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Pickleplum the Crow -dks3
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Health Souls Location Drops
n/a n/a Firelink Shrine n/a

Pickle Pee, Pump-a-Rum Crow is an NPC in Dark Souls 3.

  • You cannot attack this NPC and you cannot see her.




In order to trade with it/them, drop an item (by selecting 'leave' in the item menu) on either the roof nest or the nest in the shrine rafters, and pick up the item she gives you in return. Do not leave the area or exit the game or the item she dropped will be lost. If she doesn't want the item you offered, she will say no, and will return your item. 

You may only trade one of each item per New Game cycle.

Note: You also learn the Call Over Gesture the first time you trade an item that gives a "Pickle pee" response from the crow. (Eleonora, Mendicant's Staff and Avelyn still needs verification)

Note: Mendicant's Staff must not be upgraded for the trade to be accepted.




First encounter dialogue

You, you! Me me Pickle Pee! Me, me Pump-a-rum!"

(trade) "Pump-a-rum, pump-a-rum!"

(trade) "Pickle-pee, pickle-pee!"

(no trade) "You, you. No, no. That no pickle pee, that no pump-a-rum."

(same item) "You, you. Not that. Enough, enough."

(all items?) "???"



  • "Pickle-pee" and "Pump-a-rum" come from an old children's poem called "The Ceremonial Band" by James Reeves. In the poem, "pickle-pee" is the sound of a fife and "pump-a-rum" is the sound of a drum.
  • The crow is referred to as "Nestling" in the end credits, and is voiced by Clare Corbett. The official strategy guide refers to the crow as 'The Nestling of Firelink Shrine (Snuggly The Crow)" and states the crow is rumored to be named Snuggly.
  • Demon's Souls version is known as Sparkly the Crow, because she only accepted sparkling items.
  • Dark Souls version is known as Snuggly the Crow, because she only accepted warm and soft items.
  • Dark Souls II version is known as Dyna & Tilo.



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    • Anonymous

      08 Apr 2019 16:54  

      If you happen to die after dropping your item you will lose that item, the output trade and will no longer be able to trade for that item.

      • Anonymous

        05 Apr 2019 00:40  

        Nothing happens when you complete all trades on this list. It really is not worth it for the things you get from her aswell most of the time. The only thing that makes it kind of worth it is her crow adorableness.

        • Anonymous

          08 Feb 2019 03:37  

          Hmm... Just tested whether Pickle-pee actually trades any sacred chime for the "help me" carving. It turns out, almost. The single exception being the "Sacred Chime of Fillianore" which results in "That no pickle pee... that no pump a rum..." This is likely a programming oversight, rather than a bug.

          • Anonymous

            02 Oct 2018 03:36  

            I gotta give all of the others as well as pickle pee credit for dealing with the bull*****of all the unkindled/ ashen ones/ etc. They never get a rest.

            • Anonymous

              23 Aug 2018 22:31  

              Daaamn, lotsa haters for Pickle-Pee... at least the game she’s present in is both canon and properly programmed

              • 28 Jul 2018 14:56  

                Believe it or not, one of the things that disappointed me about this game was learning that this crow was nowhere near as endearing and fun to trade with as the two birds from Dark Souls 2; quite the opposite in fact. I find this one as unbearable to listen to as the one from Dark Souls, with the same annoying kid voice and this monotonous and emotionless tone that shows no enthusiasm at all about trading. I'm actually glad there's little reason to go up there, since other than the various titanite stones the rest of his stock is virtually worthless. And honestly, unless you have a massive hard-on for Solaire, you have to be out of your mind to give up a Mendicant's Staff for a Sunlight Shield.

                • Anonymous

                  02 Jul 2018 05:28  

                  How are you all falling to your deaths? If you go the nest on the roof of the shrine you can trade there and there is plenty of room to move around without falling. You DO NOT need to go onto the rafters inside the shrine to trade.

                  • Anonymous

                    Pickle Pee, Pump-a-Rum Crow [DKS3 Wiki]07 Apr 2018 21:41  

                    Its not really that big of a deal to play through the game again. Do this all the time in order to try out something new.

                    • Anonymous

                      30 Mar 2018 16:17  

                      Dropped the Siegbru, accidentally rolled and died from fall damage./.. looks like I'm not getting the Armor of The Sun anytime soon...

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