Paladin's Ashes is an Ash in Dark Souls 3.

Paladin's Ashes

Umbral ash of a worn-out paladin who sought the Cathedral of the Deep. With this, the shrine handmaid will prepare new items.

This paladin paid quite a price for his headstrong justice.


Paladin's Ashes Usage



Paladin's Ashes Locations

  • Looted from a corpse near the first bonfire at Cathedral of the Deep behind a hostile NPC. After warping to the bonfire, turn to your left and head down the path. The item will be at the end of the short path. (Fextra Video location)





  • Player note 1




  • The items and the description all describe the various doomed Way of White clerics that lost their lives all the way back in Dark Souls 1.
    • The charms and the ring referencing Allfather Lloyd's cult are all relics from that era of Way of White worship.
    • The "headstrong paladin" that got himself killed is Paladin Leeroy, in accordance to the suicidal antics of his original World of Warcraft namesake.
    • The Crescent Axe was wielded by Nico, the quiet half of Reah's entourage, who went hollow along with Vince in the Tomb of the Giants.
    • The Morning Star was wielded by Petrus, being one of the first hints that he wasn't as pure as his fellow priests.
    • The Canvas Talisman was carried by the Cleric starting class and could otherwise be found in Trusty Patches' pawn inventory among other things robbed from dead priests. Judging by the body carrying the rest of the starting equipment, the "original" Cleric prior to the player was probably killed by Patches' bridge-flipping trick.



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    • Anonymous

      what a fake guide. the purple moss clamp that was mentioned is not on the merchant's list of items for sale. i never killed the merchant fck. now i cant proceed to farron keep

      • Its nice to have these location videos, but it would be great if they got updated to real videos that were dedicated to just showing the location instead of just linking what looks to be a stream VOD

        • Anonymous

          Your video locations are absolute crap. No offense to the OP because it's a video of their playthrough but most of your videos do not show you the route to an item, simply the host picking said item up in the world. When a video location guide is posted it should show how to get to the item from the nearest bonfire.

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