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This is a player-created Build for Dark souls 3.

 All details of the build, including tips on how to use on the video

Basically I use on the right hand   a Raw Saint Bident, which I enchant with lightning weapon miracle, because it has very good reach, reasonable damage and doesnt require much strength or dex (12 each).

On the left hand I change between three talismans:

Saint's talisman (optional): I use this for casting Lightning Storm and Lightning Stake when fighting against low poise hitting weapons, such as straight swords. The weapon skill of this talisman gives 30 poise when conjuring miracles (), while having a pretty high spell buff which means high damage.

Sunlight talisman (mandatory): This talisman is the lowest in spell buff of the three, so lowest damage, however it gains an insane amount of poise with the weapon skill (120), meaning it is almost unstoppable while casting. I use this for casting Lightning Storm and Lightning Stake when fighting against high poise hitting weapons, such as great swords, axes...

Yorshka's chime (optional): This chime has the highest spell buff for a miracle catalyst in the game, and so highest possible damage. I use it for initial buffs such as Lightning Weapon, and also for the firsts Lightning arrows before changing to the talismans for poise bonus. This chime is not at all required for this build, and if someone has trouble changing between the talismans, I would suggest using Saint's talisman and changing to Sunlight for high poise hitting weapons.


Again, just watch the video, it has all the details :)

Suggestions are welcome

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