


Fret not, fret not. My feet are here firmly planted. For I am a Lord, and this is my throne."

Selecting "Talk"


Knowest thou of our purpose? Five thrones will take five Lords, as kindling for the linking of the Fire. The fast fading Flame must be linked to preserve this world. A re-enactment of the first linking of the fire. So it is, I became a Lord of Cinder. I may be but small, but I will die a colossus."

Upon leaving


Treat the Fire Keeper not with discourtesy. She is much like thee. Prisioners, both, kept to link the fire."

"Now, now, do not be away overlong."

Selecting "Talk" upon reaching Undead Settlement (Before fighting Curse-Rotted Greatwood)


Listen, this might pique thine interest. Before I was a Lord of Cinder, I was a student of transposition. The process of extracting, and coalescing the essence of a soul. A forbidden art, that once left a foul stain upon Courland's honor. Tis an art that grants powers once thought unattainable. Most transposing kilns were lost with Courland, but this place is a crossing for all manner of cursed objects. If thou happen'st 'pon a transposing kiln, bring it to me, quick."

Once Transposing Kiln is given


Oh, belike it is… a transposing kiln in thy possession. Seen better days, but, methinks it shall suffice. Now bring me a twisted soul. Transposition is the art of extracting, and coalescing the essence of a soul. In transposing a twisted soul, its true power transferreth to thee. Thy purpose is to seek Lords, and slay them. What's to fear in a little transpositon, now?"

After killing the first Lord of cinder


Ahh, most illustrious Lordseeker. Or should I say, Lord-Slayer?
Fine kindling for the thrones , is it not, each soul truly worthy of Lordship.
And all slain by thy hand. To bind them them to their thrones, even in death.
Oh I have no qualms. For as we to our thrones, thou art to thy duty.
In fact, methinks thou'st help helped these poor Lords along their rightful path."

With Lothric's and Lorian's swords


"Ahh, thou'st two most peculiar swords discover'd.  A curse once bound them together, such that they served as one.  A transposing kiln should restore their rightful form.  But before thou should'st act, think well upon the matter.  As thou knowest, they are but newly rent apart."

Upon finding the Eyes


Ahh. Found her, did we? And the black eyes that shimmer within, I see? Tis as if it were but yesterday. We did all we could to spare her from them. Much has happened since. Mayhap I should apprise thee... Of what the thin light of these eyes might reveal to the eyeless Firekeeper. Scenes of betrayal, things never intended for her ken, visions of... this age's end..." 

Selecting "Talk" after finding the Eyes


The eyes show a world destitute of fire, a barren plane of endless darkness. A place born of betrayal. So I will'd myself Lord, to link the fire, to paint a new vision. What is thine intent?"

Upon leaving, after giving the Eyes


I took the mantle of Lord of Cinder of mine own volition. I speak these words with pride. Choose thy fate alone. Seize it with thine own hands. All the more, should thy fate entail such foul betrayal." 

Upon approaching him, after the player has previously killed him


Ahh, it singeth, to the bone, it hurts... Please, help me. Be done with me... No, gods, no, I cannot bear it... It burns, burns, help me..."

(After killing Dragonslayer Armour) "See ye not? I am a lord... A wee flame, belike, but I shoulder the world... Forgive me. Oh please... I am not to blame. I'm not"

Selecting "Talk" after the player has previously killed him


Ah, beg pardon. I must have dozed a while. So, happened upon any twisted souls?"

After slaying Aldrich with Anri


Ahh, well met. Thou'rt at last returned. Knowest thou the name, Anri of Astora? The brave lad/girl left this, as thanks. (Sword) Though gave no elucidation... So. Happened upon any twisted souls?"

(Leave) "Now, heed this little warning, from this little lord. Seek not the boy. She knoweth her faith. What will become of her upon her duty's end. She would not wish thee follow her."

After placing all Lord Cinders


Ahh, well met. All is as planned, is it not? Five lords for five thrones... Glory be, my Lord-slaying Champion. It is all thy doing. The stage is set for me to play my part as Lord, too. Go. Speak with the Fire Keeper."

(Wishing for a world without Fire) "Ahh, well met. All is as planned, is it not? Five lords for five thrones... To think others might ne'er be raised... And I, of the Last Lords, a rather little lord, most undeserving of the honour. Speak with the Fire Keeper."


  • The engraving on his throne is "Ludleth the Exiled".
  • There appears to be blood or soot on the fabric he sits on.
  • If you speak to him after he revives he will be having a dream about when he linked the fire in his world.
  • Ludleth speaks a much older form of English than the other characters.
  • Courland was a real area that existed in Latvia.
  • Ludleth has no legs.
  • Ludleth's line, "I may be but small, but I will die a colossus." is completely even different in the Japanese version, so much so that it possibly affects the lore. In Japanese, Ludelth's "colossus" line reads "この小人が、王の栄誉に浴したのさ", which, when translated, reads: "Even this Pygmy here was honored to become a lord." The kanji "小人" can translate to dwarf, small person, and elf even, but it has always been translated as "Pygmy" since Dark Souls I.



