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• Paladin of the Old Order

Starting Class: Herald
Build Level: 110
Build Focus: PvE
Build Main Stat: Strength/Faith
Link to Dark Souls 3 Calculator: Paladin of the Old Order

• Build Equipment

Right Hand: Sunlight Straight Sword
Left Hand: Lothric Knight Shield/Talisman
Head: Hood of Prayer
Chest: Sunset Armour
Hands: Drang Gloves
Legs: Drang Leggings
Rings: Hunter Ring, Knight Ring, Ring of Favour, Prisoner's Chain
Items: Estus Flask(12-13), Ashen Estus Flash (2-3)
Spells: Deep Protection, Lightning Blade/Darkmoon Blade, Heal 


• Optional Equipment

Right Hand: Lothric Knight Sword, Dragonslayer Greataxe


• Build Strategy
This build uses the Sunlight Straight Sword's (+5) skill to buff your already solid damage absorption and greatly increase your damage. As well as using Lightning Blade to increase the damage once more. Using both the skill and the miracle I was able to make the overall AR 656 with a damage absorption of 30% on physical and the range of 26-30% on the others


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