Onislayer Greatarrow is an Ammunition in Dark Souls 3.

Onislayer Greatarrow

Large arrows used to destroy giant horned oni in an eastern land. Can only be used with greatbows.

Made from the feathers of an aged crow, it is said that these arrows fly as straight as their master.


Onislayer Greatarrow Usage

  • Ammo for Greatbows.
  • Deals 60 Physical damage.



Onislayer Greatarrow Locations




  • These arrows seem to have a better projectile speed compared to other great arrows.
  • Seems to not be affected by damage falloff.
  • Only 30 can be carried at a time, less than the 50 for other types of greatarrow.





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    • Anonymous

      So is this really not affected by damage drop off? Or is the wiki mistaken? Because if thats true, then these would be godly for a sniper build.

      • Anonymous

        The slightly higher projectile speed is not worth the trade for damage. Also costs twice as much as a dragonslayer greatarrow. Shame.

        • Anonymous

          The main reason you can't carry many of these and that they're mot expensive is that they fly FASTER than Dragonslayer Arrows.

          • Anonymous

            Could this item be a hint at FromSoft's next project? A Souls game set in these "eastern lands" where we got the Murakumo, the Uchigatana, and this? The same lands that Sir Alonne and Shiva of the East came from? I know the upcoming samurai game NiOh is also essentially a Souls game in feudal Japan, but maybe FromSoft is rearing to board that ship, as well. I mean they already did the European knighthood theme and the British beast-hunting theme, so ancient Japan feels like a natural next step.What other themes could there be, anyway? Norse? Greek? Ancient Egypt? Arabia? If Dark Souls 3 is the last in the series, they must be moving on to something else. I wonder what that could be.

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