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Trailers, Gameplay and other video content for Dark Souls III and its DLC

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Screenshots for Dark Souls III, featuring high quality images of in-game enemies, classes, bosses and locations for both the base game and the DLC.

external image Pursuer2_sample_darksouls3-300x169.jpg external image Pursuer1_sample_darksouls3-300x169.jpg external image ArmoredBeast_sample_darksouls3-300x169.jpg external image Undead_sample_darksouls3-300x169.jpg external image ReadyStanceArt_sample_darksouls3-300x169.jpg external image RollingShot_sample_darksouls3-300x169.jpg external image SpinArt_sample_darksouls3-300x169.jpg external image Warcry_sample_darksouls3-300x169.jpg external image LungeArt_sample_darksouls3-300x169.jpg external image DarkKnight_sample_darksouls3-300x177.jpg
external image NorthernWarrior_sample_darksouls3-209x300.jpg external image DrifterKnight_sample_darksouls3-173x300.jpg external image ChurchBossArea_sample_darksouls3-300x215.jpg external image Drifter_sample_darksouls3-292x300.jpg external image UndergroundRuines_sample_darksouls3-246x300.jpg


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    • Anonymous

      Hello DS3 player, I am come to you for a little favour, and I will carry this message to everywhere in DS3 community.
      There is a glitch that allows you to summon white sign mad phantom in Gael’s Arena (Credit to Dashingsaint), if you keep Shira alived while she invade you (you can escape her simply sprint out her aggro range), you won’t trigger gael boss cutscene, and then you could put down you purple summon white sign or summon other white purple.
      Thus, a new fight club is founded, an arena in a long lost dessert under the sunset sky which sprinkle with fainted galaxy.
      If you’re watching this, kindly please help me share this and invite any ds3 enthusiast you known to this new fight club, your little effort would be much appreciated.
      SL25+2, SL40+4, SL60+6, SL72+8, SL90+10, SL125 Meta, SL 351++, all SL range are acceptable.
      Welcome to the Gael’s Sunset Arena, the most beautiful map in the entire series, the last arena at the End of World.
      I will await you there, in the End of the World, and we shall fight eternal, shiny and incandescence.

      • Anonymous

        Whoa, do the weapons you're not using appear on your back? I was a huge fashion souls so I would love to see a great sword hanging from my back whilst I fight with a sword and shield. Though... you sure won't be surprising your opponent without having mad weapon-switching skills.

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