Pure Faith Build at SL 120 

Starting Class: Cleric


45 Vigor

30 Attunement

23 Endurance

7 Vitality (base)

12 Strength (base)

12 Dexterity (shortbow for pulling)

7 Intelligence (base)

60 Faith

Rings: Lightning Clutch mandatory, Ring of Favor and Protection (+1, +2) very much recommended, Ring of the Sun's Firstborn if you like to               cast miracles for damage, rest is up to personal choice

Catalyst: Yorshka's chime or Saint's Talisman if you prefer Talisman's over chimes

With weapons you are a bit restriced but the straight sword category is really strong. I suggest Broad Sword or Longsword, though the Mace is very handy as well if you like the playstyle.

Miracles aren't too impressive on the offensive side in my opinion (and the opinion of a lot of others). Lightning Stake seems like the only useful thing.

You focus on healing, with Med Heal healing huge amounts of HP and with 1 FP bar you get 4 heals. Also self- and party-buffing with Sacred Oath.

I prefer not to have to buff my weapons mid-fight so I go with lightning infusion as main damage source and a raw and blessed infusion for resistant enemies or respawning skeletons. 

Alternatively you can of course get rid of Lightning Stake, use a raw infused weapon and buff it with Lightning Blade or Darkmoon Blade. 

If you use Darkmoon Ring you can of course also use Tears of Denial which will come in handy on several occasions. 

    • Anonymous

      29 Nov 2016 11:51  

      Here's mine,


      50 INT
      60 Faith
      50 Attunement

      Rest in Endurance and Vitality.

      Sage ring + 2
      Morne's Ring
      Ring of the first sun
      Lightning Clutch

      Rose of Ariandel (extra miracle dmg)
      Canvas Talisman (best dmg + poise combo)

      I can output about 600-1000 dmg per lightning spear depending on the enemies resistance. In PvP enemies die from 2 hits, not too hard to pull off while in WeaponArt poise (Canvas)

      • P.S22 Jun 2016 10:25  

        I would recommend getting the Sunlight Straight Sword because it is not only better than the Longsword, but it only requires an extra 2 levels over the Longsword, and gives a buff which (I think) is better than sacred oath.

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