Enemy Type Undead Animal
Weakness Slash, Fire Damage
Resistances Poison, Toxic
Immune None

Rat are an Enemy in Dark Souls 3


Rat Background

Intrepid adventurers are never too far from a mischief of rats, curiously sniffing the air for scraps and potential prey. These pestilence bringers shouldn't prove to be more than a mere annoyance, but can still be unruly and difficult to predict in large numbers. It is wise to attack one rat at a time, as they are particularly skilled in surrounding players.

Slashing attacks are particularly useful against these enemies, and a few precise hits will quickly dispatch the undesired. Their attacks are largely predictable and recovery time is ample enough for players to attack multiple times.


Rat Combat Information

  • Lunges forth at the player after a short buildup, and will bite continuously.
  • This enemy can be easily lured with an Alluring Skull, distracting them long enough to either escape or kill them. 


Rat Variations


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    • Anonymous

      30 Aug 2020 04:02  

      i just lost the titanite chunk from the giant for the second time in a row because of these pieces of trash, it is unbelievable

      • Anonymous

        18 Mar 2018 11:59  

        I hate rats so much in this game they *****ing spam you into a corner and then kill you i would gladly commit genocide of the entire species in this game

        • Anonymous

          Genitalia27 Aug 2016 05:09  

          If you flip one upside-down after it's been killed, you can see that they're all male. You might also find your immersion increase

          • Anonymous

            Stunlock???09 May 2016 22:57  

            Really?? a rat shouldn't be able to stunlock, idc if you're Naked Joe or that they're over sized. After all the souls I consume as the Champion of Ash and I can get stunlocked by rats?? I call bull***** fromsoft...... This is especially annoying in groups cause they'll attack milliseconds apart keeping you from doing *****, I can't even roll-stun them to get away but I can roll-stun a hollow???

            • pack29 Apr 2016 23:39  

              like hollows, seem to be a lot more aggressive in pack, attacking furiously without many breaks. They can get annoying especially that their damage is noticeable in irithyl dungeon.

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