Prisoner's Chain


Portion of a steel chain used to restrain Gundyr. Gain vigor, endurance, and vitality, but take extra damage.

A prisoner is one who has staked everything on a belief, a proclivity most apparent in the greatest of champions.

Prisoner's Chain is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Prisoner's Chain Effect

  • Adds 15 Virtual Levels:
  • Lowers player Absorption stat, depending on current Absorption:
    • -4.0    when naked    (Video Example).
    • -2.588    when wearing full Havel's.
  • Weight: 0.8
  • Has a complex effect on incoming damage & survivability: 
    • Adds 15 Virtual levels increases all of the player's Defense stats.
    • Increasing Vigor adds to total HP.
    • Increasing Vitality allows for wearing heavier Armour, and increases physical defense.
    • Increasing Endurance enables more actions to be performed before resting.
    • Absorption decreases.
  • Unless your defenses are really low, or you've reached softcaps in Vigor/Vitality/Endurance, this ring is an improvement and never a hindrance.
    • The extra damage you take is almost always balanced out by the increase in defenses and max HP.



Where to Find Prisoner's Chain




  • Equipping this ring will give you 15 Virtual levels, it does not increase your character's real Soul Level.
  • At higher Soul levels, the Defense Increase from 15 Virtual levels will become proportionally smaller.
  • Prior to 1.13 patch, absorption was decreased by 10.0



  • The ring's icon appears to have been borrowed from Dark Souls 2's "Ring of the Embedded" found in that game's "Crown of the Ivory King" DLC. The items are nearly the same, with the exception that The Embedded's ring became more effective at increasing the players stats had they chosen to not invest in them.



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    • Anonymous

      This thing is INCREDIBLE if you want to make a twink. 15 extra levels is massive on ANY build. It's great on STR/DEX builds, sure, but for mages, it is insanely valuable. It gives you precious stats that you otherwise can't afford to put levels into. In PvP, the health and stamina bonus is massive. Highly recommended, for any build. Pair it with ring of steel protection, and you will be moderately tanky while wearing rags.

      • Anonymous

        what happens if you are on max level already? will it go over the limit or will it be normal and do nothing

        • Anonymous

          Hands down best ring in the game. As opposed to other rings/headpieces the absorption decrease is much lower and it ends up being completely offset by the added vitality, which boosts base defence, not to mention the bonus 5 points in vigor.
          This ring is basically +15 soul levels completely gratis

          • Anonymous

            Basically, this ring is 5 free levels in endurance and in a no hit/level 1 run... it’s a loop hole into getting more much appreciated vitality.

            • Anonymous

              At 36 Vigor, this is where Ring of Favor +3 overtakes Prisoner's Chain in terms of health increase.

              Even at the lowest possible Endurance, Ring of Favor +3 will always be better than the Prisoner's Chain for increasing Endurance. This is even more true once you hit 35 END with the Prisoner's Chain. More and more endurance will only bring the two apart, although the Ring of Favor+3 only ever has a very small lead of 1-3 points until 35.

              At both 22 and 23 VIT, the Ring of Favor+3 and Prisoner's Chain are equal, however the Ring of Favor weights 1.5 versus the Prisoner's Chain 0.8, almost twice as much. While the Ring of Favor+3 adds more weight, this does not negate its own weight. Factoring the weight difference between the rings into the equation, the Ring of Favor+3 only truly becomes equivalent with the Prisoner's Chain at 32 VIT, and surpasses it then. However, the difference between the two is so small that even at 40 VIT, Ring of Favor+3 is adding an extremely unimpressive 1.4 more equip load.

              TL;DR: Ring of Favor+3 is better for builds that want more endurance pretty much always. Prisoner's Chain is better for builds that want more health below 36 VIG; as well as builds that want more equip load without having to invest in vitality.

              You could also, of course; use both; although the above will probably be useful to somebody somewhere. Particularly any magic builds, as magic builds tend to be starved for ring slots.

              • Anonymous

                Does wearing the ring change what your stats say? Like my normal 15 Vit would become 20 when I put it on and check my stats?

                • Anonymous

                  The new RoFAP. Perfect cookie-cutter build ring. They would buff this ring, but leave the Clutch Rings with their egregious PvP penalties.

                  • Anonymous

                    Ring of Steel Protection and Speckled Stoneplate ring can mostly counteract the damage reduction of the ring.

                    • Anonymous

                      Most people tell me that this thing is only really good on mages or for low SL builds. While that is true, especially for the later, it is especially good for mages because they usually have less equipment enough to long roll, and don't normally wanted to be close to their target. This ring is very useful on any build actually, so long as you don't max your VIT/END/VGR past their respective hard caps. You can use this ring to hit those hard caps, and invest those 15 points on other attributes.

                      • Anonymous

                        Ppl defend the damage taken increase this ring gives by saying "it gives you more equip load so you can equip better armor", but it doesnt make sense. Defense stat is easily ignored at the point you find this ring, absorption is what matters. Defense only makes a difference from the start of the game ti the irirhyll bridge, from that point on the damage dealt by enemies laughs at defenses and absorption comes in. -2 / -4 absorption doesnt seem much, but it's actually a lot when absorption's hardcap is 35.

                        • Anonymous

                          Is this ring still worthwhile on a quick-roll build? It says it might not be an improvement if your defenses are really low. Not sure where to draw the line.

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