Pestilent Mist is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Sorcery you must use a Staff or Special Weapons that can cast Sorceries.

Pestilent Mist

Spell Type


Focus Consumption Focus Cost 13
Attunement Slots Slots Used 1
Requirements 30 Intelligence
Type Lingering AoE



Highly dangerous sorcery employed by Dragon School spooks. Only taught to trusted members.

Releases dense mist that eats away at HP. Beware, as the caster is not immune to its effect.

A body caught in the silent mist cloud lies still, while the face twists in a tortured scream. The names of these learned sorcerers became feared for this gruesome spectacle.


Acquired From

  •  Can be bought from Orbeck of Vinheim for 1,000 souls after giving any sorcery scroll.




  • The damage dealt is a percentage of the enemy's max HP. The higher their max HP, the more damage it will deal, making it extremely effective against certain bosses, such as Darkeater Midir.
  • Acts similar to Lifedrain Patch from Dark Souls II.
  • It deals damage to enemies and the caster alike. Anyone the caster couldn't hurt naturally (fellow covenant invaders, friendly phantoms, etc.) isn't affected however.
  • This spell doesn't deal poise damage and will not stagger an opponent.
  • Very useful in killing mob enemies such as the Deacons of the Deep or the large crowd of Jailers in the lower level of Irithyll Dungeon, when used in combination with a lure such as an Alluring Skull or Aural Decoy.
  • This spell will not aggro most enemies, but they turn around and face the cloud, with the exception of mimics.
  • Its damage was increased by 150% in the 1.08 Patch. This makes it a very deadly spell, especially due to the spell having a long lasting and large hitbox, which pretty much guarantees death for opponents stuck in tight spaces.
  • The overall damage and duration are fixed; damage boosting skills, items, rings (Crown of Dusk, Young Dragon Ring/Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring, Clutch rings, Steady Chant, etc.) do NOT work. The damage also does NOT scale with your stats. (Easily verified against any mimic). 
  • Only one Pestilent Mist per player can exist at any given time. Any number of other phantoms may cast Pestilent Mist without removing the others.
  • Note that while its picture does have the same corroded scroll appearance shared by dark spells, it still gains no scaling whatsoever even when cast with the Izalith Staff. It may be a dark spell in flavor, but it isn't in practice.
  • Since friendly summons are immune to the caster's Pestilent Mist, someone can cast the spell and let someone else lure enemies into the mist for easy damage.
  • Using this sorcery on the Dragonslayer Armour will prevent his phase 2, and grant a unique death.  For this to occur, you must not damage the boss with ANY other damage type.  You must exclusively use the mist.  This will negate the lasers & incoming projectiles.
  • If used on the Curse Rotted Greatwood, you can completely avoid him breaking the ground, entering the new arena, and thus negating stage 2 entirely.  You can break the sac on his hand, and also on his leg, but not the main ball sacs.  Breaking the main front sacs are what triggers stage 2.  With his large size, it is quite easy to keep him in the mist while circling around and dodging.  
  • It is possible to use this spell on High Lord Wolnir without waking him at all.  Upon entering the boss fog, you must go to the right, and you want to be by his wrist with the 2 bracelets.  This is his left hand, (your right) and you can stay here indefinitely without waking Wolnir.  From here, you can safely cast he spell until his health is drained.  He will never wake, and will simply die once health reaches zero while all bracelets remain.  Aiming a little higher than normal will help prevent you from standing in your cast.  If you do this correctly, you can stand there and cast every so often while otherwise not moving.  Hitting Wolnir with ANY other type of damage will wake him, so stay patient, and don't use any attacks besides the mist.



  • Formerly called Pestilent Mercury, the Sorcery was renamed Pestilent Mist in Patch 1.15.
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    • Anonymous

      09 Jun 2021 10:42  

      Halfway through 2021, still completely trivializes Wolnir.
      Not that he was not-trivial to begin with...
      Also bring Mercury back pls, thank you in advance Miyazaki.

      • Anonymous

        02 Nov 2020 11:50  

        Mildy annoying sorcery employed by dead end job workers. Only taught to people above 18. Releases cigarette smoke that eats away at nostrils. Beware, as the caster is not immune to its effect. A body caught in the silent mist cloud lies still, while the face twists in a cough. The names of these learned sorcerers became disliked for this inconvenience.

        • 12 Sep 2020 22:39  

          I still haven't beaten the dragon called Midir yet, but a test run of this spell immediately clued me in to why many players have praised it. Holy freaking sludge.

          Too bad there's no Pyromancy equivalent.

          • Anonymous

            21 Aug 2020 12:56  

            This is the ultimate weapon against Midir. Since the damage doesn't scale with anything, you can equip the following for an easy fight:
            - Ring of Favor +3
            - Chloranthy Ring +3 and Grass Crest Shield
            - 14-15 Estus Flasks, as the spell doesn't consume much FP

            • Anonymous

              12 Aug 2020 20:09  

              This spell DOES NOT scale with spell buff, so you can cast it with anything and will still be an awesome spell.

              • Anonymous

                09 Aug 2020 15:42  

                This spell helped a lot at NG+ Midir. Even my +10 lightning greatsword could not deal enough damage to him but this did.

                • Anonymous

                  19 Jul 2020 11:27  

                  U can use this spell to kill High Lost Wolnir without even activating him. just walk up to his right arm and cast the spell and just reapeat that untill he dies.

                  • Anonymous

                    23 Jun 2020 00:44  

                    This spell safed my ass in my mage playthrough against pontiff sulyvahn. Just cast this bad boy while he summons his phantom. Will hurt him tons and kill his phantom in one cast. What a Chad of a spell.

                    • Anonymous

                      19 Jun 2020 22:56  

                      This is not waking up mimics for me, kills them in 2 casts. Fire fades edition, not updated. Not sure if it was patched. This, spook and hidden body makes everything quite easy.

                      • Anonymous

                        19 Jun 2020 08:58  

                        Lv 802. NG 120, but this spell never manages to disappoint me. Killing bosses with this sorcery is so easy, you just need to master it, I’d say a 4-8 hour practice cession would make anyone(even the one with worst reflexes) a master at using this sorcery on time, also this rings benefits heavily from rings like dusk crown ring and sage ring. Would suggest using these two rings with the spell, on PVE this thing rocks, but I don’t recommend PVP usage. I repeat, DO NOT USE THIS SPELL AS A MAIN OFFENSE SPELL IN ONLINE MATCHES. through out the whole PVP matches I played in only 2 times i could pull it off. The other good thing about this spell is although it’s just like poison and toxic it works on everymod or boss throughout the game. Absolutely amazing spell, this thing was a gift from God! Also, while in offensive stance with your high spell buff staff try to focus straight on boss’s attacks and be patient. Good luck!

                        • Anonymous

                          08 Jun 2020 18:47  

                          The background scroll is the same as the other dark sorceries, but doesn't count as one since it deals percentage health damage. It may be a reference to previous incarnations such as Lifedrain Patch, and possibly Dark Fog. There seems to be a theme of dragon school sorcerers using dark magic as inspiration to creat new sorceries, such as Homing Soulmass taking inspiration from Pursuers/Affinity.

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