Prisoner's Chain


Portion of a steel chain used to restrain Gundyr. Gain vigor, endurance, and vitality, but take extra damage.

A prisoner is one who has staked everything on a belief, a proclivity most apparent in the greatest of champions.

Prisoner's Chain is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Prisoner's Chain Effect

  • Adds 15 Virtual Levels:
  • Lowers player Absorption stat, depending on current Absorption:
    • -4.0    when naked    (Video Example).
    • -2.588    when wearing full Havel's.
  • Weight: 0.8
  • Has a complex effect on incoming damage & survivability: 
    • Adds 15 Virtual levels increases all of the player's Defense stats.
    • Increasing Vigor adds to total HP.
    • Increasing Vitality allows for wearing heavier Armour, and increases physical defense.
    • Increasing Endurance enables more actions to be performed before resting.
    • Absorption decreases.
  • Unless your defenses are really low, or you've reached softcaps in Vigor/Vitality/Endurance, this ring is an improvement and never a hindrance.
    • The extra damage you take is almost always balanced out by the increase in defenses and max HP.



Where to Find Prisoner's Chain




  • Equipping this ring will give you 15 Virtual levels, it does not increase your character's real Soul Level.
  • At higher Soul levels, the Defense Increase from 15 Virtual levels will become proportionally smaller.
  • Prior to 1.13 patch, absorption was decreased by 10.0



  • The ring's icon appears to have been borrowed from Dark Souls 2's "Ring of the Embedded" found in that game's "Crown of the Ivory King" DLC. The items are nearly the same, with the exception that The Embedded's ring became more effective at increasing the players stats had they chosen to not invest in them.



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    • Anonymous

      21 Jan 2020 07:14  

      This is the best ring in the game. If your character is below SL 200, you should wear this ring at all times with few exceptions. If you think that the -4% absorption is too much, you are wrong. It may be frustrating to realize that this ring's existence basically means that there are only 3 ring slots available in DS3 and that you are at a constant disadvantage in PVP until you get this ring, but that doesn't change the fact that this is objectively the best ring in the game. Get it as early as you can (hopefully you can get summoned help if you're not great at PVE), put in on your finger, and never take it off. If you think otherwise, you are factually wrong. Never has an item in a game been more aptly named.

      • Anonymous

        02 Dec 2019 11:26  

        This ring is so valuable you use it on almost every build therefore you become its prisoner, the name is just that true.

        • Anonymous

          05 Oct 2019 16:24  

          Definitely a must have on most builds. The absorption decrease really is minimal and pretty much non-existent when you take in the hp and vit increase. More vit=better armor and more absorption. Only hurts when your vgr investment is already high as you benefit less from the 5 lvls.

          • 16 Sep 2019 08:08  

            Not bad at all. The 5 extra VIG almost always offsets the 4% increased damage so it's basically a Ring of Favor but with a set increase instead of percent increase. It's extremely effective when twinking since, instead of getting a couple more hitpoints, stamina, and carry weight, you're getting almost half over again. Unless you really want Gundyr's Halberd, it's definitely worth getting this.

            • Anonymous

              17 Jul 2019 05:58  

              Only usefull at SL1 or other twink builds. Good to make the flynns ring effective by getting your equip load at 15% even with slightly heavier weapons like the millwood battle axe.

              • Anonymous

                30 May 2019 22:41  

                Added trivia. Playing on an unpatched version of the game this is called the Giants ring. Not sure of the significance or why it's name changed, however i have not seen this mentioned before. Just thought i would share.

                • Anonymous

                  27 Sep 2018 00:06  

                  "The extra damage you take is almost always balanced out by the increase in defenses and max HP." Mm...not exactly. There's situations where you take a large amount of damage that you wouldn't of taken. Most notably vs elemental damage. Or if your flat defense is already decent and you go from 35/36% absorption to wearing the ring. You will take a noticeable amount of damage in comparison.

                  • Anonymous

                    18 Sep 2018 15:49  

                    amazing ring. and if you still care about the 4% damage reduction, just pair it with the ring of steel protection to completely negate the only bad thing. cheers friends

                    • Anonymous

                      10 Sep 2018 06:52  

                      I LOVE this ring on my STR builds! I use the Knight's Ring along with it for twenty extra levels to place anywhere. My main STR build is a Warrior class with 50 VGR, 40 END, 30 VIT, and 66 STR all at SL 120.

                      • Anonymous

                        27 Jun 2018 22:01  

                        Does it stack with the ring of favor> if so, what ring effect takes place first? Like does the 3% increase in health apply before or after the +5 in Vigor. it might be a dumb question but i would like to know.

                        • Anonymous

                          02 Mar 2018 20:36  

                          For all you going on about the "now its an sl16 run"... look at the little number on the stat screen. If it says "1" it is an sl1 run. Not very complicated tbh.

                          • Anonymous

                            30 Jan 2018 00:31  

                            Insanely powerful ring , the negative effect is barely there and the vigor gain compenstates for it unless you have really high vigor.

                            • 29 Nov 2017 15:48  

                              Also this ring is Amazing and have to say don't really notice self damage increase since I've equipped it and even if there is decent increase it doesnt matter because i beat ds3 (in ng+1) but maybe the speckled stoneplate ring +1 may be combating that as will as my silver knight armor

                              • 29 Nov 2017 15:43  

                                Just as a tip to everyone who thinks they can get this ring while a low soul level you can't because you have to kill Champion gundyr NOT ludex gundyr which means you have to kill the dancer of the boreal valley which is an ENDGAME boss so unless your on ng+ you can't kill the dancer before killing yhorm or Aldrich both of which are too difficult for anyone who isn't a souls veteran to beat while under SL 70 so stop thinking can get this ring while a low soul level

                                • Anonymous

                                  19 Oct 2017 12:49  

                                  The overall +15 stats bonus this single item gives is insane. The extra defensive bonuses from these stats already outweights the absorbtion decrease.
                                  To put it simply: A must have ring for any character between sl1-200.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    08 Oct 2017 13:24  

                                    This is very powerful on my SL25 coop build. I get 40% more HP (669 -> 939), almost as much carry capacity as Havel's Ring 0 and 9 extra stamina. The latter doesn't sound like much but if it adds an additional swing to a weapon it can be a significant dps boost.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      04 Aug 2017 22:44  

                                      The damage difference in PvP is minimal. It isn't for every build, but i tested it out with some greatsword (non-split damage) weapons. Normal and charged attacks, the difference is 10 to 20 damage with light to medium armor, 40 to 50 with a charged FUGS. That is SUPER worth the extra 15 levels for those who can't hit the min-max at SL 120.

                                      As for PvE, i can't speak. I know there is a big defence difference when it comes to player based damage and enemy damage.

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