Poison Throwing Knife is a Projectile in Dark Souls 3.

Poison Throwing Knife

A throwing knife dipped in poison. Throw at enemies to inflict poison damage.

Used by assassins of Londor, land of Hollows. The poison is jokingly known as Hollow's blood.


Poison Throwing Knife Usage

  • Does ?? Physical damage
  • Applies Poison buildup that scales with luck
    • 7 luck = 25 poison
    • 9 = 26
    • 16 = 27
    • 18 = 28
    • 20 = 29
    • 22 = 30
    • 25 = 31
    • 27 = 32
    • 29 = 33
    • 33 = 34
    • 45 = 35
    • 63 = 36
    • 92 = 37 
    • 99 = 37



Poison Knife Locations




  • Player note 1




  • Trivia goes here


Black Firebomb  ♦  Dung Pie  ♦  Firebomb  ♦  Kukri  ♦  Lightning Urn  ♦  Rope Black Firebomb  ♦  Rope Firebomb  ♦  Stalk Dung Pie  ♦  Throwing Knife  ♦  Undead Hunter Charm


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    • I definitely prefer these to standard knives, since they fire just as fast but also apply pressure from the poison meter. Even on a build not dedicated to poison, I keep a stack of these handy for any hosts or phantoms that just stand out of reach and either refuse to fight or trade with consumables. Then, when they hit their inventory for a moss, I throw a Hunter charm at them and start spamming again.

      • Anonymous

        FYI, if you are doing the Usurpation of Fire ending and you choose to obtain Yuria's set by summoning her for the final fight you will not be able to obtain these any more. Hollow's ashes do not spawn and you cannot get Yuria's ashes since she left.

        • Anonymous

          This page needs to be updated. You can get poison throwing knives without having to become hollow if you go to the Champion Gundyr bonfire, go to the dark firelink shrine, and go to where Yuria of Londor is normally at. You get her ashes, turn them into the shrine handmaiden, and boom. You can now buy poison throwing knives for 120 souls a piece.

          • Anonymous

            47 physical base damage with a D scaling in STR and a B scaling in DEX, +25 base poison with a D (almost C) scaling in LCK.

            • Anonymous

              Can be purchased after giving the Shrine Handmaiden the Hollow's Ashes which can be found in dark firelink where Yoel/Yuria would normally be. Posting this since neither Yuria, Yoel, or this page mention the Hollow's Ashes option and for people who are already pvp capped this may be the only way to unlock poison throwing knives after ascending up another NG+.

              • Anonymous

                doe it even have poison build up? in every poison build i’ve made and used these , no matter how much i used them ( landed on target ) a full stack of 40 was never enough to poison an enemy... like wut? it deal 25-37 poison build up but that doesn’t even look like it actually can poison , it’s ridiculous , I prefer wasting my souls on throwing knifes , way cheaper and actually does what its supposed to do

                • Anonymous

                  If you dont follow yoel/yuria's questline you can still buy these after giving the hollow ashes to the handmaiden, though it will cost 400 souls instead of 100

                  • Anonymous

                    i can buy them and the purging stones at the shrine maiden for no reason. and i'm saying that because i never even talked to yoel.

                    has anyone an idea?

                    • Anonymous

                      Did some testing on the Hollow Manservant at the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire. Using Rotten Pine Resin (+45 poison) on a Dagger + Rotten Ghru Curved Sword (+34 poison) I found that the poison resist of him is between 102 and 135 (3 resin hits or 4 sword hits to get him poisoned).
                      It takes 5 fast consecutive Poison Throwing Knives to poison him.

                      Therefore Poison Throwing Knives deal 20-27 poison damage per hit. 25 sounds like a likely number.

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