Purging Monument is a special interaction location that is needed for Lapp's questline in Dark Souls 3. Its access is found by solving the "Show your Humanity" riddle. It was added with the second DLC, The Ringed City.

Purging Monument

A well, hidden within the depths of the Ringed City.  Covered with what appears to be an amalgamation of many Hollows. It's rather unnerving, isn't it?


Purging Monument Usage



Purging Monument Locations

Around the Ringed City Streets bonfire, after the "Show your humanity" puzzle, climb up the ladder, defeat the Judicator Giant and the 2 Ringed Knights as well, walk down the stairs until you see a ladder, climb down the ladder and cross the bridge, and in the plaza you'll see the Purging Monument.







  • Can be seen in the distance where you first meet Lapp in the Ringed City


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