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    • Anonymous

      28 Apr 2019 19:06  

      He's a Pygmy Lord. His throne, which is similar in appearance to a tombstone, is the same as those found in Gael's Boss Arena. Ludleth betrayed his humanity by linking the fire, sustaining the rule of the Gods, the very same that caused Humanity with Undeath.

      • Anonymous

        20 Feb 2019 06:04  

        Killed him once for the ring, now no matter what he never revives despite the info in this wiki that he does upon reload. Anything I can do?

        • Anonymous

          12 Jul 2018 21:50  

          I was wondering, this dream he has, is it really from when he linked the first flame?
          There's a few things that gave me this idea over his dialogue. There was a theory about him being the soulfeeder. If this is true, then we now that the soulfeeder was burned (skull ring "Even after its accursed corpse was burned"), so he could refer to that moment? He feels he asks for forgivness..
          Plus one of his line got altered (just as mentionned on the wiki) refering him as a pygmy lord ("Even this Pygmy here was honored to become a lord.")
          One Pygmee is missing where you fight Gael, we all said that he supposly was the one we saw at the entrance of the ringed city, but could it be in fact Ludleth throne?
          On his Lord throne he is refered as an exile. He maybe desired to become strong, and start eating souls to make his blood fluid again, and for that, was exiled from the ringed city and burnt to be purrified.
          Maybe then he wanted to find redemption for what he did, and became a lord of cinder?
          He feels really proud of his choice of being a Lord of cinder, to his sacrifice. But he also fear those flames, and feels sorry for something he did.
          Courtland could simply be the place where all Exiles come from, some kind of a dark town where peoples with no place to go can stay, like thieves, murderer or exiles. He is called "of Courtland" certainly after he became a Lord, because this is the only place he could mentionned as his "home".

          • Anonymous

            27 Nov 2017 00:31  

            It's a shame they never added in new dialogue for the Ringed City, should the player want to keep him alive long enough until getting there. (You can get to the Ringed City before going to the Kiln if you do the Ashes DLC first.) Especially if he's supposed to be a Pygmy.

            • Anonymous

              11 Nov 2017 20:09  

              Killing Ludleth will result in him staying killing. Ive tried resetting the game and the area. Nothing works.

              • Anonymous

                25 Jul 2017 16:37  

                He is there to remind us that sacrifices have to be made in order to save this world and that this game will very likely not have a happy ending in store for us. But in his calm and friendly manner he gives us hope that our actions will not be in vain. If not for us than for others at least. If the lords would represent a certain aspect of the flame Ludleth would be "warmth".

                • Anonymous

                  21 May 2017 02:36  

                  For a legless little fellow with a soft voice who never moves, this guy's a real bamf. The only one of the four resurrected Lords to not abandon his throne, and to make sure of it he removes his own legs. And it feels like it's implied that he slew this horrible soulfeeder creature that his ring describes in his prime. AND, if you choose betrayal, he encourages you to own your choice, even though it runs counter to everything he once stood for. That takes guts.

                  • Anonymous

                    15 May 2017 06:21  

                    "Now, heed this little warning, from this little lord. Seek not the boy. She knoweth her faith. What will become of her upon her duty's end. She would not wish thee follow her." what

                    • Anonymous

                      02 Apr 2017 22:28  

                      In dark souls one you are exiled because you hold the curse. Ludleth is from the age where they exiled barers of the curse. Or he was simply exiled from a land because he used a kiln not sure, but what seems obvious is he weaved half of his own soul in to his rind so when he linked the flame the first time he didn't actually die like he was suppose to, so only half of him was used as kindeling ushering in a short age of fire. Betrayal maybe his, most of not everyone else got infected with curroption like gundyr

                      • Anonymous

                        01 Apr 2017 09:47  

                        every other past lord of cinder has an unkindled follow them ,e.g. onion knight follows the giant yorm .your character is asked to help with the twins becoming lord of cinder ,but only after you have my question is are you Ludleth's unkindled follower ? what is your relation with him ? you help him once again become a lord of cinder ,is this your quest?
                        was you exiled with him

                        • Anonymous

                          31 Mar 2017 09:01  

                          Could the place where we fight Gael be the remains of Courland.
                          The corpses and the guy crawling has no legs and they all have crowns.
                          Could the eyes of the Firekeeper belong to Fillianore?
                          Ludleth has knowledge from a past long forgotten.

                          • Anonymous

                            18 Jan 2017 01:24  

                            The blood on his throne gave me the notion that he either removed his own legs to avoid the temptation of running like the other lords or someone removed his legs so that he wouldn't run. If he had his legs burned away then there would not have been blood. Did the other lords run because they knew they would be used as kindling for the linking of the flame this time (hard to endure and survive a burning for a second time) or did they run because they no longer wished to be part of the cycle and return to their former glory? I don't know but I bet the little legless man wanted his honor restored from exile and removed his own legs so that his will wouldnt falter and decide to run. I dont know.

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