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This is a player-created Build for Dark souls 3.

  • Build Name: The Valkyrie
  • Build Level: 120
  • Build Focus: PvP
  • Build Main Stat: FTH
  • Link to Dark Souls 3 Calculator
  • Build video: youtube.com/watch?v=bhvPFZLlw1Y


Build Equipment


Right HandSaint Bident   saint_bident

Has great reach, good damage and low STR and DEX requirements.

You can use a Lightning Infused Saint Bident (~503 AR), or if you want a bit more damage use a Saint Bident without any infusion and then buff with Lightning Blade (~575 AR)


On the left hand I change between three miracle catalysts:

Left Hand 1: Saint's Talisman (optional) Left Hand 2: Sunlight Talisman (mandatory) Left Hand 3: Yorshka's Chime (optional)
Saint's Talisman Sunlight Talisman Yorshka's Chime
Useful because of weapon skill "Unfaltering Payer" which increases poise (30) while conjuring miracles and has High Spell Buff.
Use against "smaller" weapons (daggers, straight and curved swords, etc), preventing poise break and still deliver high damage.
Also useful because of weapon skill "Unfaltering Payer" which increases poise (120) while conjuring miracles.
Use against "bigger" weapons (great swords, axes..).
Has the lowest damage of the three but highest poise buff of the game, almost never failing to cast.

Has the highest spell buff of all miracle catalysts in the game.
Use to cast lightning weapon and first few lightning arrows before enemy comes close.



(NOTE: I used the Crown of Dusk because I had the idea it increased miracles which is not true)

Head: Crown of Dusk (indiferent) Chest: Karla's coat (indiferent) Hands: Winged Knight Gauntlets (indiferent) Legs: Black Leggings (indiferent)
crown_of_dusk karla's_coat winged_knight_gauntlets-icon black_leggings-icon


  • Rings:
Sage Ring +2  Morne's Ring  Ring of the Sun's First Born  Darkmoon Ring
 sage_ring-icon  mornes_ring-icon  ring_of_the_suns_first_born-icon  Darkmoon_Ring

 Faster cast:

+40 Virtual Dexterity
10 Dexterity to reach Casting Cap

 Boosts Miracles damage by 12%  Boosts Miracle damage by 20%.

 Adds two attunement slots, which I use for Lightning Storm


Tears of Denial Lightning Blade Lightning Arrow Lightning Storm Lightning Stake
tears_of_denial lightning_blade lightning_arrow lightning_storm lightning_stake

Build Strategy

Best way to see it, is to watch the build video: youtube.com/watch?v=bhvPFZLlw1Y

But it's pretty straight forward:

Start with casting tears and lightning blade using Yorshka's Chime for maximum weapon buff, use a FP estus straight away.

Then start casting Lightning arrows, still with Yorshka's Chime to have maximum damage, until the enemy moves closer.

At this point, depending on the weapon he's using, I either switch to Saint's Talisman (for low poise damaging weapons like swords and daggers) or to Sunlight Talisman (for high poise damaging weapons like greatswords, axe, and such).

Then, when in close range, charge either Lightning Storm or Lightning Stake using the weapon skill of the chime for uninterrupted cast.

You will have uninterrupted cast and a pretty high damage, and since you'll be using Tears, you can be a bit suicidal and charge without being afraid of being hit.

I actually just wait for them to start attacking me to cast Lightning Storm or Lightning Stake, not dodging their attacks because when you dodge it also gives time for them to dodge your miracles. And they assume they can break your cast if they keep hitting you, so they will just get smashed with lightning. For this strategy the best is Lightning Stake as it is a lot faster to cast than Lightning Storm. Lightning Storm shines when the other player is dodging a lot, and you can really hit him with Stake, because Storm has the amazing AOE and more or less the same damage as Stake.

You can also use the Saint's Bident to stop enemies attacks, or to do some pretty good damage (around 200~350), and because of it's reach it makes it quite easy to get the enemy without putting yourself in danger.


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