Raw Gem is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Raw Gem

A gem of infused titanite.
Forged the weapons of Lothric foot soldiers.

Used in infusion to create raw weapons.

Raw weapons are easily wielded and have higher attack, but lose scaling effects.


Raw Gem Usage

  • Infuse into a weapon to create Raw weapons
  • Raw weapons have higher base damage but no stat scaling



Raw Gem Locations

  • Drops from a Crystal Lizard, on the roof with the praying hollows, near the second bonfire in High Wall of Lothric.
  • Small chance to drop from most hollows in High Wall of Lothric.
  • 1x on a Corpse to the left from the bridge and inside the castle. Near where the hollow who is throwing undead hunter charms to stop your estus. Fextralife Video Location




  • This is a very good upgrade choice for early game. Raw weapons inflict decent damage without relying on more stat investment than what is needed to wield the weapon, which leaves the player free to level other attributes needed for survival, like health and stamina. Weapon infusions can also be converted to any other infusion type later, without downgrading the titanite reinforcement level of the weapon, which is nice because Raw gradually loses its lustre as the weapon is upgraded further.
  • Raw weapons can be buffed with resins or weapon buffs.
  • Since Raw infusion does remove scaling from character stats, two handing a Raw weapon will not give any AR increase
  • Effective farming locations include:
    • High Wall of Lothric bonfire - From this bonfire, head toward the dragon. There are a large number of hollows which may be killed before returning to the bonfire, or, for a more interactive experience, proceeding to the Tower on the Wall bonfire.
    • Tower on the Wall bonfire - Head downstairs and follow the Lothric knight out, eliminating him once you're certain the thief below the bonfire was not aggro'd or has been eliminated. Head down toward the dragon and run past the hollow soldiers on the lower path targeted by dragon fire. Eliminate the spearman and crossbowman at the end of the path, then check up the stairs to see whether the hollows there dropped useful items worth grabbing. Finally, return back to the bonfire, cleaning up any hollows left standing by the dragon.



  • Has a very similar design to the Old Mundane Stone from Dark Souls II.


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    • Anonymous

      09 Aug 2021 04:42  

      High wall of Lothric Bonfire
      Kills 108 - Only counted the praying hollows
      Item discovery 207
      Broken straight sword 5
      Raw gem 1
      Titanite Shard 2

      • Anonymous

        11 Nov 2019 22:07  

        Someone posted this on the home page to this wiki, but I think it really belongs here. It has some really good info in it, especially if you are new to the game, or just want to know how to make the most out of raw weapons since the last patch. It was anonymous post of course so I don't know who to credit, but it helped me out a lot because I had not played this game since 2016 and the nerfs have been very intense. Here it is: I had a few free minutes today and I was back playing some DS3 for the first time in awhile and I found a lot of inaccurate info about the best (highest AR) raw weapons in the game. A lot of it seems to stem from the various buffs and nerfs as the patches have changed the way we play the game very significantly from the time it was released until October 2019. I still cannot find an up to date list without individually searching for the specific weapon I want and then cross checking it with the raw infusion. So this is just some things I have come across naturally through trial and error. Note I am only including weapons that are very effectively wielded as raw weapons, meaning no stat investment higher than 13 in any category and weighing no more than 5 units, as the point of using raw weapons is that we want to focus instead on early game survivability by placing points into vigor and endurance, until hitting the soft caps of 40/40.Also it must be a weapon you can obtain early game, as in before Road of Sacrifices.There is however one exception I will make, only because of it's ridiculously high AR and that is the dragonslayer axe. You don't get this weapon until mid gameish (not counting DLC) but at +9 it has a 457 AR. Because of this it has to be mentioned. It's the only raw weapon that I can say is still formidable taking into NG +. However, it requires 18 str and 14 dex, it shares a good deal of split damage coming in the form of lightning, and you have to carefully follow the NPC Sirris's questline in order to receive. That said, many enemies are weak to lightning and the axe can also be buffed with with any resin and features the warcry skill that tacts on even more damage, so you have to mention it at the very least, it's really a monster and all over the PvP scene as I'm sure you all know. It's my favorite raw weapon and I think you might want to consider setting aside enough shards to take it to it's highest level possible as soon as you get it. If you have the ashes DLC, you can make it a +10 weapon the second you get it, and still have two slabs left over, if you have completed that part of the DLC. So that's pretty awesome. So here is my top 5 from highest AR to lowest at the +9 upgrade level (with an * next to the dragonslayer axe as it requires stats above 13): *1.DragonSlayer Axe (received as part of Sirris's questline found behind a gravestone near the Church Of Yorshka bonfire where you will be invaded by an NPC as part of the quest.) 2.Mace (sold by Greirat as soon as you save him) 3.Falchion (this is not a guaranteed drop, it must be farmed, but can be done so very early, check the site for farming location in undead settlement.It's definitely worth your time.) 4.Broadsword (found near the badly nerfed astora sword which makes it a pointless weapon imo) 5.Battle Axe (This is a guaranteed drop if you convert the deep axe into a raw weapon. I would probably not mess with this, but it's a decent raw weapon that features warcry.) I only learned english a couple years ago, I speak it better than I write it, so sorry if I spelled something wrong or have poor grammar. Please feel free to fact check this, I could be wrong about the order, or maybe I missed one that you know about. The one thing that really sucks about this list is that none of these weapons have a thrusting attack (RIP Astroa SS), despite the broadsword having a pointed tip that was designed for thrusting and sharing the same weapon art as the other straight swords. I just wish I knew more about raw weapons before starting the game, because I would have built my character very differently. My second character started as a knight, with a fire gem (first longsword right away!) used a combo of the raw mace and falchion and I was able to just pour stats into vigor and edurance until I got to 40/40. I then got the 18/14 for the dragonslayer axe and it was like the game went into easy mode. I began fine tuning into a strength build that used the insanely good millwood battle axe with a heavy gem, which again made the game feel like easy mode. Even the Ringed City was not bad with that weapon. So I hope this helps one person. Cheers

