Magic Defense

Type Defense

Magic Defense in Dark Souls 3 defines the protection your character has against magic based attacks such as soul arrows and magic enchanted weapons. This statistic does not effect the damage you receive from Physical, Fire, Lightning, and Dark.

Magic Defense is mostly increased by leveling Intelligence, which is the main attribute for spell orientated characters.



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    • Anonymous

      Ok, but the way it reduces the magic damage is the same that physical defense reduces the physical damage? I mean the damage reduction is calculated in the same way. For example, if you have the same Magic Defense than the Magic Attack, will you have 60% of damage reduction?

      • Anonymous

        Magic Defense defines the protection your character has against magic based attacks such
        as soul arrows and magic enchanted weapons.\r\n\r\n
        Magic Defense is increased with 'Intelligence' attribute and the Character level.\r\n\r\n
        Intelligence increases magic defense by:\r\n\r\n
        INT LVL 0 - 31 0.74 points\r\n\r\n
        INT LVL 31 - 56 1.80 points\r\n\r\n
        INT LVL 56 - 99 0.80 points\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n
        Level affects magic defense in the following manner:\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n
        LVL 0 - 81 0.40 points\r\n\r\n
        LVL 81 - 151 0.10 points\r\n\r\n
        LVL 151 - 802 0.045 points

        *** This applies to Fire(Strength instead of INT); Lightning(Endurance instead of INT); Dark(Faith instead of INT)

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