Moonlight Arrow is an Ammunition in Dark Souls 3.

Moonlight Arrow


Magical arrows said to have been used by the Darkmoon Knights. Imbued with a silver light, these arrows inflict magic damage.

It is said that long ago the God of the Darkmoon Gwyndolin wielded these arrows with a matching golden bow.


Moonlight Arrow Usage

  • Ammo for Bows.
  • Deals 75 magic damage.

Moonlight Arrow Locations

  • Sold by Greirat for 500 souls each after sending him to scavenge Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.
  • Bought from handmaid after recovering Greirat's ashes from his failed mission in Irythill. The ashes are found near the three long haired insect creatures just before siegward and the estus soup. If the Siegward quest is synced, Siegward saves him and his ashes will not be there.



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