Morne's Ring

A malformed ring given to knights of Carim.

Boosts miracles.

Morne served the goddess Caitha and later became an apostle of the Archbishop.
They labored together to provide comfort to the suffering.

Morne's Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Morne's Ring Effect

  • Boosts Miracles damage by 12%
  • Weight: 0.7



Where to Find Morne's Ring

  • At the bridge before the Halfway Fortress Bonfire. If you look down you will see a ledge and a cave. In this cave will be the ring and  Braille Divine Tome of Carim.
  • Both are guarded by two dogs.
  • Fextra Video starting at 3h 33m 25s




Known Interactions:



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    • Anonymous

      Never found this ring on my first playthrough. Killed Eygon on my way here, will that prevent the ring spawn?

      • Anonymous

        This website is often inaccurate, perhaps due to being outdated. I can confirm the ring buffing a heal - Cleric’s Sacred Chime. It increases the tick rate of the heal, making it faster. This might seem useless but it’s my favorite healing item for it’s low FP cost of 13.

        • If you look at the surrounding area you'll notice the dead Highwaymen (Bandits who like to hit road traffic) and what seems to be Eygons and Irina's body from a alternate timeline. Both groups seperated by the collapsed Cave. It makes me imagine them traveling below to avoid the Heretic's while Bandits were waiting. They sent the Dogs after them. Eygon said "Run." Fleeing since Irina's blind and weak but the Dogs caught up by circling around... Suddenly the area begins to shake, the Maneater shows herself during the chaos. Irina's easy pickings but she hates Men more than she's hungry. Scoffing as she realizes Eygon's protecting her, Maneater decides the Bandits seem to have more fat on them. She plunge attacks one in the groin as the Cave collapses. Irina can hear what's going on and breaths a sigh of relief now, Mourne only has a couple Dogs to deal with. However as the growling becomes louder she begins to worry, calling out to Eygon. She doesn't know the collapse has crushed him. She feels along the ground while sobbing. A bloodied hand swats her dress, she reaches out toward it. Realizing it's Mournes arm sticking out of the rubble, clutching a Dagger in a last attempt to help her. She grabs it as the Dogs bite down on her, thrashing about violently. Meanwhile, Eygons attempting to take his left few breaths. The crushed Armor and chest make it impossible though, he spends his last few seconds hearing muffled screams. He thinks to himself "At least I didn't buy the DLC."

          • Did a simple test many times with Emit Force, without the ring I did 139 dmg pr hit, with the ring I did 170 dmg pr hit, thats +22% damage. More testing is needed to determine if thats only vs 1 kind of monster due to low resistances or anything else that could distort the result.

            • Anonymous

              One of the undead dogs is pregnant, i wonder if it means anything relevant... those details you only find in a souls game....

              • Anonymous

                It seems to stack with Ring of the Sun's First Born. Tested with Sunlight Spear 743 damage with Morne's ring on and 654 without it.

                • It seems to add an extra tick to regen buffs. Tested with Replenishment and with a blessed shield, three ticks of regen happened sometimes instead of two, but not every tick. Needs some further testing.

                  • Anonymous

                    Med Heal with 26 Faith healed me for 524. Equipped the Ring and also 524. Either its a very small boost, it boost miracles in unknown ways, or its bugged?

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