This is a simple build that I made because I had already done numerous "Chaotic" Characters.



Starting class: Knight

Sunbro (for that Jolly Cooperation) or Blade of The Darkmoon

SL 102

32 Vigor, 10 Attunement, 21 Endurance, 36 Vitality, 40 Strength, 40 Dexterity, 10 Intelligence, 10 Faith, 7 Luck

Weapons: Black Knight Glaive/Black Knight Greataxe (Right Hand)

Black Knight Shield, Pyromancy Flame/Parting Flame (Left Hand)

Armor: Vilhelm's helmet, Black Knight Set

Rings: RoSP+3, Chloranthy Ring+3, RoFaP+3, Prisoner's Chain

Spells: Power Within/Iron Flesh


This is more or less just me breaking away from the "Norm" of making Evil/Chaotic characters, and so I wanted to try making a (primarily) PVE build that focuses on Coop and basically protecting the host and enforcing the rules of fight clubs.

*Working on getting a picture, don't have a USB to transfer a pic from my phone to my PC. (If anyone wants to make This build and put a pic in for me that would be appreciated as well)


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