Old Woman's Ashes is an Ash in Dark Souls 3.

Old Woman's Ashes

Umbral ash of the old stone-humped woman
Things that have dreadfully run their course accrue at the great dreg-heap. This old woman was once the wet nurse of royalty.


Old Woman's Ashes Usage



Old Woman's Ashes Locations

  • Looted from the corpse of the pilgrim near the Dreg Heap bonfire. You can obtain this by killing her yourself or she will die naturally if you complete The Ringed City (Waking up Filianore) and you can return to where she was to pick up the ashes. (Video Location)




  • Player note 1




  • It appears that the hand in the ashes is wearing a priestess ring


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    • Anonymous

      So...all this actually unlocks is the stuff she was selling. It doesn't actually offer anything new. Well that's a shame. Especially since you have to beat literally the final boss of the entire series to get it without killing her. I thought it would at least unlock 1 cool thing that you couldn't get from just killing her.

      • Anonymous

        "This old woman was once the wet nurse of royalty"
        The priestess appears to be a Undead that did not hollow

        • Anonymous

          Is this the ash that unlocks on titanite scale? I know you can buy 1 titanite scale without the dragonchasers ash but don't know how

          • Anonymous

            If you clean out her inventory the only real advantage of the ashes is getting rusted coins from shrine..

            • Anonymous

              Actually, she's not High Priestess Emma, because she wears the Priestess ring. Emma DOESN'T wear this ring, read the description. It says a ring BEARING THE LIKENESS of the High Priestess of Lothric, not ring of the High Priestess of Lothric. Also, Emma, Shrine Handmaiden and the hag all have different voice actors, and finally, she's a fucking Londor pilgrim, it's more likely she was a wet nurse of Loyalty in Londor, not Lothric. Either way she's chill 24/7 so I'm cool with her. [T]/

              • Anonymous

                There is an angel patrolling the area where she was after finishing the DLC, suggesting the angel could have killed her, rather than natural causes.

                • She didn't show up when I was offline. I dont know if that is intended or a bug or what. But I had some connection to server issues so I started DLC offline, and even went back there a few times to farm the big ball dude at the beginning to get his armor. Got online & stable finally, and she was there!

                  • Anonymous

                    Random case(not sure what happened): Visited her after defeating the second boss. I'm quite sure I didn't attack her and still she was there, dead. After bringing the ashes, the same items the turtle lady sold were available. I miss the old granny...

                    • Anonymous

                      "Umbral ash of the old stone-humped woman".
                      Stone-humped woman is the Pilgrim met at Dreg Heap (she calls herself that way)

                      "Things that have dreadfully run their course accrue at the great dreg-heap. This old woman was once the wet nurse of royalty."
                      High Priestess of Lothric was the wet nurse of royalty.
                      High Priestess has dreadfully run her course (she's dead)

                      Does this mean that pilgrims are reincarnations of already dead individuals?

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