Orbeck’s Ashes is an Ash in Dark Souls 3.

Orbeck’s Ashes

Umbral ash of Orbeck of Vinheim. With this, the shrine handmaid will prepare new items.

Orbeck was fascinated with sorcery but without means, so offered to serve as an assassin in exchange for acceptance into the Dragon Academy, believing that one day he could reinvent himself as a sorcerer.


Orbeck’s Ashes Usage


Orbeck’s Ashes Location

  • Obtained from killing Orbeck of Vinheim.
  • Looted from his corpse in the Grand Archives in a chair up the shortcut elevator inside the Archives, on the large wooden balcony just before the stairs that lead to the outside. The player must have purchased all possible spells unlocked from all the scrolls.



  • Orbecks ashes appear to be his hand clenching a scroll.



    • Anonymous

      21 Mar 2019 21:06  

      Unless you're really dead-set on getting the Morion Blade, do NOT do this. Besides limiting the amount of spells you can get if you've not given him all the scrolls, his death dialogue is the most heartbreaking I've ever heard and I felt like a piece of***** afterwards.

      • Anonymous

        07 Dec 2017 23:28  

        to the mentioned previously by me , I have to say that all quest items disappeared, like keys for example. if I aint wrong never purchased them on NG+ and now I have to (the one to the tower for 20K). Have no dlcs so cant give any comment on that matter.

        • Anonymous

          07 Dec 2017 23:14  

          they must have changed smth, I took orbeck's ashes when he died, started ng+ and had no ashes in inventory...of course didn't give it to old lady. They are gone on new game+

          • Anonymous

            09 Nov 2016 18:40  

            i killed orbeck and gave ashes to yuria and finished the game with the lord of hollows ending so shes gone and i have no way to but sorceries. can i still get them?

            • Anonymous

              Missing This on your Grand Archives map28 Aug 2016 02:02  

              You guys might want to update your maps. About half way through them you're missing half the items available, this one being a good example.

              • Anonymous

                Help18 Jun 2016 01:04  

                I kill orbeck before yuria ask me to kill him...before she see them... I have the orbeck ashes but she never ask me this ***** ashes... What i have to do to got this ***** morion's blade??

                • Anonymous

                  Clandestine set16 May 2016 11:01  

                  Clandestine set was buying for me right after i found his corps, after killing the boss. Dont had to give ash to anyone

                  • Anonymous

                    Ugh12 May 2016 20:15  

                    So if I give the ashes to Yuria, can I still turn in scrolls to the Shrine Handmaiden? I think I just *****ed up my character.

                    • Anonymous

                      His corpse isn't appearing in the Grand Archive27 Apr 2016 03:43  

                      Ok so, I did the Yuria questline, and got the point where she was asking me to kill him. Only I didn't do that, made my way to the Grand Archives, got the crystal scroll and gave it to him, where I then purchased all of the spells he had for me. He said he was going to leave, so I refreshed the Firelink Shrine area and he was gone but his ashes aren't appearing where they should be in the Archives, hell not even his body is there. Is the spawning location for his body different or did I somehow not do his questline correctly? I'm confused.

                      • Anonymous

                        Ashes not there24 Apr 2016 12:03  

                        Orbeck ran off rather early in my game cause I never gave him any scrolls. His ashes haven't appeared in the grand archives.

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