Purging Monument is a special interaction location that is needed for Lapp's questline in Dark Souls 3. Its access is found by solving the "Show your Humanity" riddle. It was added with the second DLC, The Ringed City.

Purging Monument

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A well, hidden within the depths of the Ringed City.  Covered with what appears to be an amalgamation of many Hollows. It's rather unnerving, isn't it?


Purging Monument Usage

  • Use to Request Absolution (removes Sin);
  • Use to Request Dissolution (reverses Hollowing); 100 x SL
  • Use to Revive Judicator Argo. (Allows you to refight the Spear of the Church); 500 x SL Reviving Judicator Argo Allows you to summon phantoms and be invaded again in the ringed city.



Purging Monument Locations

Around the Ringed City Streets bonfire, after the "Show your humanity" puzzle, climb up the ladder, defeat the Judicator Giant and the 2 Ringed Knights as well, walk down the stairs until you see a ladder, climb down the ladder and cross the bridge, and in the plaza you'll see the Purging Monument.







  • Can be seen in the distance where you first meet Lapp in the Ringed City


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    • Anonymous

      "Reviving Judicator Argo Allows you to summon phantoms and be invaded again in the ringed city."

      This statement has no freakin sense

      • Anonymous

        To anyone having trouble w knites or any npc invasion the easiest way is Astora gs or zweihander. Agro them and wait for them to run at you, then charge a rt and stab them to the ground and wait for almost all your stam to regen then rinse and repeat, stunnlocked for days

        • Anonymous

          wish this was located in a more "accesible" path, climbing that ladder everytime you want to refight spears of the church is demotivational.

          • Anonymous

            Anyone else notice that the purging monument looks exactly like some of the 'rock formations' in the Hunter's Nightmare of Bloodborne. Probably just a case of cleverly re-used assets, but interesting nonetheless

            • Anonymous

              It is located up the ladder you find after completing this puzzle:

              • Anonymous

                Anyone else notice the purging monument appears to be (grown?) over a pre existing statue genuinely curious as to what once stood in place of this undead shrine.

                • Anonymous

                  I've just confirmed that the statue of Velka allows you to reinstate the king's decree even without finding the monument.

                  • Anonymous

                    Statue of Velka also allows for reviving judicator Argo, I just went there to fix my sin and the option was available. I have found the purging monument however

                    • Anonymous

                      to open the ladder go to the swamp use chameleon or white branch to be a humanity sprite thing then walk to the wall

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