        • Anonymous

          02 Nov 2019 20:51  

          I've noticed that de-leveled summons at sl10 pvp get really squishy when you use a raw weapon. Especially a blunt one for those maxSL havel goofs. They're so used to being tanks that they forget they're like 1/5 of their actual health

          • Anonymous

            05 May 2019 17:57  

            The best location to farm them is actually Tower on the Wall bonfire, providing the dragon is still living and breathing, literally. Just allow it to fry hollows on top and below; all of them (even weaponless praying hollows) can drop Raw gems and your Item Discovery still accounts for those kills. Equip Crystal Sage's Rapier, Symbol of Avarice, use Rusted Coins, whatever you have already. Make a circle and get back to bonfire to repeat the process. Dragon's breath below can be avoided by rolling at the right moment and there are no burning patches left afterwards, unlike on top. Do some runs and you will get the idea. To deal with the Knight, use Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring for easy one-stab and occasional embers. You may avoid nearby Hollow Assassin by running closer to the wall by your left. The earliest you can get the ring is after you find either of scrolls in Farron Keep swamps, btw. And the last advice: simply resting at the bonfire does -not- restore broken props, so feel free to destroy any that are blocking your path. May the RNG be with you.

            • 02 May 2019 08:35  

              Raw is the best choice in the early game. It took me three years to get that, but having good to decent damage early in the game and putting stats anywhere but dex and strength makes a big difference in in toughness from points in vitality and vigor and endurance.

              • Anonymous

                08 Mar 2019 17:17  

                Ok so why on earth are gems not purchasable i will never know but ive been farming these on the high wall a goood 4 hours with gold serpent ring and have had 2 WTF

                • Anonymous

                  01 Nov 2018 18:47  

                  See I don't get raw infusion. " Raw weapons inflict decent damage without relying on more stat investment than what is needed to wield the weapon", This isn't entirely true. The AR increase is about 20-25% depending on the weapon, and with little stat investment weapons like the LKS and CCS will naturally get decent DMG without this infusion

                  • Anonymous

                    19 Jul 2018 18:54  

                    The info on this page for farming the raw gem says the best way is to kill the crossbow hollow near the bonfire and then refresh. Well surprise, that's absolutely the worst way to farm, considering if you turn around the other direction and go down the stairs there are 15 praying hollows you can mow down in just a few extra seconds. All the raw gems I've ever had to farm have been from those praying hollows, so I can guarantee they do drop them.

                    Or follow this page and spend hours tediously bonfire-refreshing one kill at a time for something that drops maybe every 300 kills.

                    • Anonymous

                      08 Jul 2018 11:43  

                      They should buff the raw enchantment to increase buffing items or spells' damage potential. Just a thought.

                      • Anonymous

                        04 Jan 2018 15:56  

                        Idk if it matters, but after farming the "tower on the wall" bonfire for quite some time, a raw gem dropped from the hollow with the lantern that alerts the mobs

                        • Anonymous

                          01 Oct 2017 12:20  

                          Raw gems also make it so weapons don't gain ar for two handing because it takes all of the scaling bonuses away.

                          • Anonymous

                            13 Jun 2017 04:54  

                            Im using raw infusion on my 40 faith/40 intelligence build, have 20 str and 18 dex and still get 450ar on my katana with dark weapon buff, removing scaling and buffing your weapon with high inteligence or faith makes its a great choice for builds with no investiment in STR or DEX but still want some good weapon damage, not all weapons scales good with dark or chaos infusion soooooo RAW for the win xDD

                            • Anonymous

                              07 Apr 2017 14:32  

                              EASY FARMING WAY HIGH WALL:
                              Just kill the praying Hollows that dont attack you. They drop the Gem from time to time, although its not common at all.
                              Try your best.

                              • Anonymous

                                02 Apr 2017 17:24  

                                Raw weapons to consider:

                                - Mail breaker
                                - Greataxe
                                - Flamberge
                                - Dragonslayer's Axe
                                - Astora Sword/Longsword/Broadsword

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