Prayer Set


Physical Resitance 6.0 Bleed Resistance 35
Strike Defense 5.9 Poison Resistance 128
Slash Defense 6.0 Frost Resistance 55
Thrust Defense 10.8 Curse Resistance 187
Magic Defense 24.3 Poise 1.9
Fire Defense 23.3  
Lightning Defense 23.5 icon-durabilitiy.png ??
Dark Defense 26.6 icon_weight.png 6.7

Prayer Set is an Armor Set in Dark Souls 3.

Prince Lothric's hood, robe and skirt.

The prince, destined to be a Lord of Cinder, was cherished by the royal family, despite being born into illness, a frail and shriveled child.

His swaddling, clothes were made of aged, coarse cloth used in ancient prayer, and are all that he has ever worn.

Location/Where to Find

  • Found in a chest after the first Bonfire in Lothric Castle. The chest is on the right side of the room.

Notes and Tips

  • The Prayer Set is aesthetically very similar to the Daughters of Chaos' Gold-Hemmed Set, which does not appear in Dark Souls III. Noticeable differences are the inclusion of more gold accents, and that the Prayer Set does not completely obscure the player character's face.
  • When doing some gestures such as Path of the Dragon, some clipping will occur when wearing the Skirt of Prayer.
  • This set has the highest Curse resistance ingame when paired with Jailer Gloves to fill the arm slot. This set is a very effective counter to Basilisks.

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Piece Information

Hood of Prayer

Physical Resitance 0.8 Bleed Resistance 8
Strike Defense 0.8 Poison Resistance 28
Slash Defense 0.8 Frost Resistance 13
Thrust Defense 0.8 Curse Resistance 40
Magic Defense 3.9 Poise 0.2
Fire Defense 3.5  
Lightning Defense 3.7 icon-durabilitiy.png 210
Dark Defense 4.4 icon_weight.png 1.3
Armor Type Helms

Robe of Prayer

icon-physicaldef.png 3.6 Bleed Resistance 13
icon-strikedef.png 3.2 Poison Resistance 61
icon-slashdef.png 3.6 Frost Resistance 24
icon-thrustdef.png 3.2 Curse Resistance 89
icon-magicdef.png 13.5 Poise 1.3
icon-firedef.png 13.1  
icon-lightningdef.png 13.1 icon-durabilitiy.png 220
icon-darkdef.png 14.6 icon_weight.png 3.4
Armor Type Chest Armor

Skirt of Prayer

Physical Resitance 1.6 Bleed Resistance 14
Strike Defense 1.9 Poison Resistance 39
Slash Defense 1.6 Frost Resistance 18
Thrust Defense 1.4 Curse Resistance 58
Magic Defense 6.9 Poise 0.0
Fire Defense 6.7  
Lightning Defense 6.7 icon-durabilitiy.png 220
Dark Defense 7.6 icon_weight.png 2.0
Armor Type Leggings


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